Chapter 7:


The denied one

Morning has come with a nice sunlight in lunaria, everyone still asleep so me who woke up early will prepare for breakfast.Bookmark here

"Hmm ok what's good to cook with this ingredients here?"Bookmark here

"Hey."Bookmark here

I got surprised cause akasha the one who's waking up late, wake up in this early in the morning.Bookmark here

"Is rain going to fall today?"Bookmark here

"Huhhh?" (preparing her fist to punch me)Bookmark here

While were talking about some funny things with some kicking and punching from her, akasha just said something that made the conversation serious.Bookmark here

"That girl"?Bookmark here

"What? Are you talking about rina"?Bookmark here

"That girl, she has the mystic eyes that sees things that normal people or mages can't see."Bookmark here

"Yeah so what's the problem?"Bookmark here

"Disappearance case and this, is this connected in one way? What if, no no forgot what i said."Bookmark here

It seems that akasha is feeling suspicious about what happening in the village but i said to akasha that even if we think this now nothing will happen, it will hurt only our heads, since akasha is now awake i asked her to help me prepare breakfast, at first she refuse me but later on she accepted and decided to help me i bet she felt annoyed about me nagging to her so she just accept it to stop me from nagging, and hours has passed and since we don't know or had a experience on cooking the situation is trial and error and in the end the result is...Bookmark here

"What's this disgusting thing that we made."Bookmark here

"Look what happened akasha, i told you not to mix mayonnaise and ketchup to curry."Bookmark here

"But i want to try some spice to you know like in science when you mix solid and-"Bookmark here

"No! Don't come again in kitchen, people will die if they will eat your food."Bookmark here

"Hey the way you're talking to me is like i made that food alone! Remember you're the one who asked me to help you, then its normal that you're the one to blame here."Bookmark here

"You pipsqueak-"Bookmark here

"Hey what did you just say."Bookmark here

"Pipsqueak, why, you got a problem?Bookmark here

Because of our loud voices, rena and her siblings got woke up.Bookmark here

"Umm your voices can hear, wait what's that smell *walked to the kitchen* what did you two do? And why are you two cooking curry early in the morningBookmark here

it's supposed to be for dinner, even bread only is good for breakfast!"Bookmark here

We got a lecture from rena about what happened and reflected from what we did. We just let rena make the breakfast for us and as for me and akasha and the siblings we prepare the table where breakfast will be put on. minutes has passed and we finished our breakfast, i volunteered to hunt some animals in the forest and earn a little money at ms reia's working place, i asked akasha to observe rina's eyes if there is a changes.Bookmark here

"You don't have to say it because that's what im about to do."Bookmark here

I left to the house and going to forest for the hunt and i notice something in the narrow place near rena's house, and since it makes me little suspicious i went to it, but no one's there. I thought that is my imagination so i just ignored it.Bookmark here

Few hours has passed and i finished the hunting and start to walk towards rena's house so i can leave this animals that i hunt and can go to ms.rina's workplace. When im near to rena's house i suddenly stop from walking because of what i saw, rena's house door is smashed and for unknown reason the people in the village are like avoiding me or something, they won't look into my eyes as if they are hiding something, but even they are like that i tried to ask something about what happened but they just still avoided me, but one person has talked to me.Bookmark here

"They are taken by the people from the empire."Bookmark here

"Taken? wait you're the guy from the other day, the guy told about rena and her parents."Bookmark here

"Argh you don't need to dig up what's in the past, well i feel a little pity so i'll tell you what happened."Bookmark here

(Few hours earlier)Bookmark here

"Grug gray! hurry up finish moping the floor so we can finish cleaning the house before mister thrice comeback from hunting."Bookmark here

"Yeah we're doing it as fast as we can."Bookmark here

"Geez why we're supposed to clean the house right now."Bookmark here

"Gray, move your hand so we can finished this quickly."Bookmark here

"I know! stop ordering me."Bookmark here

"Bu, but im the older between us."Bookmark here

"Shut up what's the connection between our age gap and the cleaning, huh!!?"Bookmark here

"Hey you stupid kids!! hurry up and move your hands or else i will turn you upside down and hang up to the branch of trees you want to that!?"Bookmark here

"Geez it's akasha tsk."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"Nothing!"Bookmark here

(Door has been smashed)Bookmark here

"Wait, who are you, hey where are taki-Bookmark here

"Big sister renaaaa!!!!Bookmark here

"Rena!!!"Bookmark here

"You what are yo-"Bookmark here

"Grayyy!! Hey stop rig-. Run rina"Bookmark here

"Nooooooo-"Bookmark here

(Present time)Bookmark here

"So are you telling me that you just watched them taken by the people from empire?"Bookmark here

"We can't interfere with them, they're from the empire and directly ordered by some higher-ups in the empire or it can be a king that ordered them about this."Bookmark here

"But why!!??"Bookmark here

"Sorry, all i know is this."Bookmark here

"Tsk." Bookmark here

I went again to the house to check if there are clues that akasha left but since akasha too doesn't know much about the empire, i doubt that she left a clue, I can't think property about what happening, but everything has change when i heard a voice behind me that seems like it is talking to me.Bookmark here

"You."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"What's the commotions here?"Bookmark here

A knight that has the voice of girl and body has come before me with a strict face but beautiful as the stars.Bookmark here

TO BE CONTINUED...Bookmark here

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