Chapter 0:

An Everlasting Tale

Everlasting Crown

Hope, means many things to many people, a flame in the darkness, a revelation after desperation, a miracle in the deepest of despair, everything that we cling to before these happens is what we call hope, an undying blind fate to a cause that we seek from the deepest parts of our hearts, a bright light that enlightens our paths and our souls, we are born to this world in hope of love, hope is the first thing we experience before our failures or losses to be then lost in the sadness, agonies, and sorrows of life. some of us discard it some stop believing, but we still cling to it even if it is just a glimpse in the corners of our minds. hope is never lost, indeed it is no supernatural power or any kind of amazing prowess.

But it is our only true power as humans as living creatures, long gone or yet to come  our hope transcends the logic of this world because no matter what we face or what we lose we still believe, fight and struggle and even if we fail and lose  faith in ourselfs we still pass the torch to the next generations and the ones after .

yes, this is hope endless as life will keep on going.

Without hope this world is meanless after all even if we don't know who we are or what purpose we seek we still hope, we all hope for a better life a better future .

These are the tales of this universe, a reality based on fantasy and an eternal hope. To choose between the world and one's beloved ones is to confront the eternal question of what it means to be alive in this world, and what it means to truly live. It is to understand that the world is a place of both beauty and madness, and that it is up to us to find meaning in the midst of it all. It is to accept that the path towards true understanding and belonging is a difficult one, filled with pain and sorrow, but also with hope and joy. It is to embrace the complexity of existence and to find the strength to keep going in the face of it all.

This is the story of a man who was giving the last hope of this world who wandered through the galaxy s for a million years from  worlds to worlds trying to find answers trying to find purpose in his gift or rather curse a curse that made him transcend the meaning of life and death a curse that made him Immortal. but before he could reach anyone  countless amount of years had passed till he could no longer remember much from his past  but his own name yet even if he lost his beloved ones Even if he lost his memories who he was who he met who he had forgotten he never forgot the weight that he shouldered in his hearth all those years  the  responsibility that he was entrusted with.

he never lost hope.

but even so, this story does t tell his tragic origins nor his birth  it is merely the epilogue of his long journey

and also the path to find maybe just maybe an understanding of true salvation

This is the story of an immortal king who whore an everlasting crown

This is the story of a neverending tale, an eternity rein , an everlasting hope