Chapter 8:

The Alpha vs the Storm

The Advent of Dual Sentience

"You need me to do WHAT now!?"

He said back to me firmly, "Listen for a damn second! We don't have much time, I need to go back down there and do something! Can you stall just for a few moments!"

He sounded serious as hell, I have no choice but to trust him, I responded back, "Yeah okay hurry up! I'm ready when you are!"

Within a moment, I saw the light peak through a large crack above me. Soon more and more cracks appeared and then the Key descended. I heard his voice once more before the light consumed me, "Good luck Other Me, I'm counting on you! Don't screw this up again."

Soon the Abyss fell and the light filled my vision. 
"I will make things right this time..."

Soon the light faded and my vision was restored. I looked around myself and saw the carnage left behind from my Other Self!
"Damn Other Me! You lit this place ablaze! Just what did you do!?"
I took a moment to look around, the leaves and trees were orange and dead, there was blue fire everywhere and only a few feral beast remained. I then felt a devastating power boiling right in front of me. 
"That's him huh, that's the Alpha?"

A massive and intimidating beast was staggering back and forth around me. He emitted a terrifying aura and had a enormously large blue flame within himself. He must've been at least two and half times my own size! I then frantically looked around for my weapon, "Where is it at? Where did my dagger go!?"
I couldn't find it anywhere, what was 'he' fighting with? Was my Other Self only using the Soul Power!?

The Alpha Beast in front of me began to stagger less as if he was gaining his balance again, he then looked me straight in the eye. He gritted his teeth and began to growl ferociously! I balled up my fists and began to draw some power out again! I strengthened my resolve once more and declared to the beasts surrounding me,
"This time things will be different. I won't lose twice..."

I began to draw out large amounts of essence from the Gem and wrapped my fists and legs in it. The Alpha then raised his monstrous head to the sky and unleashed a mighty roar that shook the ground around him.
I began to vibrate slightly at this, I can definitely feel the difference in our strength, but I won't let that stop me! I have one mission, and that's to keep this beast from making me fall to my knees!
A fire appeared in my eye and I empowered myself with the essence of the Gem. A small whirlwind of fire circled around me and my body began to feel unshackled and unrestrained. A new strength coursed in my veins and my gaze never broke.
"It's go time! I will stand at the top!"

Without another moments hesitation, I charged in at the beast with my right fist drawn back! The Alpha Beast responded and charged in as well! I then saw him open his mouth readying his bite, so then I ducked and planted my foot into the ground under his mouth, and in one explosive moment, I struck him under his jaw with a shattering uppercut!
A loud boom followed by a strident crack was heard as I impacted his underjaw! The Alpha's head recoiled back and was thrown off balance again. In that same moment, I packed my fist with more essence and readied my next attack, soon I rushed in and swung towards the side of his face! 
Another boom crashed as my fist collided into his skull! The Alpha was then thrown off his feet and skidded on the ground leaving a small trail in it's wake.

"I need more power! This isn't enough!"
I then took a moment to empower myself once more, the essence that was once a small whirlwind began to become a stronger and more power cyclone around me. I looked around myself and saw something unexpected. I saw the trees and grass releasing their essence as if they were offering themselves to the Pending Storm. 
"More power, give me more of your power..."
I felt the strength of the forest yielding itself to me, soon I will become Alpha Beast of this World.
"More! Give me more! Give me everything!"
I feel the power of a dozen men surging in my veins, but I need dozens more!

Blue fire and the chill of death began to cloud up the air, it felt heavy and sinister. The Alpha Beast struggled to get back up, I then began to walk towards him as the Storm raged on around me. I needed a strategy to finish this, but I didn't know where to even start!
"What would the Other Me do in this situation? Think think think!" I took a few moments to think to myself, how would the Shadow Me win this battle? Then after a few moments, the answer became clear as day.
I looked him dead in the eye and said, "Wait a minute. The answer's obvious, how couldn't I think of this!"
I then raised my right fist and erupted a raging flame in it, "There can only be one way to win this fight, and that's simply to unleash everything with no restraints!"

I began to walk forward again as the Beast struggled to get up, "Hey monster, show me the extent of your resolve!"
The fallen Alpha began to wail at me as if trying to scare me. I walked slowly towards him with the Storm running rampant. Everything that harbored life was now offering themselves as unwilling sacrifices to my lust for power. I will stand at the top by any means necessary!
"More! Give me more Power! Give me everything! Give me EVERYTHING!"
I kept drawing large amounts of essence from the area around, the Storm devoured every last bit of life that remained.

The Alpha Beast soon stood back up, he looked injured however and his spirit never wavered. "Strong in the Spirit, and strong in the body... You're going to be a fine addition to my collection."
The Fiery Maelstrom was as strong as ever, time to finish this once and for all! I tightened my right fist and began to build up power within it. The Alpha began to sound his loudest and most viscous roars!

The ground around me shook but I never trembled. Unshaken and unhindered, I stood before the Alpha getting ready to take his crown. The power was stronger than ever before, the once lush and green forest was now a flaming wasteland. Blue fire and thick haze wafted all around, and I felt everything within, every step, every breathe and every flame. I concentrated the essence into my right fist once more, this time packing everything into it. 
"Your strength is overwhelming, but it's all vanity compared to me! Today I will stand at the top and destroy everything!"
As I declared those words, I then remembered what the Other Me had told me, 
"Well basically I need you to take over the body for a few moments, can you do that for me?"

I sighed gently, "I'm sorry Other Me, but I already decided what I'm going to do. I hope your watching!"
I then readied my stance and built up even more power into my fist, the other feral beasts began to circle around me, I felt every single one of them and every single step they made. 
Then at that very moment, I heard his call from within.

"Other Me what are you planning to do?"

"Oh so you were listening." I replied.

"Yes, I've been keeping a close eye on you this whole time. Your resolve has definitely grew, it's like your a new warrior now. Tell me one thing though, have you steeled yourself enough to win this?"

I then smirked like a crazy villain, "Yeah I have, I think I know more or less what I have to do now..."

"And what is that?" he said.

"Do I even need to answer that? I'm going to consume everything that stands before me in overwhelming power!"

"Hahahaha! You have definitely learned something from me! Alright then, go! Go and destroy everything! Let none stand against you!"

I smirked devilishly, "You don't have to tell me twice!"

The Alpha Beast stood up once more, and without hesitation, he charged forth! I stood my ground and drew my fist back, "Just a little more.." The Alpha drew closer and closer, his eyes were intense and his aura was almost subjugating! I stood firm and pressed down every fear that tried to quell me! And in one flashing moment, he opened his mouth, I kneeled down and leaped up! I heard him make an explosive chomp below me, I looked down and saw the top of his head, then in that fateful moment, I came crashing down on him and unleashed the power of a thousand souls with me!

I struck him down on the top of his skull and he went straight into the ground! As he impacted the ground, his head created a massive crater that caused another explosion!
I felt his entire skull cave in on itself in that very moment. I then focused the Power to wrap the essence around his whole head and with everything in me, I then crushed his head with the Power inside of the Gem. His head then exploded and blood splashed everywhere.
The Alpha Beast then went limp and all his strength completely left. I then jumped back beside the creature and looked at him. His flame shortened on itself and became weaker and weaker. Soon the light in his eyes faded and the flame blew out. As the flame blew out, a large release of essence erupted from his corpse and I reached out my hand. The essence then got sucked into the Gem and I felt an extravagant amount of strength pour inside of me!
"As I said before, none will ever stand against me again."

I looked around myself and felt an extreme amount of terror erupt from everywhere. The other feral beast all began to flee in all directions, and there alone I stood in the midst of the fire and the smoke. I was the sole victor in an empty battlefield devoid of all life.

"How did you like that one Other Me?" I said cockily.

"Hahahaha! I knew you could do it! I'm sure that sent them a message on who's the REAL king of the beasts."

"Yeah, that definitely sent a message alright. What do we do now?" I asked.

"You can let down your Power for now, we shouldn't draw too much attention to ourselves. I guess we can continue moving on a little more and see if we can find anybody who can help us. We also need to rest soon, I know our Power is strong but this physical body isn't immortal."

"Yeah you're right. We need to rest pretty soon. I'm feeling pretty worn out after all that." I replied.

He then interrupted saying, "Oh by the way, I discovered some interesting things about this Gem. We have much to discuss later on okay?"

"Yeah alright sounds good."

Thus we left behind the corpses of the beasts and ventured on, we moved in the direction where we think we feel other people at. We talked more about certain things concerning the battle and ways of using the essence of the Gem. However nightfall was near and we needed to set up camp somewhere. Something tells me though that we might've made ourselves more known than we initially were.

Meanwhile somewhere east of the Forest...

Inside of a rebel camp, there sat a beautiful White Haired Princess drinking her new wine. She sat within her tent with all her subjects surrounding her. Then a strange feeling began to bubble up inside of her, "Something feels wrong? Why does the air feel like this all of a sudden?"

A man in full plated golden armor came forth into a throne room, "Your Highness! My sentries have reported that all the 'Blight' in the forest are going absolutely haywire right now! Something triggered them and now they're moving near our position in hordes!"

A white haired princess stood up from her seat visibly confused, "What!? What does that mean!? Give me a full status report now!"

Then at the same moment, woman in a white and blue dress came rushing in, "Princess princess! Something terrible has happened! The Spirits of the Forest and Skies have become greatly disturbed and restless! This area is about to become a warzone if they don't settle down!"

The White Haired Princess turned over to her with an alarmed expression, "What!? The Spirits became disturbed!? What caused that!?"

Then a pink haired girl with fox ears came in at the same time, "Princess! A massive Storm is brewing in the west! We need to call back all our scouts and supply teams immediately! Something devastating has appeared and we don't know what it is!"

The White Haired Princess began to look around frantically, "What the hell is happening right now!?" The Princess looked around at all her subjects, they were all confused and visibly concerned while speaking amongst each other. The Princess then knew she needed to do act fast! She then looked up at everyone and declared, "Everyone! Calm yourselves! This isn't the time to be scared and confused, right now we need to start preparing for battle! Are you with me"