Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 welcome to the jungle

The counting game

Jimmy: Sorry I'm late, I took a scenic route to get some shots for my newest video. Bookmark here

Lady in red:That’s fine, I've spent whole day getting my makeup on point since this place is so hot its melting my skin off. Bookmark here

Jimmy: It has to be one of the hottest places in the world I've visted in and these poor peaseants must envy the amount of sunscreen I must have bought to keep my skin all nicely moisturized. Bookmark here

Lady in red:There isn’t even a single makeup store that’s worth showing off for my next vid as well too how charming. Bookmark here

Jimmy: With the clout we have surely more people will buy their shit so they can fix things up I guess. Bookmark here

Lady in red: And ugh the service here I can’t even get good reception to upload my latest selfies here either. Bookmark here

Jimmy: And I have a huge ton of stuff I found here as all part of my foundation to help underdeveloped places around the world the helping tree. Been doing this jungle treking work for about a year now actually but only now I feel like I've been all over the place more than the average person could be in their lifetimes. Bookmark here

Lady in red: And surely my makeup should inspire more people here to be more pleaseant as well as their taste in fashion and no offense but you also look like you just came out from the jungle. Been also new as well too for about just a year now as well too. Bookmark here

Jimmy: I know I'm a travel vlogger its my job to explore stuff and take risks. Last place I visit costed me my left eye actually Bookmark here

Lady in red: And my job is to make others beautiful by my example as I am the fairest maiden of them all. Bookmark here

Jimmy: This location its very far off the grid its almost as if the place was chosen to be here just to keep things as authentic as possible. Bookmark here

Lady in red: So much for using a green screen then for editing stuff huh. Bookmark here

Jimmy: Everything else here seems so upper class compared to everywhere else almost like we’re nobles. Bookmark here

Lady in red: I’m sure those slobs of villagers must be paid extras as this island is really just a set and I think we’re all just actors for viewership after all nothing wrong with a little more clout. Bookmark here

Jimmy: And I'm sure those extras that are slobs must be grateful for the exposure and likes they gotten instead of cash from us directly as they’ll get more from new customers then they could ever get from us. Bookmark here

Lady in red: Not to mention there isn’t really any sponsorship for this event either it was all paid by us instead of any sponsorship probably just to make the gamble here all more exciting risking it all in the name of fame. Bookmark here

Jimmy: Surely its going to be worth the investment in this hot middle of nowhere jungle. Bookmark here

Lady in red:I’m Laura Laura Flowers fitting I guess in this humid place. I’m a homemaker by trade and let me tell you, I rather be at my house then in the middle of nowhere. I also bake stuff from time to time like these snacks I've had since I just got here and also the only source of food as well too. Bookmark here

Jimmy:Names Jimmy Bradley jungles like this are what I live for. Bookmark here

Laura:I work with plants as well too. Bookmark here

Jimmy:Interesting. Bookmark here

Laura: We should get going we still have to meet the other contestants. Bookmark here

Jimmy:Sure thing I was just about to say that. Bookmark here

(meanwhile a shadowy hooked figure looks at a screen with security cameras) Bookmark here

?????:And soon the games shall commence.  Bookmark here

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