Chapter 1:


12 gaurdians

Usually, a light novel starts with a philosophical paragraph!? many light novels have it like they start a pretty deep psychological subject and then drop it halfway through the chapter and forget about it in the rest of the series, seriously... why do they even bother to,
I mean the author wants to grasp the audience by tossing some deep philosophical thing and then? Bookmark here

sheesh... Humans are pretty stupid after all, it ain't even a thing to debate, Humans, are the worst.Bookmark here

Look, As usual, that cop is taking some money from the local mafia gang, out in the open, and all these people walking don't even care, why would they?Bookmark here

After all, they are pretty busy in their own life and work to even bother reporting that jerk of a cop to higher authorities, by doing which that cop and that gangster both would get arrested and crimes in their area will stop, but who cares? Bookmark here

I mean they both have the guts to do something like this in the open...

Bookmark here

I also don't care about them, I don't have time for this type of shit, what would I get by reporting them, What would I get by doing anything good? or anything bad? this isn't my business Bookmark here

Here it comes, My bus-Bookmark here

"hey, you bastard, what are you doing? who do you think you are? you piece of shit"Bookmark here

Someone said these vulgar things in public, meh~Bookmark here

The voice came from behind, and the curiosity in my brain was enough to turn my head to see what happened,Bookmark here

A wise-looking middle-aged man, Well he looks, Quite good, doesn't matter, wait,
that man said all this to that cop? I don't think this will end well for him, who cares, my bus is here and-Bookmark here

"Huh??? who do you think you are talking to, crappy old man-"Bookmark here

As I was going to hop on the bus, suddenly, dozens of cops came, running, and arrested that bribe-eating cop, what a show-off, I bet he is some high-level officer in the state, and wanted to make a name for himself, seriously, what a show-off.Bookmark here

I realized that this whole thing was a show-off just to grab attention, I mean there are like above a hundred policemen in this area just to arrest a low-level cop taking bribe, but all other people weren't like that, as soon as that old man revealed who he was, the whole crowd started applauding, taking videos on their cell-phones and cheering for their new governor...Bookmark here

Governor, the highest rank in the state, and this guy was the newly elected one, so I guess he just paid off this stunt to raise his attention, well still...who cares!? my bus is here, and I am getting late for my class.Bookmark here

The prestigious Senforx University, run by the state for talented, and exceptional youths, to give them higher education and make them the best, sounds boring right? yeah, I think so too, And I am the youngest here, of all the students, from a population of 60,000 students from the entire university, and I am the youngest... I have nothing to say anymore.Bookmark here

Entering the university campus, the first thing I saw was the welcome of the new governor, by the people of this city, Tokyo, they played the same incident from the morning, "this shows how dumb of a governor he is." Bookmark here

Wait- What? I heard this sentence and simply this was my reaction, I mean, one simply doesn't make fun of the people from the state in the university run by the state, there are cameras and microphones all around the campus, and the one who said this, she will be getting in real trouble real soon.Bookmark here

vol 1

12 gaurdians

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