Chapter 1:

Prolouge: The Past That Will Never Be Forgetten

He Who Have Changed Shall Change Once More

*POV: Yasu Seigel* 

“! Ya....”

Hmm? Didn’t I heard that voice before? Why is she even screaming....

After thinking about that, I slowly opened my heavy eyelids in order to see who was the one screaming.  But my vision was dyed with blue and green, I thought for a moment that I lost my vision but apparently it was just the sky and trees.  I vaguely remembered that we were in a wide open plain inside a forest.

Then raven-colored threads caught my attention as it was swaying heavily, I turned my sight to what it was. 

Ah... it’s you.

It was my companion who was a magician, she is always at our party’s rear during raids or fights because she can not defend herself without using magic, but for some reason she is at the front, screaming at me whose role is supposed to be the one that is behind the vanguard. 

Why are you crying...

I tried reaching for her face with my right hand, but a sudden sharp pain stabbed my shoulder that which made me clumsily drop my arm, but then she grabbed my arm with both hands.

“I-I thought you were going to die *sob*, I’ve already asked o-our fastest runner to go get some help... so please don’t die on me Yasu...”

Die? What are you talking about....

“Have you seen your body?! Please... I don’t want you to die.”

She once again screamed at me while releasing the grip of one of her hands, that was holding my right hand, onto my torso and started radiating a green, warm light.  Is this her healing magic?  I could see the deep wounds below my chest area slowly stitch themselves up.  That’s really weird...  I thought to myself.

While watching that light, there were droplets of water on my chest.  But it was not just water, it was quite warm.  I looked at her and saw the source of the droplets on my chest, it was her, or to be exact her eyes that was filled with worry and relief.  She was crying.

“...I don’t know *sob* what I’ll do if you died.”

Then tears came flooding her cheeks.  Aren’t you talking about dying way too much?  I thought to myself.  During those moments of thinking, sudden noises from afar became loud, a groan from man and a roar accompanied the sounds of metal hitting each other. I twisted my head to where the sounds are coming from and saw a man with a huge shield, that was almost as tall as him, facing the huge monster that was three times his height.  

The monster had brown thick fur covering his body with a head of a cow, wielding a halberd on his right and a log-looking club on his left.  It was a Minotaur.  But there was a weird marking on its forehead that glows a red color.

“F-Fuck! Why is this one so strong?!”

The man with a shield complained.  Suddenly, the Minotaur roared as it started attacking the man with a shield, though it was basically hitting the man’s shield over and over with heavy strikes, the man did not even move.  Agitation started to form on his expression, but his smile did not fade.

It is one of those, a battle to the death.  Whether the man would survive with his shield only against a Minotaur.  That man with hazelnut hair is probably a battle junkie, a type of man that is extremely annoying because of their love for fighting.

But inside those eyes of his was desperation.  

Why are you so desperate?

“...What are you even saying, stupid.”

I said as I was watching his expression that was filled with desperation while smiling.  A soft voice called me stupid, which made me turn my gaze to her.  She is still crying, but not as much as it was earlier.

“Of course he’s desperate, our leader is wounded because of protecting his companion.”

A slight anger came into her expression that was still filled with worry.

“Aren’t you an S rank?! Why couldn’t you defend against that swing with your sword?! Why would you let your body get hit?! Stupid stupid stupid-“

She kept screaming at me like a mother, perhaps this was normal for her, to scold her companions and to worry about them like always.

Somehow, it felt nostalgic seeing her like that.  A cold shiver suddenly went up my spine, with the origin unknown, I felt quite afraid and bewildered.  But I’ll soon know what it was.


The man with the shield was sent flying to our direction, to be exact he was sent flying behind us, which makes us the new target for the Minotaur.  I then looked at the man that was sent flying in order to make sure he was alright, he was still alive and was trying to get up.

Then the healing on my body stopped, I thought she was going to go heal the man that was just sent flying, but she kept looking down as if testing her resolve.  She then wiped the tears on her cheeks and her eyes, then slowly stood up.  Lastly, she said...

“This time, I will protect you... I love you Yasu.”

It was as if she was saying her goodbye.  I knew she hated saying goodbye more than anyone because she thought goodbyes were sad.  But the way she said her goodbye now is quite different from how she usually does it.

No... stop it.

I begged with a weak voice, but she kept on walking towards the Minotaur.  About 5 steps away from me, she looked back one last time.  She then started running while chanting her most powerful magic.  I knew that because I have been with her for almost 6 years now.

Magic circles appeared behind her, all different sizes but showing the same crimson color. 

The Minotaur noticed the bright crimson light running towards him and let out a roar once more then started charging after it.  Then, the Minotaur stopped and threw the club he was holding with his left hand, but with a poor aim he missed it. 

During this the magician then stopped and raised both hands towards the Minotaur.  As the Minotaur resumed its charge towards her, she said the final words in her magic.

“...Ignis Salamandra!”

A fire in a form of a salamander burst out from her hands towards the Minotaur. The magic was definitely beautiful, from the form of the circles, to the majestic crimson color.  This was her most powerful magic.

An explosion occurred when the magic and the Minotaur collided.  Heavy smoke and dust cloud gathered between the magician and the Minotaur.

The magician turned to me and fell on her knees, possibly from using all of her mana.  Then smiled at me as if telling me “I did it!”.  

I could not help but smile, but something felt off.  I just could not shake this feeling that I felt regarding our surroundings.  It was not because I felt afraid of her magic, rather I felt relieve by the fact that she successfully used that powerful magic of hers.  

Then I saw it...

Inside of the smoke that is also mixed with dust, a silhouette became visible as it slowly clears up.  It was in a position of raising its halberd above its head with both hands about to drop it, and the target was... her.

I reached out with my hand and with my remaining strength, I screamed.

G-Get awaa-


I found myself reaching towards the familiar ceiling and felt sweat all over my body.  I heard the flapping of birds after I stopped screaming, maybe they were surprised of the sudden noise I made.  My gaze followed where the light was coming from, and it was morning sunlight.

I slowly brought my body up in order to sit and clear my thoughts.  After seeing a dream which I never wanted to see once again, I felt exhausted. 

“Haaaa~, I can never get used to this...”

I complained, though even if I did that no one would hear it.

I stood up and unbarred the window in order to open it, the moment I lifted the window made out of wood, a comfortable breeze came rushing.  The temperature was not as hot as I thought it would be, but it was not that cold.  In other words, the temperature was perfect.

The sound of trees and grasses that was manipulate by the wind struck my ears, and animals such as rabbits and birds were busy with their morning routines.  Also, the cockcrow of chickens began to pierce my ears as if reminding me it was morning.

That’s right, 10 years had already passed since that...

I thought as I breathe in the soft breeze that gently brushed through my nostrils.  Seeing that the day had just started and was already ruined troubled me a bit, but it could easily change after I do my morning routine.

“Haaa~, I’m already a grown man.”

I slapped my cheeks in order to fix my mood then looked at the outside of my window, then I declared...

“I need to go to work!”

I went to my bathroom in order to wash my face, the sink I have was made from mud, but it was as hard as rock because I dried the molded sink on an open fire.  

Then I took water from the container that stands up until my chest and about an adult-person wide with my wooden mug, then splashed water onto my face. 

After washing my face I made breakfast, it was soup with vegetables, hard bread that I bought from town weeks ago, and milk.

“I really should start learning how to bake bread...”

I said unenergetically because of the texture of the bread, thought there are other bread shops that sells soft bread, they were expensive to the point that it would ruin my budget for buying necessities.

But even if it was not satisfying, I still ate it regardless.  It is not good to waste precious food.

Since the fire underneath my make-shift cooking stove was still going, I decided heat up the remaining milk I have by pouring it on a pot and let it warm up.

After 5 minutes, it warmed up nicely.  I then proceeded to pour some in a cup and idled a little bit near the opened window in my kitchen while drinking my warm milk.

Thinking about the bread that I just ate, it is good if it was meant to be eaten with a dipping sauce.  Or maybe if the hard bread was sliced up in bite-size then topped with cheese, tomato, and a little bit of cabbage then it might be quite a pair with hard-liquors or wine.

But if it is meant to be paired with soup, soft breads are preferable in those type of situation.

“I’ve decided... I’m going to the town today and learn how to make bread. But for the mean time, I should restock on some bread since it’ll take time to learn them.”

I finished what I was drinking and placed it on the table.  I then went back to my bedroom to change into my everyday clothes, also I grabbed my shoulder bag and some jerky to chew on during the journey to town.  

Then after grabbing everything I need, I stood in front of the door.

“I wish to have a normal day...”

But little did I know, today is the day that my life would change drastically.

Stella Procella
A.A. James
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