Chapter 2:

Child Problems

That Time I Sealed the Demon Lord Inside Myself and Now He Lives in My Head

“Finally, lunch time, I’ve been looking forward to this roasted pork and baked potato.” Trying to enjoy my lunch on a city bench, I unwrap my meal from its burlap bag and place it on my lap.

The raspy voice of the Demon Lord in my head, Xaghck, chimes in, “Mmmmm it smells good, I wish I still had my sense of taste— wait, what the hell is that?”

Confused at Xaghck’s question, I scan over my food then take a closer look at the potato. “You mean this black mark? The baked potato got a little burnt, but I’m sure its fine to eat” I said.

“No, not your stupid potato. That small thing hiding in the bushes to your left.”


“Haaaaaaiyah!” Before I could fully turn my head, a tiny hand slapped my cheek, causing me to drop my baked potato on the ground.

“Hey! Just who do you think you are!” I yelled while pointing at my fallen potato. I panned to where the assailant attacked me from. Standing on the seat next to me is a little girl wearing a dark blue dress with a white puffy blouse underneath, she wore white stockings which were covered in dirt and grass stains, she had a few leaves stuck in the top bun of her dark brown hair. She looked to be around five years old and about to throw the biggest tantrum of her life.

“Release the demon lord! I demand you release the demon lord right now” the little girl pouted while jumping up and down.

“Whoa, calm down kid. What’s this about?” I asked.

“I need the demon lord released right now! For he shall smite my enemies and make me queen of the world! Mwahahahaha!” the little girl replied in her tantrum.

More confused than ever, Xaghck asks, “This— child plans to release me…. what’s a child going to do? “

The girl pulls out some dust from the handbag slung over her shoulder and blows it in my face, “Pfffft!” I start coughing violently. I managed to say in between coughs, “W-what is that stuff?”

With the light of victory in her eyes, the girl announces, “Sawdust from a thousand-year-old tree. Now, spit out the demon lord!” I quickly grab my water and chug the entire cup. I take a moment to catch my breath and assess the situation, only for the little girl to kick the remaining food off my lap and plant her feet on top my thighs. She then proceeds to pry open my eye lids with her dirty little fingers. “I know he’s in there. Give him to me!” the little girl yelled.

I swat away her hands and grab her arms, closing them into the rest of her body to restrain her. I stand up from the bench and imprison her a few feet off the ground, still restraining her arms. “Calm down kid! You’re not going to get him out, especially not with some sawdust you found on the floor of a woodshop” I said.

“Let go of me or I’ll scream!” yelled the little girl while swinging her legs back and forth, trying to kick me and wiggle free.

I let out a sigh then proceed to say, “Alright, just leave me alone, deal?” The girl nods her head in agreement, and I lower her to the ground.

Just as the girl reclaims her arms, a shrill and older voice echoes from down the street, “Mavis! Mavis! Where did you go?” A woman who looks to be in her mid-twenties rushes up to the girl. “Oh- there you are.” She glances at me for a second then asks the little girl, Mavis, with excitement, “Did you make a new friend?”

Mavis, blurts out, “No! This ugly man needs to release the Demon Lord, right now!”

“Oh, aren’t you just precious.” The woman bends down to give Mavis a quick hug, pressing her cheek onto Mavis’ “You and your little games, so cute! Come now, we have to meet your father for lunch.”

Mavis makes a quick dash at me, “Haaaaaiiyah!” she swiftly kicks me in the groin and quickly returns to her mother’s hand.

My knees buckle from the pain, and I tumble onto the dirt while crying out, “Aaarrgh! Son of a—"

Mavis mother apologizes with an oblivious yet excited tone, “Oh! I am so sorry about that. My little Mavis is an athletic little one, she has just got so much energy. Mavis, say ‘bye’ to the nice man and let us be on our way.”

“I will release him!” shouts Mavis, then falls to a sullener tone, “One of these days.” she then proceeds to blow a raspberry at me.

The two walk off, while I’m left huddled up on the ground wallowing in pain, and with a perfectly good lunch ruined. Unaffected by my pain, the Demon Lord Xaghck chimes in with a hopeful tone, “Oh, I like her, she’s got spunk. If she manages to release me, I’ll make her the commander of my next demon army.” I wipe the tears from eyes, mourn the loss of my lunch, and continue with a hint of pain still in my voice, “I hope I never see that little gremlin again.”