Chapter 11:

Vol. 1 - Reverie 3.2: Her Test Run - Side A!

Limerence Somnium (Demo)

A massive, world-class stadium shaped like an oval. Our little demon, Lilith, stood right in the midst of such a location now. It seems like her outfit had also changed once again. What the boss of the demons wore now was what she liked to call her “battle clothes.” Using the suit from before was just to give the employees a good example, but this was her true style as a demon!

At first glance it looked like some sort of military uniform. (Of course, a sexy military uniform that shows a little too much cleavage, this is Lilith we are talking about you know.) It had a pure and snowy white color, just like her suit, but this time it was adorned with black decorations such as the shoulder pads or a belt going around her waist.

As an extra special touch, she wore a collar with a few chains hanging down and really long black boots.

Lilith aside, she wasn’t alone. The twin demons, Mayu and Emma were right in front her. The Daydream Phase had begun!

So… where do we start? What do you say Lilith?

“Hm? Do you even have to ask?”

Fair enough!

In theory, snapping two demons at the same time into a deep, dream-like state was a very, very, dangerous situation. But let’s put that aside for a moment! That’s right; Lilith had a much more important concern in her mind! The best way to start this was by admiring the cuties before her!!

But the scenery and Lilith’s outfit wasn’t all that had changed, the clothes that adorned both Miura twins were now different too.

The first twin, Mayu, was a sight to behold. The white t-shirt she wore might have been a little too short, or rather, a little too tight on her chest. Of course, thanks to this, her bellybutton had become exposed. But that wasn’t all! She also wore dark blue, tiny, high-cut gym shorts that exposed a little too much of her thighs. That’s right! It was the Japanese high school gym uniform, a dream come tru-!

Huh?! All of the sudden, a flying blazing fire ball flew past Lilith. It was thrown so hard that it lifted up a great gust of wind, and once it hit against the stadium’s floor, it exploded into a million pieces!!

“W-What are you doing?!” Lilith frantically waved her arms in the air. “Don’t attack me in the middle of such a nice description!! Don’t you have any manners?!”

“What are you talking about?” The ponytail twin, Emma, asked as another ball of blazing fire materialized in the palm of her hand. “This game is on!!”

Looks like the descriptions are going to have to wait! (Emma was wearing the exact same as Mayu, so there is that.) This is just how dangerous a Daydream Mode with two demons at once was. Lilith didn’t even have the chance to admire how cute they were, what a bummer! Oh- oops, looks like another fireball was headed Lilith’s way, there was really no chance to rest huh?

“Don’t oops me, time to get moving!!”

Ehehe, right, right. Let’s go!

The tall demon began to run away from the twins, her long platinum hair swayed from side to side with the wind. Of course, the moment Lilith took a step forward, this game had already started! What game you say? This is a stadium so of course they are going to play a game, a game of Hell Ball!!

So how does Hell Ball work? If you know how soccer works you are set for the most part. Shooting the ball into the opposite team’s goal earns you a point. Simple enough?

Not really!

That would be boring! These are demons we are talking about! This game goes beyond that!! After all, Hell Ball is also a game of sudden death!!

There are no accumulative points here! The moment a goal goes in, it’s game over!

Of course, using your hands is okay too! Anything goes!

It went without saying that-

“Aren’t you saying it now anyway?”

Lilith, don’t interrupt my narration.

“Okay, okay~ Just saying!”

Cough. It went without saying that the stadium’s field heavily resembled that of a soccer one.

“Welcome to the World Cup Grand Finals!!” A sudden voice let out a great yell, it sounded as though they were using a microphone. This is a dream remember? Anything can happen! Just like that the stadium now had a full house and exploded with the cheers from a crowd going wild! The grand finals were here, the entire world was here to watch the ultimate match!!

It didn’t take Lilith too long to reach her destination. The reason she was running was to make it in front of her goal anyway, she had to defend it no matter what if she wanted to win!

It also looked like the fire ball from before was different! Both twins were now dashing while kicking a much larger ball, quite literally made out of pure fire from hell. If you want to know how hot that actually is, just think about this: a human’s soul would be consumed if they so much as stood ten feet away from it.

Had this not been a dream, the audience would have been completely burnt to a crisp. That didn’t mean the stadium wasn’t burning down however. Or rather… a crazier thing was taking place, the earth itself was being broken apart and sticking into the fire ball.

With the twins moving forward faster than your average vehicle, Lilith was faced by a giant menacing ball of rubble, grass, some spectators and burning hell fire all blended together. Forget about the goal, this would absolutely crush her!

“Lilith-sama. Prepare yourself!” The one ready to shoot the mass of fire was the short haired twin, Mayu.

“So even you can defy me, huh? Not bad at all!” The moment Lilith’s words reached the twin, it was already too late. Lilith was standing by the goal just a few meters away but her voice had come from much, much closer now. The next thing Mayu knew, she was looking at the shining stars in the sky. Why? Well of course because she was spinning across the air, before collapsing with her back against the floor.

“Mayu?!” It took Emma a few seconds to notice. What even happened back there?! Why wasn’t she able to keep track of it? She’s a demon for crying out loud!

A powerful, explosive sound then spread across the stadium, pushing Emma back from its force alone. All the rubble that was heading Lilith’s way had been shattered apart.

And there she was! The one who had taken Mayu down without any effort at all. Lilith had kicked away all the unnecessary things that had stuck into the fireball, and… her right foot was now making contact with the ball! Ready to launch a long distance shot!! Could this be the decisive blow?

“It’s not over yet!!” Emma let out a loud scream of fury, making the crowd go wild! When looking at the two twins you have to keep in mind that Emma was the one who was into sports. In other words, this dream was only taking place because of Emma in the first place. Even if her opponent was Lilith, she wouldn’t give up so easily!

Forget about running, the ponytail twin launched herself like a bullet and threw a crazy kick forward -giving Lilith a really nice view of her long and slender legs- and then hit the ball the exact same moment Lilith was making her shot.

“Oh? That’s impressive!!” Lilith was genuinely surprised. Emma had hit the ball with enough power to completely nullify her shot. Standing just a few centimeters away, Lilith was met with a fierce gaze coming from those pretty lavender eyes. Emma was getting really fired up!

“Even if it’s Lily-chan! The championship is mine!!” Emma’s passion for Hell Ball overflowed through her voice. Winning this champion was really her ultimate dream.

“You are so cute you almost make me to want to give up.” Lilith leaned incredibly close to Emma’s face, all without breaking eye contact. “But this is just a dream, so it’s okay!”

All it took was a strong blow from Lilith’s elbow to push Emma away and make her stagger. This was her chance! Lilith slammed the tip of her foot into the ball of hell fire, sending it straight into the other side of the court, directly towards the twin’s goal zone.

“I won’t let you!!” True to her words, Emma launched herself forward in one final struggle. She moved faster than the ball itself, standing right in front of its path. She puffed out her chest, and used it to stop Lilith’s deadly strike. With this the ball bounced off her and into the starry skies… but then! But then!! Lilith jumped into the very skies! Did a flip in midair, and let out her ultimate attack!

“Special Demonic Love Shoot!!”

Emma jumped up, she had to stop it no matter what!!

“Heh, it’s useless.” Special Demonic Love Shoot was unstoppable! Emma was dragged along with the ball’s trajectory. This night, the audience was able to see a beautiful scene of what looked like a falling meteor that faded away while leaving a trail like a shooting star. A shooting star that landed right into the twin’s score zone.

“Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaalll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The announcer yelled at the top of their lungs and the crowd went absolutely insane!!

The winner of the World Cup was Lilith!!!

With the mission accomplished this Daydream Mode was over-


“It’s not over yet.” Lilith turned around. That’s right, it wasn’t time for victory just yet. After all, this dream had happened because of Emma, but two demons had been sent into Daydream Mode.

“Hahahah!!” Mayu, the short haired twin let out an evil laugh. "Hahahahahaha!!!!!"

Tiny cubes, particles and numbers flashing in all colors began to swirl all around the stadium, consuming everything. The goal zones, the audience, the starry sky, it was all being taken over! 

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