Chapter 1:

A Slap On The Wrist

RWBY: Blood and Roses

"Hey kid put you'r hands up"
Ruby Rose spun around at the feeling of a hand on her shoulder, there stood a man wearing a black hat and red sun glasses,her headphones were blasting one of her favorite songs so she couldn't really hear what this man was saying but she could tell by his face that he wasn't happy.

"Yes" Ruby said whilst removing her headphones so she could hear him better.
"I said get your hands up kid" The man replied with an obvious tone of annoyance.
Ruby took a moment and looked past the man's shoulder to see too more men dressed in similar attire to the man in front of her, there was also a man at the front of the store that was dressed differently compared to the other three man he had a white coat on and walked around with a cane, it was then that Ruby knew exactly what was happening "Wait... are you robbing me?" Ruby replied.

"Yes!" the man said in the same tone he used earlier.
Ruby did her best to hide the slight smirk that was appearing on her face after hearing this confession "Oh okay."
"Come on now time is money and i am a busy man" the man in the white coat by the name of Roman Torchwick said in a calm and almost comedic voice whilst he simultaneously tapped his cane on the counter.
The older man behind the counter reluctantly nodded and began to place various crystals of dust onto the counter.
More men dressed in black entered the shop and began to use empty canisters to siphon more dust from pipes behind the counter.

"And people say crime doesn't pay" Roman said with a smirk whilst inspecting a red dust crystal he picked up off the counter.
"Alright lets get this wrapped up everyone" "Its been a pleasure doing business with you" 
"Ahhhhhh" Roman was caught off guard as one of his men was sent flying through the air and crashed into the wall right behind him.
Roman looked up to see a girl with a red cloak on, her hair was also a dark shade of red and she currently had a smile on her face.
Roman looked over at his henchmen and non verbally told him to deal with her, Ruby charged the henchman using her semblance to increase her speed she quickly jumped into the air and used both of her feet to kick her attack with enough force to send both him and herself flying through the shop window. 

Ruby rose to her feet and already noticed she was being surrounded by henchman, she didn't have time to count but if she had to guess she would've put their numbers at over 10 to 15 people. Seeing she was massively outnumbered Ruby took out her weapon which was morphing itself into the shape of a large red scythe.

"Oh quite the pickle we have got ourselves in don't you think red." Roman said mocking her with a smile. The henchman all started to draw weapons and were enclosing in on her, "Hey" a voice came from outside the circle of men, in a flash one the henchman were struck down, Roman turned his head too see a man standing in the street he looked no older than the girl in the red cloak he had a black leather jacket on and blue jeans his hair was black and spiky and he had what looked like wolf ears which meant he was a faunus.

"Brought back up eh red" Roman stated still smiling however Ruby could tell his tone had changed from calm to slightly annoyed. The funny thing was Ruby didn't even know who this mysterious person was but taking advantage of the distraction he provided Ruby sprang into action and launched an attack of her own she swung her scythe and in one fell swoop she had taken three of her attackers down.

The mysterious boy with the wolf ears also jumped into the fight pulling out two short blades that were curved slightly and black in color, one of the henchmen wielding a sword tried swinging his sword in a vertical motion directly at him but he quickly put his blades up in an x formation to block the blow. Immediately after he through multiple punches at his attacker finishing him off with a strong uppercut knocking him to the ground 'whoever this boy was he at least he knows how to fight' Ruby thought whilst dealing with the last of her own attackers.

Roman surveyed the situation and he knew that it was time to go but not before dealing with the girl in red who nearly derailed his plan, "well while it has been a rather enjoyable night thanks to you red i am a busy man so i am afraid this... is where we part ways" Roman raised his cane in the direction of Ruby the bottom of the cane opened up revealing some sort of scope, Roman squeezed the trigger on his cane and a loud bang was heard as a massive luminescent projectile came hurtling towards her, Ruby braced herself and quickly jumped in the air to avoid the shot, as she landed she looked up to realized that Roman had vanished.

"Hey" the boy who had been fighting along side her shouted as he jogged his way over to her with a smile on his face.
"You alright?" 
"Who are you" Ruby asked choosing to ignore the boy's question and instead asking one of her own.
"My names Lucas i heard all the commotion so i decided to lend a hand" he replied "Then again after seeing your performance a second ago i get the feeling you really didn't need my help, you are all kinds of awesome with that Scythe."
Ruby giggled slightly and was about to respond when her train of thought was cut off as she looked at the building across the street from the store to see Roman scaling an emergency ladder to the roof. 
"There he is" she stated
"Don't worry sir i am going after him" Ruby calmly stated to the owner of the store who nodded in agreement.
Ruby turned to face Lucas "Thanks for the help but i got to finish this" 
Lucas smiled and nodded "well let me at least do you one last favor, consider it a parting gift"
Lucas placed his hand on Ruby's shoulder and before she knew it she was standing on the roof of the building that she just saw Roman scale not a couple of seconds ago.
"Wait what just happened?" Ruby said looking around feeling very confused.
"It was my semblance" Ruby looked beside her and there was Lucas who was down on one knee and had his hand placed to his head rubbing it slightly. 
"I can use my semblance to teleport myself and others but i can only do it over short distances the longer the distance and the more people i take with me the bigger the strain is."
"Are you going to be ok? You didn't have to do this" Ruby said with a concerned voice.
"Sure i did, now you go get that guy and put a stop to him."
Ruby nodded and took off chasing Roman to the edge of the rooftop
"Hey" Ruby said
"Persistent" Roman stated in a very displeased manor
Suddenly a loud noise echoed through the area, bright lights shone over Ruby blinding her for a second. She soon realized this noise came from the engine to a plane, the side door of the plane opened and Roman quickly hopped inside before throwing a red dust crystal at Ruby's feet.
"End of the line red" Roman shot at the crystal

Ruby braced herself for impact but before she could even react a figure had appeared infront of her, she work a purple cloak, had blonde hair and was wielding some sort of wand in her hand.

This woman easily deflected the blast and with the wave of her wand she manged to fire back projectiles of her own aiming right for the ships engines.

Roman disappeared into the plane and his position was taken by another individual who was mainly hidden in the shadows but Ruby saw enough of this person to know it was a girl.
This girl started  hurling flame projectiles out of the plane, meanwhile taking seat in the cockpit Roman ordered the pilot to get them out here.

Ruby watched as the plane get further and further away she couldn't help but berate herself for not being able to finish the job and capture Roman. as she turned to face her protector it all started to piece together.
"You'r a huntress arn't you?" Ruby said as her eyes began to widen. 
"Can i have you'r autograph?" Ruby said in an excited voice 

"What you two did was extremely reckless" the blonde girl paced around the table that was centered in the room where Ruby was sitting, Lucas had opted to stand but never the less his eyes followed her every move.
"You put yourself and others in grave danger tonight"
"They started it!" Ruby said desperately trying to defend herself.
"Yeah i mean come on were we supposed to just let that store get robbed" Lucas added.
"If it were up to me you two would be sent straight home..... with a pat on the back..... AND A SLAP ON THE WRIST!"


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