Chapter 30:

Level ten! – Chapter 30

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

Ever since I met Aya, I realized how shitty her life actually was. Before she met me, she was already looking for a place to spend the night. She barely had any money on her, and what's worse, she wanted to join the adventurers guild in order to earn a bit of cash. At times like this, I really wished I could talk to her. Aya continued crying for some minutes before calming herself down. Her whole body was shaking a lot as if she had seen a nightmare. The challenge of this level must have given her the worst experience she has ever had.

I slightly tapped on her shoulder after she calmed down. When she turned to me, she had the look of a kid that didn't want me to go away. Experiencing a nightmare like that must have been harsh on her, that's why I stayed by her side the whole time.





Later on, we continued walking towards the next floor which was nearby. The hallways of the last floor were decorated with different kinds of stuff. This path continued until we reached a massive door which was also decorated with all kinds of stones and wood.

Now how do we enter inside?

That's what I was wondering as we were getting closer to the massive door. But the moment I stopped in front of the door, I heard some crackling noises.

Huh? Don't tell me it's another massive rock?!

But luckily, that noise stopped, and in front of the door, a screen-like TV came out and under it was… a keyboard?!

“it's closed…” She said as she was looking around this place. I got near the keyboard and looked at the screen in front of me. No matter how I look at it, that's definitely a computer!

I was actually kind of excited to see a computer in another world. But how did Aito make this thing?

Maybe he was a computer engineer before coming into this world. But since now I'm a ghost, I can't really use it unless I possess someone. That's why I immediately went towards Aya and possessed her.

“wah!” She freaked out a little the moment I possessed her body. When using her body, I could feel the strong light of the screen crashing into Aya's eyes.

“It's so shiny…” But after some seconds, her eyes got used to the screen's light. On the screen I could see two folders named {read me} and the other one {Enter the password here!}. Wait, maybe these two folders are related to opening this massive door.

“Ghost-san, you know how to use this shiny thing?” Well, I figured that someone from this world wouldn't understand how to use a computer. But why would Aito make a dungeon and add things only a person from my Earth would understand? It felt like he actually intended on making this dungeon specifically for me and other Japanese who might come here.

Without thinking too much about it, I opened the first file called {Read me}. The folder inside had a single text document with the same name on it.

{Congrats on arriving this far, little one! But if you wish to enter my secret base, then you must pass through 1000 challenges of mine!


Hahahah, JK!

If you want to go pass the door, then enter this password on the other file <3

-> The password: '123456789' }

That's what the text document contained inside. The language was in Japanese as well, making things much easier for me. Also, he didn't put that much effort on creating a special password, did he?

But anyway, I entered the given password in the other file. Using Aya's fingers to type on a keyboard felt kind of weird since her hands were tiny. After a few seconds, a small door on our left opened instead of the massive door. Actually, I didn't even notice that door over there.

Was it actually there the whole time?

“Huh?! Another door appeared? Ghost-san, did you do that?”

If I look at this from a modern person's perspective, then this makes sense. In some games, many players would create fake entrances or bases in order to fool intruders. In Aito's case, he made this massive door as a decorative thing to fool everyone. And the only way for someone to find the true entrance was for a Japanese person to use the computer and enter the password. But things became much more shocking when we entered inside.


This place was kind of similar to the sixth floor. A perfect replica of the environment, a chill looking river flowing nearby and a small open house near the field. This place felt really nice and relaxing to look at.

“So pretty…” She said as she was looking around the place as well. This place wasn't as big as the previous floor, but that didn't make it look any worse. Actually this place was on point compared to the old looking house where I first woke up. If I had never found Aya, I wouldn't mind resting here for the rest of my life since this place had everything I needed. Even though I wouldn't be able to use them...

Both me and Aya continued walking to the centre of this place where we saw something flat made out of quartz. I felt like that thing was sucking me in as if that place was calling for me.

But as soon as we got closer, a visual figure of a guy appeared.

“Hello there, people of Eaaaaarth!!--”