Chapter 1:

Chapter 0: Prologue

Midoriiro no kirā (Green-Eyed Killer)

"Quatermaster have we reached our destination yet" Asuka said firmly. Bookmark here

"According to the details we recovered on this map, there is an island about 50 miles north from here, there on the island is said to be the remains of an old palace and in its darkest depths is said to be the legendary chaos relic" The quatermaster said Bookmark here

Asuka looked out at the vast ocean before her taking in its natural beauty. I have taken my trusted crew with me to find this legendary relic and bring it back for the sake of The Rebellion and to keep it out of the hands of the corrupt empire. But i have a more important reason for fighting for freedom and peace, i want to create a world where there is no violence and no conflict. I will do it for those closest to me so they dont have to grow up in the world i grew up in, i will do it....for you Ai. Bookmark here

RUMBLE...RUMBLE....RUMBLEBookmark here

The sound of the ship arching side to side as if it was being pushed by a mysterious force was enough to shock Asuka out of her trance of deep thought. The crew members all hung onto the side of the ship so they werent knocked over by the force. Bookmark here

"w-what was that" some of the crew members said in a panic. Bookmark here

"Steady men, keep quiet and be on your guard" Asuka said whilst gripping her sword which was attached to a hilt on her waist. Bookmark here

"Yes Capatain Ayame" The crew said in agreement. Bookmark here

Asuka cautiously made her way to the side of the boat, her hand still gripped her sword tightly. The water was errily calm so much so it made Asuka nervous, she could hear her own heartbeat resonate through her body, her breath quickned slightly and the hairs on the back of neck stood on end. something wasn't right. Bookmark here


An unearthly roar shattered the ominous silence, followed by a loud splashing sound as the ocean seemingly came alive. Bookmark here

Asuka turned a full 180 degrees where the sound was coming from, her eyes widened as she saw the dark silloughtte of a huge serpent like creature emerging from the water. Bookmark here

"ITS A WATER DRAKE" The crew shouted in fear. Bookmark here

"Men get to your stations, full sail we need more speed thats an order" Asuka said with a commanding voiceBookmark here

"Yes capatain Ayame" The crew said mustering their courageBookmark here

Asuka quickly ran to the mast the was positioned in the center of the ship and jumped up asending higher and higher until she was standing at the top of the mast, eye to eye with the large sea serpent. Asuka drew her sword and pointed it at the creature. Bookmark here

"I will not allow you to harm my ship" Asuak shouted confidently. Bookmark here

The serpent arched its head back before lunging forward its jaw wide open revealing several sets of sharp teeth. Asuka lunged forward sword clenched tightly in her hands. Bookmark here

CHOMPBookmark here

The beasts mouth shut and Asuka was nowhere to be seen. Bookmark here

"Captain Asuka, where is the captain, is she dead, what do we do now" The crew members said with tears in their eyes and a look of pure fear on their faces. Bookmark here

SLICE! Bookmark here

the sound of metal cutting through flesh in a quick motion echoed in the vast openiess of the ocean, The beast was silent and motionless for a moment before its head fell from its body landing into the ocean with a splash followed by the rest of its body. The crew members all slowly approached the side of the boat and peered over into the ocean, the ocean was a mass with blood making it difficult to see below the surface. Bookmark here

Suddenly Asuka rose her head out of the water gasping for air, her hair and body were a mess coverd in blood and saliva.Bookmark here

"So who wants fried fish for dinner tonight" She said jokingly to her crew membersBookmark here

"Its the capatain she is alive, she beat the water drake Praise captain Ayame" The crew said excitingly Bookmark here

"Hurray" The ship roared with cheer and celebration from the crew members. Bookmark here

"Its all thanks to you Ayame we are so thankful you are our capatain, you are just so strong!" one of the crew members said to Asuka whilst helping her back abord the ship. Bookmark here

"You give me too much credit, after all a captain is nothing without her crew" Asuka responded modestly.Bookmark here

"Now that busniess is taken care of let us get back on course" Asuka said firmlyBookmark here

"Yes Ma'am" The crew said Bookmark here

The ship set off towards the isalnd. Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

"Quatermaster how far til we reach our destination" Asuka asked.Bookmark here

"About 25 miles to go now Ma'am" The quatermaster responded. Bookmark here

"hmmm well the sun is about to set so i say we dim the lights and move to half sail and call it a day for now, give the crew a chance to rest and recooperate, we will finish our mission for the relic tomorrow" Asuka said assuringlyBookmark here

"As you command capatain Ayame" The quatermaster repliedBookmark here

That night Asuka could barely sleep, she was so close to completeing her mission so close to achieving her goal and bringing peace to a world filled with violence and conflict. Eventually the gentle sway of the water rocking the ship was enough for her to drift to sleep.Bookmark here

BANG.....BANG......BANG Bookmark here

"CANNON FIRE" the crew all screamed at the top their lungs. Bookmark here

The Quatermaster kicked the door open to the capatains quaters.Bookmark here

"Capatain we are under attack!" he yelled. Bookmark here

Asuka jumped out of her bed grabbed her sword that was sitting by the door and went out to find the source of the cannon fire. Bookmark here

"You" She pointed over at a crew member holding a telescope. "Give me that telescope" The crew member complied handing her the telescope. Bookmark here

Asuka looked through the telescope survying her enviroment, eventually finding the source of the attack in the form of enemy ships, Asuka reconsided the symbol on the ship immidetly. Bookmark here

"The Empire is here" Asuka said angrily. "They must be after the relic too, no doubt they have sent their firece capatain to lead them. Capatain Takashi was a well respected captain of the empires naval fleet, he had several victories to his name and had supposedly never been defeated in battle before. Bookmark here

"Crew, turn the ship broadside and return fire with everything we have!" Asuka shouted with a commanding voiceBookmark here

"Yes Ma'am" The crew shouted as they rushed to their battle positions. Bookmark here

"Captain Ayame what are you going to do" The quatermaster said. Bookmark here

"Im going to bring back the head of their capatain" Asuka said coldly. Bookmark here

Asuka bided her time waited for the ships to be near side by side with each other. The sound of cannon fire and screams filled their distorted and warping all other sounds. Asuka could feel her heart being to race again, she did her best to keep her breath steady as she clutched onto her sword tightly. Bookmark here

The moment the oppertunity arrived Asuka jumped over to the enemy ship landing on the deck, the enemy crew members all reacted in a panic drawing out their weapons and charging towards her. Asuka moved quickly so quick it was a like a blur in the eyes of the enemy sailors. she slashed quickly and efficently it was as if every strike was poetry in motion. Before long Asuka found herself to be the only left standing on the deck with all the enemy sailors dead or one. Bookmark here

"So you must be captain Ayame" A mans voice called out to her. Bookmark here

She turned to look at the man and saw it was Captain Takashi. Bookmark here

"I must say your skills are admirable you best my crew as if they were mere peasents, but i hope you dont take me as lightly" Captain Takashi said cooly. Bookmark here

"Save your admiration im only here for your head" Asuka said coldly whilst pointing her sword at him. Bookmark here

Captain Takashi let out a smirk "Come take it then" he said whilst drawing his own sword. Bookmark here

Asuak charged at the Capatain with even more speed then she had shown previously, the capatain reacted in kind moving equally as fast to counter her. the two were in sync almost matched in terms of skill, each strike was being perfectly parried by the opponent. Bookmark here

"Not bad little lady" The captain said sarcastically. Bookmark here

"Is this all you got, i thought you would be more of a challange" Asuka said with a smirk on her face. Bookmark here

A fierece expresssion shot up on the Captains face. "How dare you insult me, I AM CAPTAIN TAKASHI OF THE EMPIRE I HAVE NOT BEEN BEATEN IN BATTLE BEFORE AND I WONT START NOW!" Bookmark here

Captain Takashi placed both hands on his sword. Bookmark here

"Die little girl, EAGLE SWEEP!" captain takashi shouted as he span around bringing his sword across with tremendous speed a force in a sweeping motion. Bookmark here

CLANK! Bookmark here

The sound of metal hitting metal echoed through the air. Bookmark here

The captain saw that Asuka had managed to block the attack. Bookmark here

"Impossible no one can block that technique" The captain said in amazement. Bookmark here

"Well too bad cause i did, now allow me to show you a true sword technique" Asuka said with a cold and menacing look on her face. Bookmark here

"Ayame style FALCON SWEEP" Ayami shouted as she jumped in the air span around and brought the sword across the neck of the captain with great speed and precision. Bookmark here

The captains head was struck from his shoulders sending blood pouring into the air profusly. The captains heas rolled around the ship before coming to a stop by Asuka's feet. Askua was covered in the captains blood, though this did not seem to bother her she sheathed her sword and picked up the captains head. Bookmark here

"VICTORY IS OURS, CAPTAIN TAKASHI HAS BEEN SLAIN" Asuka shouted to her crew members back aboard her ship.Bookmark here

"HUZZAH...HUZZAH...HUZZAH" The crew cheered and congratulated. Bookmark here

FLASH! Bookmark here

suddnely in a flash of bright yellow light a mysterious woman appeard on the ship. Bookmark here

Asuka drew he sword and pointed it at the woman. "Who are you and how did you get aboard this ship" Bookmark here

"So you were the one who has slain Captain Takashi" The woman spoke in calm yet ominous tone. Bookmark here

"I wont ask again who are you" Asuka said in a firm voice. Bookmark here

"I am Commander Sayomi Kurohime of the empire. Bookmark here

Asuka's breath quickend and panic shot on her face. A commander here. can i beat a commander of the empire they lead armies with thousands of soilders and are said to have unmatched combat abilities. I need to think of my crews safety first. Bookmark here

"Im sorry but i cant allow any of you to leave here alive" Commander Sayomi said calmly. Bookmark here

Asuka reacted instinctivly and rushed towards Sayomi striking at her with her sword in a downward cutting motion.Bookmark here

CLANK! Bookmark here

The sound of metal hitting metal echoed through the air, as Sayomi drew he sword horizonitally in order to block Asuka's attack. Bookmark here

She didnt even flinch, she reacted so calmly its as if she knew that i was going to strike. Asuka thought. Bookmark here

"MEN ABANDON SHIP, I WILL HOLD HER OFF THATS AN ORDER GO!" Asuak screamed to her crew. Bookmark here

The crew members all began jumping over the side of the boat in attempt to escape. Bookmark here

"How noble of you, dying in place of your crew" Sayomi said calmlyBookmark here

Asuka gritted her teeth. "Im not dying today, i cant afford to die i have a family....i have a daughter to get back to, so i will defeat you Sayomi" Bookmark here

She is a commander so i see no reason to hold back with her. Asuka thoughtBookmark here

"Ayame style EAGLE SWEEP" Auska shouted as she leaped into the air spun around and bought the sword swinging horizonitally across the neck of Sayomi Bookmark here

Sayomi calmly moved her sword a few centimeters to the right.Bookmark here

CLANK! Bookmark here

Auska's face lit up with fear. Bookmark here

"Sh-e she blocked it" Asuka said in fearBookmark here

"Not bad, you have certainly showed the skills of a warrior, but i have a job to do so let us end this fight" Sayomi said calmly Bookmark here

Sayomi stabbed her sword into the ground and shut her eyes momentarily. Bookmark here

"TIME SPLITTER" Sayomi said darkly. Bookmark here

Sayomi's right eye glowed a dark red and her iris and formed into a hourglass shape. Bookmark here

Before she could react Asuak found herself unable to move, it was a near indescribable feeling it was as if she was emptied out and left as nothing but avoid unable to move or feel. Bookmark here

Sayomi picked up her sword and slowly walked towards Asuka who was still frozen in place. Bookmark here

She bought the sword down quickly in a vertical motion slashing Asuka from her face all the way down to her groin. blodd poured out from the gaping slash wound on Auska's body.Bookmark here

Ack- ugh -arg Asuka babbled and garbled as she felt her life ebb away from her. Bookmark here

"Y...You, Your not human are you" Auska asked softly. Bookmark here

"No im not....i dont know what i am" Sayomi replied calmly. Bookmark here

Sayomi placed a hand on Asuka's shoulder. Bookmark here

"Dont worry i will end your torment now" Sayomi said reassuringly. Bookmark here

Auska could only think of one thing in her final moments, that her daughter would be left alone without her. Asuka thought about all she would miss out on, she would miss her daughter growing up, training following in her mothers footsteps, she would miss her daughter becoming the great woman she envisoned her to be. Bookmark here

"Im...sorry.....Ai.....i will you" Auska said softly with tears streaming down her face. Bookmark here

A blast of white light eminated from Sayomi's hand completely disintigrating Auska's body. Bookmark here

Sayomi looked down at her wrist and noticed it was bleeding. Bookmark here

"Thats the first time i have ever been wounded in battle..... that girl truly was a great warrior" Sayomi said calmly.Bookmark here

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