Chapter 2:

Chapter 1: An Encounter With Fate

Midoriiro no kirā (Green-Eyed Killer)

"Arrgggggghhh" Masayuki groaned as he was knocked back by the Deathclaw's attack. Bookmark here

Masayuki grinned as he drew his sword. Bookmark here

"Not to bad but i can do better" He said confidently.Bookmark here

Masayuki charged towards the Deathclaw, the Deathclaw replied in kind with a charge of its own. This time Masayuki sidestepped the beasts charge and slashed its side with his sword, the beast barely reacted as they sword made contact with its armour plated skin. Bookmark here

"Damn it, this things hide is too tough" Masayuki groaned.Bookmark here

The Deathclaw retalited by roaring and swinging its large tail in a sweeping motion, its tail collided with Masayuki's body sending him flying across the ground knocking his sword out of his hands. Bookmark here

"Ack-damn it" Masayuki grunted from the pain. Bookmark here

Masayuki looked across at his sword. Bookmark here

"I cant let things end here, i have barely begun my journey" Masayuki cried out in defience. Bookmark here

The Deathclaw slow apporched Masayuki who was still lying prone on the ground, the beasts massive frame cast a large shadow that engulfed Masayuki's whole body as it got closer. Masayuki looked up at the large snarling beast that was holding one claw up in the air ready to deliver the final blow. Bookmark here

"NOW" Masayuki shouted. Bookmark here

He lept up off the ground and jumped high into the air, just in time for the Deathclaws attack to miss him and strike the ground with a thunderous thud. Masayuki landed next to his sword and picked it up off the ground, he turned to face the Deathclaw. Bookmark here

"Time to finish this,Come on fido bring it!" Masayuki said taunting the beast. Bookmark here

The Deathclaw dug its back legs deep into the dirt and pushed off with tremendous force jumping towards Masayuki.Bookmark here

Masayuki gave a sly grin. Bookmark here

"Big mistake" Masayuki said confidently. Bookmark here

Masayuki placed both hands on his kitana and closed his eyes momentarily.Bookmark here

"SHINIGAMI SLASH!"Bookmark here

Masayuki charged forward with inhuman levels of speed and in one fell sweep slashed the creature across its stomach situated on its vunrable underbelly. Masayuki held out his kitana holdster and placed the blade back into it confidently, the Deathclaw was still standing but was completely motionless. A few moments later the beast fell to the floor with a massive thud as blood came oozing out of its gaping wound. Bookmark here

Masayuki looked back at the corpse of the Deathclaw. A Deathclaw this close to the royal city, where are all the soliders. The wilds are often filled with feroucious creatures like birds,beasts and dragons but to have a dangerous beast like a Deathclaw unatteneded so close to the city was worrying to say the least. Bookmark here

"Well at least its not an issue any longer, now as fun as that fight was i have to be on my way i have a job to do, i will travel to the royal city of Katigat and i will enlist in the royal army where i will be able to earn enough money to save my village from the extreme state of povety that its currently in" Masayuki said proudly. Bookmark here

Masayuki looked up ahead of the path he was on and saw the outskirts of the royal city of Katigat in the distance. Bookmark here

*******Bookmark here

Masayuki reached the royal city of Katigat and was sitting by the large fountain that was stationed in the city center, the city center was mainly a trade/residental area that harboured many wooden stalls where their respective owners would set up shop and sell their wares. This ranged from food and drink to weapons and armour to decrotive designs and paintings that would fit nicely in ones home. Masayuki watched the various patrons go about their daily routine whilst pondering to himself about how he should go about joining the army. Bookmark here

"What should i do, do i just join as a private i mean that practically gurantees my place in the army. but then again they dont get paid as much as say a sargent or.... a general" Masayuki said pondering to himself. Bookmark here

"Ahh forget it some money is better than no money, so i am going to enlist for whatever role they will give me" Masayuki said as he got up seat he was sitting on.Bookmark here

Masayuki made his way through the urban streets until he found the building he was looking for, it was an old stone building located at the back of the residental area. The sign above the door read "Barracks" Masayuki took a deep breath. Bookmark here

"I guess this is the place, time to go in and sign up" Masayuki said. Bookmark here

Masayuki walked through the door and entered the barracks, the barracks had an old tavern like feel to it situated with wooden furniture, wooden racks and fixtures where armour and weapons could be placed as well as various beds that were situationed evenly thoroughout the room. Masayuki noticed a line of people standing in front of a wooden table with two people in chrome armour sitting behind it. Bookmark here

"Must be the soilders enlisting people, id better join the line" Masayuki said. Bookmark here

"Here to enlist kid" The soilder at the desk asked Masayuki. Bookmark here

"Ummm yes i am" Masayuki said with a smile on his face. Bookmark here

"Well you are in luck, im gonna give you the chance to prove your worth early afterall you look like you are decked out for a job anyway" The soilder said taking not of the fact Masayuki was wearing his armor and carrying his Kitana. Bookmark here

"Ummm excuse me sir" Masayuki asked. Bookmark here

"We have a situation that needs attending to, There is a rich noble who is a realtive of the king of Katigat apprantely a cousin or something. Anyway he is heading out across the kingdom towards a neighboring city, your job would be to escort his caravan and make sure he gets their safely so kid think you are up for it" The soilder said. Bookmark here

Masayuki had a look of bewilderment on his face. Bookmark here

"Not to seconds into enlisting and i am being thrown into a job, oh well no use in backing out now might be a good chance for me to prove my worth" Masayuki thought to himself. Bookmark here

"Yeah sure i am up for it, consider it done" Masayuki said confidently. Bookmark here

"Good man, i will inform the King's cousin of your arrival. now go wait at the front gate and prepare for your mission" The soilder said in a commanding voice. Bookmark here

"Yes sir" Masayuki said firmly.Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

Masayuki approched the front gate, shortly followed by a decorative wooden caraven being pulled by two horses. the door to the caraven remained closed allowing no access to the inside. Bookmark here

"I guess thats the King's cousin, what cant he even be bothered to show his face" Masayuki thought.Bookmark here

"Allright lets get going" The driver of the caravan called out. Bookmark here

The Caraven set off out of the gates and down the path leading to a dense forest, which needed to be traversed in order to reach the road that would lead to the neighboring city. Bookmark here

As the caraven made its way through the path that was surrounded by dense forest either side, a errie and uneasy feeling resonated through Masayuki, he couldnt shake the feeling that he was being watched. The forest around them seemed unaturally quiet as if the very forest was holding its breath waiting for something to happen. Bookmark here

SWOOSH....SWOOSH....SWOOSH Bookmark here

The sound of daggers being thrown wisped on the wind, followed by the audible groans of soilders echoed in the air. Masayuki cluctched onto his Kitana, all around him he could see the bodies of his fellow soilders lying dead with daggers pirecing their bodies. Masayuki surveyed his surroundings but could see nothing but the dense forest either side of him. a thick blanket of shadow seemed to engulf the area preventing long range vision. Bookmark here

The caraven door creaked open and the rich nobleman stepped out, this was the first time Masayuki had layed eyes on the man he was being paid to protect. He was a heavyset middle-aged man with rugged hair and wearing fancy clothes beffitting of a royal family member. Bookmark here

"What the devil is going on out here" The nobleman called out. Bookmark here

"Sir get back in the caraven quickly!" Masayuki called out urgently. Bookmark here

BANG Bookmark here

A explosion sound resonated from the darkness of the forestBookmark here

"Sir get out of the way" Masayuki shouted as he leaped in front of the nobleman, blocking an incoming bullet from reaching him with his sword. Bookmark here

Frustration began to build within Masayuki. Bookmark here

"COME ON SHOW YOURSELVES" Masayuki shouted. Bookmark here

Suddenly a powerful force struck Masayuki knocking him off his feet and sending him flying into the surrounding forest. Masayuki quickly got to his feet but before he could get his bearing he felt the cold touch of steel against his neck. Bookmark here

"If you move i will kill you" A mysterious voice called out from behind him. Bookmark here

Masayuki instantly reconised the voice as a female voice that much was clear but who she was and what she wanted was still unkown to him.Bookmark here

"Sorry but following a ladies lead just isn't my style" Masayuki said slyly.Bookmark here

Masayuki quickly ducked underneath the girls blade with lightning fast speed and grabbed her from behind with his arms in a rear naked choke. Bookmark here

"We can end this right now no harm no foul right" Masayuki said optimisticly Bookmark here

The girl didnt reply with words rather she leaned her body forward before throwing her head back striking him in the nose, she then grabbed Masayuki's arm flipping him over her head with judo throw. before Masayuki could even attempt to get back on his feet the mysterious girl was sitting on top of him with her sword pointed at his neck. Bookmark here

Masayuki looked up at the girl who was sitting on him with her sword pointing at his neck. Bookmark here

"Well this is not good" he said with a smirk. Bookmark here

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