Chapter 1:


If i had emotions, would the world seem more beautiful?

"It's uncomfortable to talk to you..." , "Why don't you react properly?", "Read the atmosphere a little would you? Damn...".
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No less than a dozen times had I heard those words pierce my ears time and time again. I had always wondered if I were normal. If I was to be able to convey my emotions and feel again, would anything change for me? Would I be able to view the world in a much sparkling manner?Bookmark here

Countless of books of various different Genre had always described how beautiful the world is, how cruel, merciless, blissful and beautiful it is, but yet the only world I could see is a blank and monotonous world, devoid of any emotions or colors.

"Say Yuusuke, I know that you aren't really enjoying your time here in High School. I heard the rumors quite often, 'mood-breaker', 'can't read the atmosphere, 'the weirdo', the dead kid'. It sure looks like you have quite the reputation here."Bookmark here

"Hah...That's the first time I ever heard the those. And besides, I'm completely content with my current situation now, So you don't really have to worry about me that much Kouda-Sensei. 
I had said in a monotonous tone with a simple blank on my face.Bookmark here

"Don't you have a club you are in, or at least interested in?Bookmark here

"I'm a full-fledged member of the Go-Home-Club."Bookmark here

"....You know.. That's not the answer I was looking for. Have you made a single friend yet during your time here? It has only been 2 months since you came to this school but yet the rumors about you are everywhere"Bookmark here

Mr. Kouda reluctantly commented with a frown and a slight hint of dissatisfaction in his eyes.Bookmark here

"Seeing that I go home straight away right after school, I don't really see the need for me to make a friend. My friends are the various books on my shelf at home and my bed. And I am not interested in joining a club that doesn't fit me, I would just kill the atmosphere there."Bookmark here

"Sigh.....It doesn't look like you will change anytime soon, that's all I have for you today. You can go to your 'club' now. I will see you next week again"

"Understood. Thanks for your time Kouda-Sensei" Bookmark here

I briefly thank before I proceed to walk out of the staff room."Bookmark here

"You know Yuusuke? If there isn't a club you like here, why don't you make one of your own then? Well not that you will be keen to do it."Bookmark here

With the sudden farewell comment made by Kouda-sensei, I stopped dead in my tracks and blanked out for a few seconds before proceeding to resume exiting the staff room. Right before I left the classroom, my mind had me muttered a few words that I also did not expect.Bookmark here

".... I will think about it..."Bookmark here

As I was closing the door, I could hear Kouda-sensei letting out a small sound of a shock to my statement.Bookmark here

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