Chapter 4:



Her name is Misaki.Bookmark here

She is someone that makes my days better every time I feel like shit.Bookmark here

Even now in school, the place I hate the most, her presence brings me comfort.Bookmark here

This depressing atmosphere disappears as soon as she appears.Bookmark here

I feel like she, Misaki, is the answer to my long time unanswered question... Why?Bookmark here

"Why are you late, Misaki" The teacher asked with a creepy smile.Bookmark here

"I- I- I'm so sorry sir, I- I- I-" She couldn't finish her sentence because she was shaking helplessly.Bookmark here

"Take your seat, Misaki, and meet my in my office after class, I know a good way to fix this" The teacher said with a creepy face while winking one eye.Bookmark here

"O- o- okay sir" She said while trembling from fear knowing what will happen.Bookmark here

Everyone in the classroom senced what was to happen but no one had the courage to do anything. Bookmark here

Everyone knew that he was a huge manipulator and everyone working in the school only believed him.Bookmark here

But I have a good plan on how to change that.Bookmark here

I won't let her suffer... Not this time.Bookmark here

The bell rang, introducing the end of the first class.Bookmark here

We never stay in the same classroom so each subject has its own classroom.Bookmark here

*******************************************Bookmark here

We had history class with Mrs. Akira. One of my favorite teachers that actually cares about everyone but I really needed to act quick because of course.. Misaki wasn't in class.Bookmark here

I knew right away that I might be late. I had to hurry up.Bookmark here

I can't let that idiot teacher do anything bad to my loved one.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Mrs. Akira but- but I, I have to go to the nurse's office." I said while rushing through the door heading to his office.
Bookmark here

He is going to get fired.. This time for sure.Bookmark here

I slowly went in his classroom and...Bookmark here

And...Bookmark here

What I saw there..Bookmark here

What I saw there was trauma, I-Bookmark here

I couldn't move.Bookmark here

The teacher was half naked, Misaki was refusing to take her underwear off even though he was forcing her.Bookmark here

They were yelling so loud. But I really couldn't do anything. I couldn't move. I couldn't take out my phone to record it so I could show it to the feds..Bookmark here

I was helpless. But not as near as she was.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a flashback flashed through my head.. It was- It was-Bookmark here

It was..... my father... doing the same thing to my real mother. The one I thought i never met.Bookmark here

From that point on... everything was clear to me. As clear as dayBookmark here

That's why I was unable to move. Because I was traumatized from the same thing I had witnessed in my early childhood.Bookmark here

But this time.. This time it wasn't mom and dad. Bookmark here

It was my crush and the teacher I hate even more than my father.Bookmark here

Tears shed from my eyes as I was stuck in one place... helplessBookmark here

Why do I have to be the one going through things like this?Bookmark here

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?Bookmark here

"WHY?" I accidentally yelled my thought.Bookmark here

That's when.. he... turned around.Bookmark here

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