Chapter 1:

Chapter One : First Flight

Small World

I am going home to celebrate the New Year with my family , but shit , five thirty already , and this traffic does not seem to be letting up any time soon . Leaving the campus was tiring enough , always being stopped by the global warming enthusiast . Man he gets on my nerves , but this is America for you . I forced myself into a more comfortable position in the seat of my Uber due to my legs being pressed  against the passenger side of the vehicle. Fuck I hate being so tall , even though the girls and guys dig it which is a win In my book  . Bookmark here

My  driver was on the phone with someone but I could only understand a few words he was saying , due to him being Spanish . I could only make out the words mine  , Mexico , and  dangerous . I wanted to be nosy and listen in on the conversation , but I chose to stare at the piles of snow , created from the recent blizzard . When I turned to ask the driver to turn the heat up a bit , He had a frightened look on his face . He began to mumble to himself , repeating something about his family . I opened my mouth to ask if he was okay , but the car came to a sudden halt which forced my face into  the passenger head rest . Bookmark here

" Hey man , I don't know what your problem is bu - ." I stopped speaking as  the driver as he stared into my eyes , his glossy with tears. Bookmark here

" Estaban aquí ." The man mumbled.Bookmark here

"Already ?" I Turned to my right to look out of the slightly tinted window and noticed we had been parked in front of the airport . I hadn't even noticed we arrived . Bookmark here

 I thanked the the driver and opened the car door , pushing it open with my knee . The driver unlocked the trunk which flew open with a pop . I grabbed my backpack and Camera stand , shut the trunks door and attempted to wave the driver goodbye , but as soon as the trunk closed , he darted off in a hurry , followed by the eyes of fellow travelers in the lot .Bookmark here

" Asshole..." I grumbled to myself as I held my items and walked through the automatic entrance door . The process of receiving my ticket was surprisingly smooth but many people seemed to be in a hurry which caused a slight pause in progression as some grew impatient and ignorant towards staff . After placing my items through the security conveyor belt I felt my back pocket vibrate while I stood barefoot on the opposite side waiting for my items to be approved .Bookmark here

I slid my hand into my pocket and grabbed the phone and examined the photo above the answer and hang up buttons . It was my mom . I applied pressure to the answer button and slid up , allowing a small screen to appear in the top corner of the phone . Bookmark here

" Hey mom...I'm sorry I forgot to call you. " I said chuckling nervously as If she was going to punch me through the phone . Her face appeared on the phone , almost giving me a heart attack . Her face had a green face mask plastered all over it which made her look like a gremlin.Bookmark here

" For once , i'm not mad at you...I'm actually happy you answered , seeing that there is so much happening right now ." I raised an eyebrow and raised my eyes to think about what could have missed , but on the other hand I hate watching the news and don't ever think I will . Bookmark here

" Boy oh boy , you are so boring and uneventful , just like your father ." she said , trying to change the subject . Bookmark here

" He's at work right now , texting me every two minutes asking me if you've arrived yet , even though i told him it would take at least sixteen hours." She explained , followed by a nervous laugh . Bookmark here

Boom....Bookmark here

" That's dad for you , these American planes take forever to board , but Ill let you know when I'm about to get on anyway ." I reassured her , while trying to put on my sneakers at the same time .Bookmark here

Boom....Bookmark here

Her face suddenly changed and she made a face I've never seen before , especially from my mother . She looked scared , and seemed to be bouncing up and down a bit . I could hear a faint sound of something in the background , which was a mix of trembling china and an explosion of some kind . Bookmark here

" Have you seen the news recently ?" she asked . Her voice trembling .Bookmark here

BOOM...Bookmark here

" Mom...what's going on , you're acting weird ?"Bookmark here

" The're just doing construction near by , my love..." Bookmark here

" Don't fucking lie to me , what is that sound and why does it sound so close ?!" I asked with a yell , causing a few people to stare .Bookmark here

BOOM !!!Bookmark here

" He- , I- , Lo- , ou , give , your da - a call fo- me , He shoul - e - safe - or - now ." The words my mother attempted to say were glitched out as a loud crashing noise echoed through my earbuds and the tiny screen which housed my mother froze instantly , as well as mine beginning to go static and start opening random apps. Bookmark here

" Mom !?" I yelped while staring at my screen in horror as our dining room now had a large gaping hole in the ceiling , allowing sunlight to brighten the splintered wood and household objects now littered across the floor . Bookmark here

I stood up pressing my foot into my shoe and looked around  to find everyone gathered around a large television which had been playing the news channel in the center of a large resting area . I ran over and stared at the blurred images pasted onto the screen .
Bookmark here

" What the fuck is that ?"Bookmark here

" This can't be real !" Bookmark here

" This has to be some kind of elaborate joke." Bookmark here

The crowd began to whisper among themselves as the screen then cut to a recording of a large creature bursting out of the ground, lying dormant for a moment then suddenly dashing through a mountainous landscape and into a small town or city of some sort . Bookmark here

" This was recorded 5 minutes ago from a man in Shikoku , Japan . " My heart sank and everything around me became blurry and fuzzy . Did she just say , Shikoku ? My district ?Bookmark here

" Evacuation has been initiated throughout the district as well as the rest of Japan in hopes of avoiding any more casualties . " The news lady continued to explain , as the creature resembling a shiny black rock with horns , trampled over buildings . Bookmark here

" No , please , god help me . " I stumbled backwards and fell onto the ground as I struggled to dial my fathers phone number with shaky hands . Bookmark here

" Hello , Zen - an - you - ear - me !? " My fathers voice was almost non audible . I screamed at my phone with anger . Bookmark here

" DAD I'M COMING HOME , PLEASE CHECK ON MOM !! " I urged , as I felt the sensation of vomit forming in my mouth . Fuck , I don't know what's happening right now . Bookmark here

Before my father could say anything else , a strange wave of wind blasted through the large windows that showcased the runway , knocking most of the crowd onto the ground . Another boy had tripped over me causing my phone to fly out of my hand , and at the same time , he was releasing the most bloodcurdling scream iv'e ever heard.Bookmark here

I immediately stood up and ran over to him , noticing he had his left hand covering his right eye . There had been blood slowly trickling through his knuckled and down his arm onto the white marbled floor with small patterns of butterflies . Bookmark here

" SHIT , SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE  , HES INJURED !!" I screamed as the boy slowly bled out from his eye .Bookmark here

A loud rumbling noise similar to that of a jet , caused everyone to stop in their tracks and stare outside over the treeline and sinking sun as a large object blocked the sun and its otherworldly glow  . The entity began to lift itself up vertically revealing a pair of large wings which darkened the runway and air craft below  , as it drew closer and closer to the airport .Bookmark here

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Small World

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