Chapter 0:

Prologue: An Ancient Internet Prophecy

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<Restored Chat Archive File, Earliest Known Mention of the Prophecy of 3 – NFT Price: 420,000Ð>Bookmark here

/f/ - Respect, Friendship and Magic
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SparklingJailHorse[Admin] (Wed) 13:00:02Bookmark here

Alright, since we’ve had such an influx of clueless babies on this thread, I’m making this master sticky to make it abundantly clear what the Prophecy of 3 is, so we can stop having random trolls confusing people. Bookmark here

The Prophecy of 3 is believed to be the last thing our lord and savior G said as the fever took him to the great pastures beyond. He was terrified of the number 3 throughout his life, having had a vision that it would bring doom to the world. But with this last vision, he clearly saw this great calamity that would threaten to destroy our world, but also of a hero that will rise to oppose it, wielding an astonishingly cool looking mech as well as the greatest power of all: Friendship.Bookmark here


Sincerely, you admin and friendly jailer,Bookmark here

SparklingJailHorse <3Bookmark here

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Anonymous (Wed) 13:16:12Bookmark here

This isn’t the complete prophecy though. He also said the hero would face 3 great challenges before facing his final foe, and receive help from 3 great allies along his journey.Bookmark here

Anonymous (Wed) 13:17:37Bookmark here

(Message deleted by Admin)Bookmark here

SparklingJailHorse[Admin] (Wed) 13:18:03Bookmark here

What in Respect and Friendship wasn't fucking clear?! It’s in the thread name ffsBookmark here

Anonymous (Wed) 13:20:23Bookmark here

Is this like, verified? Do we have peer reviewed sources to confirm G said any of this shit?Bookmark here

MasterRazin (Wed) 13:22:46Bookmark here

Fucking anons coming in here with demands and flaming. This thread is really going to shit.Bookmark here

DaddySteed (Wed) 13:23:15Bookmark here

There are several conflicting versions,, but they all come from the friends and family that were with him in his final moments. The consistent core of the prophecy across them is as stated by SJH. Bookmark here

Anonymous (Wed) 13:27:42Bookmark here

iirc his wife said about the hero, and I quote: “through great personal sacrifice his shackles will be broken, he will truly become the hero the world needs him to be, free of the fears and limitations of mere mortals, he will become a better man, a free man.”Bookmark here

MasterRazin (Wed) 13:30:14Bookmark here

See anons? This is how you do it. You post real info and you don’t call anyone’s mom a whore. There is hope yet.Bookmark here

Anonymous (Wed) 13:31:09Bookmark here

(Deleted by Admin)Bookmark here

SparklingJailHorse[Admin] (Wed) 13:32:50Bookmark here

Bro do you think just changing your ip address is going to stop me from banning your ass? The ban hammer has been dropped on this anon’s motherboard serial number. Let this be a lesson for the rest of you.Bookmark here

MasterRazin (Wed) 13:33:33Bookmark here

Fear the ban hammer mortals. Feeeeear it!Bookmark here

PonyOof (Wed) 13:35:21Bookmark here

And may RNGesus and Lord G at his side send us the hero in time, and save us from the calamity.Bookmark here

MasterRazin (Wed) 13:36:00Bookmark here

Bless.Bookmark here

DaddySteed (Wed) 13:36:40Bookmark here

Bless.Bookmark here

SparklingJailHorse[Admin] (Wed) 13:37:00Bookmark here

Bless.Bookmark here

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