Chapter 29:

Level nine! - Chapter 29

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

Before continuing to the next floor, I let Aya rest for a bit. Just two more levels and we should be out of this place.

Now that I think about it, Aya has to take the test to the guild in order to become an adventurer. I think she has to do the test after one week, but I'm not sure how much time has really passed since we got here.





After Aya woke up, it took some minutes before she could get ready. Her sleepy face gets confused each time she wakes up, but she always snaps back to reality the moment she sees me.

“I wonder how long we're gonna be here…”

Aya still doesn't know that we have to pass all ten levels of this dungeon in order to get out. That's why she has to stay a little stronger until we beat the last two levels of this dungeon. We continued going forward until we found a hallway which led to a single door. That must be the entrance to the next floor. The place around here had a lot of dust and I could tell that no one has been here for a long time. Aya was even leaving footprints from the dust which was covering the ground.

But to this point, things got much weirder than before… As we were opening the door that was at the end of this hallway, our eyes were blinded by a strong white light. To me, it felt like I was getting sucked in. I couldn't even feel Aya who was supposed to be next to me nor could I see her anymore.

“Oi, Hiroki whatchu waiting for? Let's go.” Suddenly I heard a familiar voice talking to me, I wasn't sure why but I was completely confused. When I looked around, I saw one of my friends that I used to hang out with, back in middle school.

“Kenta?” Without even realizing it, I spoke using my own voice.

“Yeah that's your big daddy, now snap out of it and let's go.”

Oh, crap I shouldn't have done that. But wait, he doesn't seem bothered by it, and even my voice sounds perfectly fine as if...I am human again!?

I thought as I touched my own face. I could feel my warm skin and the way I breath once again.

But how?! Wasn't I a ghost?

Huh? A ghost?

“...” What was I thinking again?

“Dude, there's no time to be freaky with yourself! We need to fucking get out of here before the guards catch us!” He said as he grabbed both of my shoulders.

“R-right, let's go.” I responded to him as I started following him.

We were at a three storey building in the middle of the night. Today was the last day we were spending as middle schoolers so we wanted to do something special about it. Ever since we became friends, we created our own group where we could freely run whenever we felt like. And that's how we started to learn free running while jumping and avoiding every obstacle in our way.

Right now we were being chased by a security guard who had noticed us fooling around the rooftop of this building. The area around here was a brick factory, and like every other factory, it was forbidden for nonworkers to enter this place. Not to mention the rooftop of this factory.

“That fatass is coming up here, make sure not to get caught.” One of my other friends who was observing from a higher ground said as he jumped and rolled down his fall.

“Hey, get here you little punks!!!” The security guard yelled as he was trying to climb up here.

Of course we weren't going to listen to him, that's why we started running as fast as we could.

The rooftop of this place was massive and it was easy to run around, but still we didn't just run. We ran until we spent every last bit of stamina on our body. While there were small obstacles around this place, like massive pipes and stuff, we smoothly dodged everything in order to get away from the security guard. And let me tell you, the security guard was not happy at all about it.

“Shortcut, left!” Leading our group was the oldest guy in our group named Tetsuo and he was the one who taught us how to freely run like this. I have looked up to him ever since I met him. Actually, that's the kind of person I aspired to be. Not because he has good grades or the fact he comes from a rich family, but because of the way he runs.

He taught us that running wasn't simply moving your legs or jumping over obstacles all the time, but to forget every problem in our lives. To feel the freedom in every second we jump and run around the buildings. That was the real reason we followed him.

We were slowly losing sight of the guard and we already knew that everything was going great for all of us. Until, everything took a sudden change…

We decided to take it easy, that's why we tried doing some jumping tricks to show off to each other while Tetsuo would watch all of us from above. He had climbed a cabin-like exit while watching us from up there.

“Ayo guys, check this out!” One of my friends said as he started to sprint towards a wall until he climbed some steps in that wall and flipped his own body back into the ground.

“You call that a wall-flip? Check this out!” He was getting a little cocky on his moves, that's why I decided to show off a little as well. Just like him, I took some steps behind then sprinted towards the same wall. While he may be faster than me, I am a lot more flexible than he is, allowing me to jump in a way that was almost impossible. While I was in mid air after running up the wall, I flipped my body on its side until I landed on the ground.

“Broo! How the fuck do you move your body like that?”

“You sometimes freak me out man.”

“That's what I would call talent.” Tetsuo also praised me about this.

“Not really, you guys are faster than me, also Tetsuo-Senpai is more awesome.” I also responded back to them with a smile.

“Now don't get cocky, you're no match for Tetsuo-Senpai. ]

“Yeah, right.”

Even right now, everyone was having fun on this last day we were spending together. I really am going to miss spending my days like this after starting high school. But as we were chilling here, some security guards came out of the exit cabin where Tetsuno was standing.

“Everyone, run for it!”

We all started running without a second thought. Our day was going really great and we didn't want everything to go bad. But the situation got much worse than before. While we were running on the edge of the building, we saw multiple police cars coming towards this facility.

“This is the police! We have surrounded the entire place. Please do not resist any further! If you don't come down from there, we will have to take action!

I repeat, do not run!” One of the police officers told us through a megaphone while a massive light was following us. This was the first time that the police were coming after us, and of course we were really scared, that's why we continued running much faster than before.

“This way!” One of my friends had found a way where the police hadn't been. That might be a way of getting the hell out of this mess. But the moment we got closer to the edge of the building, we found out that we had to jump over the buildings in order to get out of here.

“The gap between the buildings is too big! Tetsuo-Senpai, what do we do?!”

We all looked at him, hoping he would give us amazing advice like he always does. But no response came from him. He stood still for a moment with his stiff face. I have never seen him do an expression like that. Our cool Senpai was scared and hopeless just like us, but in a worse shape. We didn't know what to do, and the security guards, together with some cops, were coming towards us.

“No, no, no, no, no, no! I can't get caught! I can't get caught! I can't get caught! I can't get caught!” Tetsuo kept talking to himself until he started sprinting, then he jumped over to the next building. He almost made it by having one of his hands at the edge of the other side of the building.

““Tetsuo-Senpai?!?!?”” We called out to him, but he didn't seem to respond to us anymore. The person who we had respect for, ran away without even looking at us.

“He… he's gone… we're fucked! We're completely fucked!!!”

“What do we do!?!?”

Everyone was panicking and they didn't seem to know what to do anymore. But wait, we still might be able to get out of this. But everyone has to cooperate.

“Kenta, jump over to the other side just like Tetsuo!” Kenta looked back to me with a shocked and scared expression on his face.

“Are you fucking serious?! I can't make such a big jump! It's impossible!” He wasn't confident to make a jump like that, but I'm sure he can do it if he believes in himself.

“Yes! Yes you can! You are the fastest among all of us. Like, fuck it, you might be even faster than Tetsuo.” I tried hyping him up.


“No buts! You can do this, I know you can!” After thinking about it for a bit, Kenta clenched his fists and took a step back before sprinting towards the edge of this building.

“Stop right there!!” From a distance I could see the security guards coming towards us. That's when we knew that we didn't have much time left. But that didn't stop Kenta from Jumping to the other side of the building until he landed safely on his feet. Unlike Tetsuo, Kenta had managed to jump much further than him without having to hold himself at the edge.

“Guys I did it!! What now!?!?” After making that jump, he was happy and excited at the same time. Well I don't blame him since he did one of the most dangerous jumps that could have caused his life.

“Keep your arms out and try to catch everyone else.” I told him as everyone was getting ready to jump. Everyone knew that there was no more time left to complain, that's why another one sprinted towards the other side. He wasn't as fast as Tetsuo, but thanks to Kenta, he was able to reach his hand to the other side. Now both of them were keeping their arms out for the next one to jump. Things were going alright and everyone was jumping over to the next building without any injuries.

“Hiroki, come!” Everyone had their arms out waiting for me to jump over. The security guards were right behind me and I didn't have time to charge with my full sprint, that's why I started running without taking some steps behind. Come on Hiroki, there is no time to think! You can do this!

And that's how I found myself in midair between the building's. To me everything looked like time had slowed down. From here, I could see my friends worryingly looking at me as I was coming towards them and the cops looking at me with shocked faces. I didn't know why, but my whole life was flashing before my eyes as if I was re-living it from the start until at this very moment. Every life decision, mistake, my family was going through my mind as time was slowly passing by. I was stretching my arms out towards my friends, but no matter how much I tried, our hands never met each other.

I was falling down as I was looking at all of my friends screaming with everything they had. But somehow I couldn't hear what they were saying. Everything had become quiet and I couldn't seem to understand what was happening.

So this is how I die? Is what I thought as I was falling into my own death.

The next thing I knew, I found myself in a white open space. There was nothing here other than a little girl who was unconscious.

Huh? Is she okay? I went towards her in order to check if she was okay, but the moment I looked at her face, something clicked inside me.


All of the memories that I had spent in this world came to me. Oh, that's right, I'm now a ghost in another world. And this is a dungeon. I knew that something was off with the memories that I was re-experiencing. I really thought that I was experiencing that for the first time even though that was a memory that I wanted to forget.

When I used to be a middle schooler, I used to parkour all the time with my friends. And when we were on our last day of middle school, we decided to do something different than usual. That's why we broke inside a brick factory. Everything went okay, until I fucked up and fell down. I was sure that I was going to die. But somehow, the cops had already filled that area with some kind of inflatable plastic thingy that saved me. Thanks to that, I survived with only some injuries on my body. My left arm and right leg were broken.

I was immediately sent to the hospital and my parents were called about this. My friends ran away from there and never contacted me ever again… That was one of the nightmares that I have experienced. One of the things I feared the most… But what was that about? Why would I experience that kind of dream? And here, in this kind of place?

But after checking Aya's condition, I finally figured it out. This floor makes you re-experience the scariest thing you have experienced in your whole life. And right now that's what was happening to Aya.

“N-no… mom… dad… don't leave me… please…” She was crying in her sleep as she had taken a fetus form. Her body was twitching while hugging herself from the things she was experiencing once again. Did something happen to her parents? As I shook Aya's body, she finally woke up and looked at me with teary eyes.

“Ghost-san…?” After she realised that it was all a dream, she hugged me with all she had.

“mom and dad, t-they! They…” I tried calming her down by hugging her back. I'm sorry that you had to go through that over again. We had completed the level of this floor, transforming this place into a regular floor. And in the next moment, a door appeared that led to the next floor.

But Aya was still scared of what she re-experienced, that's why we both stayed in that same position for some time.