Chapter 1:

chapter 1 inferno

The black knight vs the demon of the past

Secretary:Congradulations: Your application as the clerk for New Life Industries has been approved. Bookmark here

Steve:Thank you!!! Bookmark here

Secretary:Your expected at work starting tomorrow at 9 am. Bookmark here

Steve:Thank you so much!! Bookmark here

Secretary: Welcome to New Life Industries the number one insurance agency in the world. Bookmark here

Steve:I’m a new employee for new life industries. Bookmark here

Secretary:Right this way please. Bookmark here

Steve:So whats my job going to be? Bookmark here

Secretary:Your job is to mainly sort the files and make sure all of them are kept up to date. Bookmark here

Steve: That sounds pretty easy then. Bookmark here

Secretary: Please enjoy your time and we hope for you to have a pleaseant expierence during your time working for us. Bookmark here

Steve:Thank you miss. Bookmark here

Allister: So you’re the new employee huh? Well word of advise wiseguy, stay in your own lane this job is the number one place for a reason so if you think you can come in here and take over my position think again. Bookmark here

Steve:You’re the ceo nice to meet you then. Bookmark here

Alister: To me your just another piece of dirt on my boot so stay out of my way and earn your keep before you and your entirely family gets thrown in the gallows. Bookmark here

Steve: Yes sir. Bookmark here

Office co-worker:That’s the boss Allister he owns the place and he’s the guy who pulls all the strings here. Bookmark here

Allister: I see then I'll do my best to stay on his good side. Bookmark here

Office co-worker:no such thing as one last employee he had he lost not only his job but also his entirely family got stripped of health insurance and even had their home put on sale with nowhere else to go and they ended up on the streets where the rats eventually got them. Bookmark here

Steve:Oh dear. Bookmark here

Office co-worker: So best watch yourself around here and get ready to be fired at any given moment. Bookmark here

Steve:Understood. Bookmark here

Office co-worker:Well you made it through your first day at work here. Bookmark here

Steve:I sure did. Bookmark here

Office co-worker:The question remains how long you are going to be here. Bookmark here

Steve: As long as my health permits me too. Bookmark here

Office co-worker:At least you are enthusiastic about it. Bookmark here

Steve:Looking forward for tomorrow. Bookmark here

Office:Co-worker:Ah good morning Steve welcome again to another new day here. Bookmark here

Steve:Can’t wait to continue on with work! Bookmark here

Office co-worker:Forgot to give my name out as well too:I’m Harry Mason. Bookmark here

Steve:Nice to meet you Harry. Bookmark here

Harry:I’ve been here for a year now longer than most people here so I advice you to stick with me and hopefully we can both find a better place out of here. Bookmark here

Steve:I hope things do work out for the both of us! Bookmark here

Allister:Your late any excuse for this? Bookmark here

Steve:Sorry sir I just had to use the washroom. Bookmark here

Harry:We only just came in by a mintue get off your high horse if you think a minute late is the end of the world. Bookmark here

Allister:Get to work!!! Bookmark here

Steve:Is he always like that? Bookmark here

Harry:Always. Bookmark here

Allister: I’m afraid your coverage for insurance is going to be denied. Bookmark here

Client:But I never had a cold or really anything in my life and you are going to deny my family insurance to cover for my cancer treatment? Bookmark here

Allister:I’m afraid so as the treatment of it seems costly and not worth the risk so go bother someone else for insurance. Bookmark here

Client: Please I'm begging you!! Bookmark here

Allister:Security!! Bookmark here

Allister: Worthless leech. Bookmark here

Selina:Allister your apointment for the meeting is coming up shortly. Bookmark here

Allister:Good the more profits for the company the better we can also expand our services soon. Bookmark here

Selina: Good luck on your meeting. Bookmark here

Allister:Oh I will win I always get what I want. Bookmark here

Selina:Oh pardon me young man. Bookmark here

Steve:Sorry miss. Bookmark here

Harry: That’s Selina another exec at this shithole. Bookmark here

Steve:She seems so nice. Bookmark here

Harry: I dunno all the other dickheads here are all out for the misery and lives of others psyhic vampires who feed off negativity and capitalize on it. Bookmark here

Steve: She seemed friendly. Bookmark here

Harry:All an act don’t bullshit yourself just wait and lower your guard around anyone acting friendly here you’ll end up dead. Bookmark here

Steve:I’ll take your word for and I'll do my best to be careful around anyone. Bookmark here

Selina: Ah you’re the new employee here I see? Bookmark here

Steve:Yes ma’am? Bookmark here

Selina:Please call me by name Selina I'm an executive here and my job is to help others who need help. Bookmark here

Steve:Very noble. Bookmark here

Selina: indeed I believe in all life as precious and no one should ever have to go through suffering especially when its not of their own control. Bookmark here

Steve: I look forward to working with you. Bookmark here

Selina:You’ve been doing a good job so keep up the good work. Bookmark here

Steve:Yes ma’am. Bookmark here

Selina:Ahem Selina. Bookmark here

Steve:Sorry. Bookmark here

Harry:Son of a bitch did you really just bought that corporate talk? Bookmark here

Steve:She seemed honest. Bookmark here

Harry: Here during lunch break lets follow those execs and lets see what kind of people they really are and lets do them dirty like how they did others dirty. Bookmark here

Steve: I’m only new here but wow there really is that much bad in the company? Bookmark here

Harry:Lot more than we could think about. Bookmark here

Allister: Gentlemen as you can tell our buisness has been going up as of late but not the rate we expect them to be once we slash the healthcare bonuses all the profits should be maxmized. Bookmark here

Harry:See what I was talking about? Bookmark here

Steve:Oh wow this is awful. Bookmark here

Harry:So I have an idea lets get as much dirt as possible we can get and tip the cops off about this guy and hopefulyl he gets thrown in prison but wouldn’t hold my breath as he has a lot of lawyers behind his back. Bookmark here

Steve: So what do we do now? Bookmark here

Harry:Lets continue our lives as normal with keeping a low profile but if you see any dirt even the smallest one save that for later. Bookmark here

Steve: I understand. Bookmark here

Selina:Hello there Steve. Bookmark here

Steve:Oh hi there. Bookmark here

Selina:Is everything alright? Bookmark here

Steve:Yes it is. Bookmark here

Selina:Good any plans for the weekend? Bookmark here

Steve: Oh no I have a lot more files to organize and update soon. Bookmark here

Selina:A lot of people here are not paid overtime. Bookmark here

Steve:Oh my that doesn’t sound right. Bookmark here

Selina: It isn’t and I've been working to change this culture of horror within. Bookmark here

Steve: I see then and good luck on that! Bookmark here

Selina:Be careful and I hope you are well. Bookmark here

Allister: Lazy good for nothing employees. Bookmark here

Selina: Productivity rate has been up as of late but probably not for the reasons you were thinking. Bookmark here

Allister: I should lower their salaries than it already is. Bookmark here

Selina: They are doing the best they can helping you out please show compassion to them. Bookmark here

Allister: I didn’t get to the top with compassion I got there because of how I killed everyone that was on the top with the same kind of “accidents” that they cover. Bookmark here

Selina: That was harsh of you to do something like that. Bookmark here

Allister:The only worth in life is the worth of money otherwise everyone is expendable. Bookmark here

Selina: TO think of that of your own workers I can never think about that to another life. Bookmark here

Allister: Their lives for our own profits don’t forget who bought you that 100 million dollar enagement ring. Bookmark here

Selina: You can have your ring back I'm done with you your not the person I thought you were intially and now I just realize how much of a monster you are. Bookmark here

Allister: You’re going to be my slave for the rest of my life and so is our family as well 6 months of hell all for nothing. Bookmark here

Selina: I’m leaving goodbye!! Bookmark here

Harry:Well look what I found altered files to cover fraud and also embzellement millions and millions of dollars. Bookmark here

Steve: How did you find this? Bookmark here

Harry:As underpaid as security is it was no wonder a well placed bribe with my savings could do to get this. Bookmark here

Steve:Wow so what happens now? Bookmark here

Harry: Lets just wait and see now.
Detective:You are under arrest for fraud and embezzlement. Bookmark here

Allister:I’m innocent!! Bookmark here

Steve: Oh wow!! Bookmark here

Harry:You had been a huge help in this. Bookmark here

Steve: How so I was scared? Bookmark here

Harry:By being one of the few people to stick up to him that’s enough. Bookmark here

Selina: I knew this day would have come. Bookmark here

Steve: Theres no way he can hurt us now right? Bookmark here

Harry:Hopefully not. Bookmark here

Reporter:Breaking news we have reports that a former businessman who was recently given a life sentence for fraud and embezzlement has escaped from prison the bus driver while transferring the inmates due to the driver falling asleep and while all other inmates were quickly captured while another Allister Cornly has broken free and authorities are asking all citizens to report any suspicious activity. Bookmark here

Steve: Oh no. Bookmark here

Selina:Have you seen Harry this morning? Bookmark here

Steve:No I haven’t. Bookmark here

Selina:Come with me we need to talk. Bookmark here

Steve:So what is going on? Bookmark here

Selina:Alister just broke escaped and I'm afraid he’s going to go after anyone now. Bookmark here

Steve: How do you know about this? Bookmark here

Selina:You see me and Allister have been married for about 2 years now and it was love at first sight but overtime I saw him for his true colors and I thought I could have changed him for the better but I was wrong. He has been nothing but malevolent and inhuman like really inhuman as there is no shred of humanity in him whatsoever. Bookmark here

Steve: I see then and is there anything else I should know? Bookmark here

Selina: I’m pregnant 6 months with his child. Bookmark here

Steve: Oh my!! Bookmark here

Selina: I planned on leaving him for the sake of my child as he would have been nothing but cruel to me and to our child. Bookmark here

Steve: This is not good at all. Bookmark here

Selina:So please help me in anything you can do. Bookmark here

Steve: I promise. Bookmark here

Reporter:Just this morning the corpse of Harry Mason was found behind the new life industries building where he was found with his eyes gouged out and police is currently asking the public if any information to help resolve this case. Bookmark here

Steve:Oh no! Bookmark here

Selina: Harry did what he thought was right even if it costed him his life. Bookmark here

Steve: We better get out of here right away. Bookmark here

Alister:So there you are! Bookmark here

Selina:Get away from us! Bookmark here

Allister: he wasn’t the only one to die soon everyone in this building is going to die. Bookmark here

Selina: You can’t get away with this! Bookmark here

Steve:Look out! Bookmark here

Allister: (He shoots Steve in the waist paralyzing him) And now you’re next. Bookmark here

Selina: (She then throws a book at him trying to disarm him but then Alister dodges and he then shoots her next as well) no!!! Bookmark here

Allister:Goodbye everyone!! (He then pours gasoline and then sets it on fire) Bookmark here

Reporter:Breaking news we have reports that the new life industries building has been on fire and everyone in the building has been trapped and no fire escape was accessed due blockage. And as of now there are no survivors in the building. And all the bodies are burnt beyond recognition and as of now the fire has eroded into many other areas of the district and authorities are advising everyone to remain inside and avoid the area. Bookmark here

Chapter ends Bookmark here

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