Chapter 11:

Fearsome Threat

Densetsu: A Beautiful Day

Chaos reeked in the shrine. It dawned on his mind. What was happening? What caused this havoc?Bookmark here

The shrine maiden danced elegantly, evading every projectile thrown at her. When she found the opportunity, she gave the opposing threats no room to counter. Bookmark here

“Attack Skill: Fantasy Shine!”Bookmark here

She glowed brightly. Both Yuuki and Miharu groaned in pain at the mere presence of the shrine maiden’s ability. It forced the trickster to create himself a portal to hide behind. He invited Miharu to avoid further pain. Bookmark here

The enemies fell from the skies, their wings rendered useless, and their desire to fight withered. Bookmark here

Kotaro observed the winged creatures, fascinated by their bird-like appearances.Bookmark here

“I wouldn’t come any closer,” warned Riku. She approached the weakened foes. “State your business attacking the shrine.”Bookmark here

Their faces distorted, fueled by anger. Hatred clouded any signs of logic. Bookmark here

From the skies, another of those winged creatures dropped to his knees. This one appeared more human than his avian companions, and he carried four wings. Bookmark here

He raised his head and cupped his fist with respect. “Greetings, I should apologize for not watching my tengu brothers. Their hatred for you lingers.”Bookmark here

“You should put them on a leash next time, Hayato Yaarashi,” Riku retorted. Bookmark here

He swallowed his pride for his tengu kins. Fighting her would be foolish. “I have originally been sent here to give you a message.”Bookmark here

She remained indifferent. “Still playing the messenger?”Bookmark here

Unfazed, he continued the report. “Sylvan Supreme Joe wishes to meet the outsider in person.” Bookmark here

“So he can kill Kotaro, himself?” Bookmark here

“I cannot—”Bookmark here

“Kill the outsider! Kill the outsider!” exclaimed the tengus. Bookmark here

“Silence!” Hayato roared. Bookmark here

Kotaro frowned at their comments, but Noel assured him with a touch on the shoulder. Their clouded anger was temporary. Bookmark here

“Leave, Hayato. And tell Joe that if he wants Kotaro, he must go through me to do so.”Bookmark here

“Riku, it’s best to turn in the outsider. If you declare another incident, you not only bring destruction to Sylvia but create enemies among the Infernians,” Hayato warned. Bookmark here

“So he plans to sell Sylvia’s rights to Infernia? That justifies my reason to revoke his title as Sylvan Supreme.”Bookmark here

The warning wasn’t enough, but it couldn’t be helped. She was fighting for her people. “Then I’ll see you at Shiro Enma.”Bookmark here

“It will not be pleasant, Hayato…”Bookmark here

The four-winged tengu stood up with the rest of his brothers, and they soared to the skies. Riku sighed in distress. Bookmark here

“It has finally come to this…” Bookmark here

Riku turned to Kotaro. “So you decided to come back…”Bookmark here

“News spread like wildfire here in Densetsu. You are now the center of attention. The Sylvan Supreme sees you as a threat, and the Infernians want to experiment on you.”Bookmark here

He had made his choice. There was no turning back. Answers of the past lingered in this world, and he yearned to search for them. Bookmark here

Yuuki snapped his fingers. Rifts opened from the shrine, easily transporting whoever came across them. Yesterday’s crew took this opportunity and accessed the portals.Bookmark here

“This is the first time you have summoned us in such an urgent time.” First came the vampire and her maid. Between her fingers, she pulled an envelope. “Your handwriting is terrible. Victoria had a hard time reading it. You should learn a thing or two from her.”Bookmark here

“You praise me too much, mistress…”Bookmark here

“What? It’s true, though!”Bookmark here

The oni rested his arm around the trickster’s shoulder. “Yuuki-boy, why’d you run away? You don’t want to drink with me anymore?”Bookmark here

Another portal emerged below, and Yuuki dropped into it. Bookmark here

“And he’s gone again…”Bookmark here

The black-and-white magician tipped her hat and grinned. “You decided to come back, huh?”Bookmark here

She approached the outsider, extending her hand to him. They shook hands. Energy surged through his arms, the same feeling he felt when Riku did the same. Bookmark here

“It’s not much, but it’ll help you.”Bookmark here

Never seen entities perceived into his sight. Wisp-like flames resided in everyone. Bookmark here

“Is this reiki energy?”Bookmark here

Melissa nodded. “That’s right! It should help you in the future.”Bookmark here

The shrine maiden began taking to the skies, accompanied by the vampire and her maid. Noel followed them from behind whereas Fuuko vanished into his mist. Bookmark here

“Looks like everyone is leaving.” Bookmark here

The black-and-white magician sat on her hovering broom. Bookmark here

“Wait, what about you, Miharu?” Kotaro asked. Bookmark here

The Legend hid her face under the paper fan. “As a Legend, I am bound by the rules. I cannot participate in this quarrel. Instead, my retainer will take my place. He will arrive shortly.”Bookmark here

Kotaro joined the magician, and they accelerated into the skies. The initial burst of speed startled him—he held Melissa close to his clutches, overwhelmed by the achieved heights and elevation. Bookmark here

Miharu watched their silhouettes disappear into the horizons. Briefly alone, the trickster returned from his portal. Bookmark here

“Running away from your problems, like always…” Miharu remarked. “One way or the other, he will discover the truth. It’s only a matter of time until it is revealed.”Bookmark here

“It’s sad…” she added, “after he finds out, you two are bounded by fate to fight.”Bookmark here

“That’s a good theory, but we will never know what kind of future awaits for us all.”Bookmark here

They glanced at each other, and the silent tension grew more intense. Yuuki lost the staring contest. “Joe is blinded by fear and hatred. He’s just a puppet for the main culprit.”Bookmark here

“Changing the subject, are we?” She drew closer to the trickster. “You think this is the same culprit responsible for killing the Dragon Legend, Draco?”Bookmark here

He could hide it all he wanted, but Miharu saw through his facade. Anger was slowly seething in him, ready to erupt. Bookmark here

“To top all that, the culprit has his eyes on Ko—”Bookmark here

He choked her head clean. That would prove to be pointless. Bookmark here

Death meant nothing for Miharu when she was already dead to begin with. Her headless body rushed to recover her decapitated head. Bookmark here

“Hey, that was mean! I was trying to talk to you!” she whimpered. Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, but aren’t you the ghost princess?”Bookmark here

She snorted loudly, her brows furrowed, and her arms flailed. “I’m just as important as you! I help the dead reincarnate.”Bookmark here

Annoyed, he disappeared into his portals once more. This would only fuel her anger. Bookmark here

“Yuuki Nohara! You big meanie! I hate you so much!”Bookmark here

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