Chapter 1:

Dream Lit


… Quiet… Silence. A scape devoid of a future, of past, a drifting darkness. Floating in a "Cradle of Light." Aimlessly lost, drifting about looking in. To wonder what will happen next... The events that happen, happened, and have yet to be bring you down the Spiral. The invisible current, carrying you in "Lights Cradle." To drift in the dark, "Nothing but Whole." A voice speaks softly filling the dark.

"Purpose, the plague that drives your existence.......You wish to forget the guiding hand. .....But do you seek it?.......Do you wish to be Free?"

A thud shakes the scape.

"If you wish to carry a burden, I will guide you back-."

A defining shine blinds the senses. A voice muffles the kind words,

"Shatter the Cast, Embrace the Void."

A thud shakes the scape.

Turbulent kind words seep into the mind.

A thud shakes the scape.

Swirling doubts, vorpal blues, the scape begins to crack. The voices overpower thought. Little lights teal the scape. Popping in and out as stars found past the clouds. Color eerily creeps in like a damp fog.

The voices, overpowering, rumbling against another, and quaking the Drift!

Pain and frustration, color tears away the dark! The blinding light stretches back into the void... Silence creeps in as the words drift away...silence as the words...drift away ... There was silence now. Drifting aimlessly in a starlit void, a crack floods the vision.

A thud shatters the dream.

Her eyes fling open to an arid room. The Mental Rabble, a curbing intensity. She doesn't want to think of such things this early. Her eyes upward, drift across the detailing of the ceiling. Following the cracks in between another, as she gradually comes to consciousness. Her eyes dawdle across the cracks. Then fall to the walls of her room, until they rest upon her personal timekeeper. She receives another thud of the tail upon her head from her small, Bright-eyed friend, an Earth Salamander. Looking to her roommate, her pet, her Pommel, she masks her frustration. Her eyes gaze at the creatures own empty bright beads as it calls out her name.

"Seq-uoi-yah" it cries, with its near motionless beak.

Her gaze does not let up any less than the simple yet effective thuds of the creature. 


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