Chapter 11:

"Devil? No I'm a Reaper.."

The Advent of Dual Sentience

Deep in the heart of the enemy, completely surrounded by the masses, there alone I stood against them. However an unexpected phenomena appeared before me....

"Wait did you just talk? Are you the leader or something?" I raised a brow towards the unusual adversary.

The dark skinned monster with the strange apparel looked at me with disgust, "Yes, I am the Leader of this tribe. Do you humans really think us all as mindless beast? Are we just livestock awaiting the slaughter!?"

I became very confused, "What the hell are you talking about? I only kill whatever attacks me first. You drew first blood not me."

He pounded the ground with his scepter, "First blood you say!? You have the audacity to say I drew first blood! You arrogant ground dweller! You and your people have done nothing but bring fire and poison into our lands! Destroyed our homes, took us captive and even committed mass genocide on us! And for what!? Personal gain? Expansion? Gold and riches? For sport!? What did we ever do to deserve this!?"

"I have no damn idea what you're talking about, and frankly I could care less about you or your damn people. I'm more amazed that you speak the same language as me. Also who are these humans you keep referring to? Are you telling me there's more people out there like me?"

The Leader looked at me with pure rage and fury, "You act as though you are ignorant of this world. I was foolishly to believe I could talk with you. Listen here Reaper, we found your people's hidden camp east of this forest. After watching your massacre awhile ago, we decided that enough is enough! We are now engaging in an all out invasion to wipe you out once and for all! We won't let you have your way any longer. Say goodbye to all your friends!"

The Leader walked a bit further out, he took a deep breathe and then unleashed a loud thunderous cry that echoed and shook the very ground! The little monsters trembled a bit at this and all looked to the sky. The birds evaded into the cloudy skies and the silence broke.

I stood my ground and withstood the thundering cry, I became more curious in what was going on, "What are you doing this time? Calling in more monsters for me to kill?"

The Leader looked at me with a smirk on his face, "Oh that was for something else, I have all the arms I need to finish you."

I became bothered that he didn't tell me but I guess it doesn't really matter. I switched back to the topic at hand, "Whatever, what's this about a hidden camp? Are you saying there's more people out there like me? And why are you taking vengeance against them for what I did? What kind of reasoning is that? How about you come for me instead?"

The intelligent shook his head, "Our vengeance isn't just against you fool, it's against all of the ground devils! You were just the match the ignited the flame. We are tired of hiding, it's time to take back our honor and dignity!"

I became slightly irritated, I began to approach him with a pissed off look in my eyes, "Oh so you came here only to warn me about an invasion? Is that it? You think I'm going to just let that happen?"

The skull wearing monster shook his head while raising his scepter, "This isn't just a warning, it's a declaration of war. We are going to massacre you and everyone in that wretched camp!"

I stood before the Leader in a showdown stance, reached out and grabbed him with my right hand, "I don't think that's going to happen. I think it's going to be the complete opposite actually."

A devilish smile streaked across my face, I tightened my grip and released essence that firmly grasped him! He began to choke, "Gyaak! Gaaahk! Gyaaaaarrghk! U-Unhand me!"

His little minions began to surround me with small knives and pointy sticks, I took a glance at some of them and saw genuine fear in their eyes, "Looks to me that none of them have the balls to strike me."

The skull wearing monster looked at his people, he then struggled to tell them, "F-Fight! Fight my youth! K-Kill the demon!" I then saw one of them rush at me with his tiny spear drawn, "Oh looks like one of them came prepared to die.."

I turned around and packed my leg with explosive force and unleashed it on the weak fiend!
I then threw the Leader aside like a ragdoll. "I guess I have to finish this up pretty fast then right?"

Some of the little ones came rushing to their leaders aid, he said to them huffing and puffing, "Gre-Shurknah! Og evas Gre-Shurknah!"
The little monsters began to speak in an unknown language and ran towards the little minion I just kicked, I couldn't make out what they were saying but they surrounded him trying to help. Just then the Leader stood to his feet and ran towards the fallen minion, "Gre-Shurknah! Enola kcatta uoy did yhw! Nos ym yhw!"

The Leader eyes began to water, he looked into the eyes of his fallen companion and saw him barely holding onto life. The small minion replied, "Niaga uoy deliaf I. Yrros ma I rehtaf."

The Leader replied back to him, "Lla rof dna ecno siht hsinif lliw I taht eman taerg ruo nopu raews I, won peels nac uoy, nos ym yako stI. Srehtorb ruoy dna uoy tcetorp ot deliaf I. Deliaf I nos ym liaf t'ndid uoy."

The minion forced one more smile at his Leader, "Uoy evol I, rehtaf uoy knaht..." Then he looked up at the sky and took his final breathe. The Leader dropped his gaze and began to weep bitterly. He looked up above and cried out, "Yhw! Yhw! Yhw!" He then looked at me in pure fury and hatred, "You demon! You murder us without thought! I'm going to rip you limb from limb!"

I smiled back at him like the demon I am, "Hahaha! I'd like to see you come and try." I raised my hand up and began to draw some power. I saw thin haze emerge from the Gem and became quite concerned, "What? What happened to the Essence?" I attempted to draw more out but only small amounts came. 

"What the hell is happening, why is it acting like this?"

The Leader gently placed his fallen comrade on the ground, he stood up and looked at me intently, "I knew it. You do have a limit."

"What? What do you mean by that?" I replied.

I kept attempting to draw power, but little spewed out. The Leader waved his scepter and said, "It all makes sense now. I knew it was far fetched to believe you had infinite reserves of spirit. It seems as though you are finally running out of your stolen essence."

I looked back at him with more curiosity, "Running out? How do you know that?"

The Leader rubbed his neck to soothe his pain, "I can sense it, as one who communes with the Spirits, I can sense a much more faint presence within that Gem than I did earlier. It seems your massacre is finally coming to an end. It's our turn to fight!"
The small minions began to close in on me, I lifted up my guard and readied my stance, "Damn it! Are you serious right now!"

Concern and slight anger built up inside me,  "Other Me! Are you there! Answer me!"

He didn't answer, I asked again more sternly, "Other Me! You better not be screwing with me! Are you awake!"

He answered, "What? What is it? I was checking something in here."

I gritted my teeth and kept focus on all the minions surrounding me, "There's no time to explain, I need you to check the Gem for me!? Tell me if the Essence's running out!" 

He replied instantly, "Oh crap right away! Give me a few moments!"

The Leader called out towards me, "What's wrong? You thought that power was infinite? You must be stupid if you thought it was unlimited. That explains why you were burning through it like that. How much longer can you last for, I guess we're about to find out.."

"Crap! I can't believe I didn't think of that! I've been depleting my power without bothering to refill it!"

I became extremely pissed off at myself, "I guess that means I have to just kill you all a little quicker then huh?"

I drew out some power and saw that the essence became more and more faint. It wasn't much but it was definitely enough to still fight with!

Then I heard the Other Me call out to me, "Hey! It's looking pretty bad in there!"

"What did you find!?" I said quickly.

"The Storm in the Gem has become very feeble and calm. It's not like it was earlier! I think we may run out pretty soon if we keep burning through it like this!"

"Damn it, I knew there was a catch to this insane power! It looks like I need to start conserving!"

I drew a small amount of essence and imbued it into my arms and legs, "The Essence may be weak, but I can still wipe you all out with this!" Without another moments hesitation, I rushed quickly towards the Leader!

He then raised his scepter and projected a large red symbol with weird lettering and runes on it. The shape of the large symbol was inside of a larger circle and it had 5 points on it with lines that intersected and went across! One of the corners of the weird shape lit up red and began to resonate a bright neon red, the Leader looked at me and girded up his resolve,
"Take this to hell, Blaze of Ira!"

A large flaming beam shot out the mysterious object and rushed towards me head on!
"Damn it! Here it comes!" I raised my arms and braced myself with essence! 
The raging fire impacted my guard and negated me a bit. I planted my feet in the ground and relied on my guard. I struggled against the force, "Damn it! He's forcing me to use up my power!"

I began to draw out some more Power to strengthen my guard, I then heard the Other Me shout, "Other Me! You're using too much, the Storm is fading!"

"Can you shut up for a few seconds! Let me think okay!?"

The Other Me stayed silent, then after a short pause he spoke up, "How about you do what you do best?"

I annoyingly replied, "Yeah and what is that?"

What he said next reminded me what I'm all about..
"How about you decimate everything and stand at the top? Let none stand!"

"Decimate everything? Are you by any chance talking about those small fry surrounding me?"

He answered back with confidence, "You got to figure that out yourself! Just know there's tons of Essence around you just begging to be yours!"

I chuckled a bit, "You're freaking right hahaha! How did I not think of that! Anyways I guess it's time to turn this sh## around!"

I reset my stance getting ready to evade out of the beam, I fixed my eyes on the spectating ugly bastards to my right, "Here I come..." I then forced jumped out of the repelling beam and charged straight towards the ugliest one! I packed my fist full of essence and pierced right through his stomach! I ripped my arm out of his stomach and began to devour the essence that followed out of his corpse! "The harvest sure is plentiful haha!"

 I then turned towards a small bunch of them and proceeded to run towards them, "The weak have no power over me!" I unleashed a flurry of punches that tore their bodies to shreds, they let out blood curdling cries as every bone in their body shattered!

The Leader quickly focused another attack on me, "You cowardly fiend! Come back here!" He created another strange projection with weird runes inscribed, "Burn in hell demon!"

I then jumped to the next smaller enemy and grabbed his face, I looked at him and said, "You guys all share the same ugly face, let me fix it real quick." And crushed his skull in!
The Leader shouted, "No stop! Re-Gru-Shob! Everyone get away from the demon!"

Essence followed after the blood splashed me, I turned my focus on another group fleeing and dashed quickly towards them with my enhanced speed. I reached them within seconds, "Gotcha!" and grabbed two of them by their small throats. I looked at the Leader with his readied spell and noticed something peculiar.

"Hey why are you hesitating for? If you don't attack me, I will end up killing them!"

He stayed quiet and hesitated to even speak, he just kept his spell pointed towards me. Then another thought flew in my mind.
"Wait a second... Are you hesitating because I'm holding them?"

The Leader became resentful towards me, his face gave it away completely. I smiled again, "HAHAHAHAHA! You can't even sacrifice these foot solders to land a hit on me!? How pathetic!"

The Leader tightened every muscle in his body and yelled at me in a fit of anger, "How can I kill my own children huh!? How can a father kill his children!?"

"Wait children..? Wait are you saying these small ugly bastards are your children?"

I took a look at all of them and then it all made sense to me. I felt a new rush of ecstasy course through my veins, "So you're telling me that I've been slaughtering your children this whole time!? HAHAHAHAHA why didn't you tell me this before!?"

The Leader shouted back and pounded his chest, "Because unlike you, we actually have hearts! You would've killed them more gruesomely if I had told you! You're a emotionless devil! You take absolute pleasure in watching others die!"

I began to laugh menacingly, "Hahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Devil you say? That sure explains a lot hahaha! And what's this about having a heart? Does that mean I don't have a heart or something?"

I began to squeeze the throats of the two monster children in my hand, they both let out painful shrieks and cries, "EEEEEK!", "GYAAAAAK!" I saw their eyes bulging out of their head, then in one strong squeeze, their eyes and heads exploded at once!

The Leader called out, "YOU DEMONIC BASTARD!!!" The Leader created more weird magic circles that surrounded me.

The Other Me called out, "Hey I don't know what's going on out there but it seems like it's working. The Storm is gradually returning and more power is being added!"

"Oh Other Me, you don't wanna know what's happening out here..."

I raised up my right hand, I began to grab hold of all the essences within the trees and skies.
"It's about time we settled this, everything that has life, come to me! Lend me your souls!"
A massive amount of essence came spiraling from the air, all the trees and plants around me began to offer themselves as a sacrifice to my Gem! A mighty rushing wind blared loudly and the little children trembled in absolute horror!

The Leader shouted for all to hear, "This is the end demon! Heaven's Judgment Ira! "The Leader unleashed all the spells at once, multiple beams of fire came rushing towards me.

I looked up at all the incoming spells at the same time, "Is this everything you got..?"
I covered myself in a thick coat of essence, the fiery beams struck me and caused a large explosion to the entire area around me! The coat of essence cancelled out the raging beams of fire and left me unscathed. After the beams ceased, there was a large cloud of smoke and dust that remained around me.

I began to walk forward through the flames and smoke. Soon I passed the threshold and locked eyes with the Leader. As he saw me emerge, pure despair and horror covered his face, "How!? How did you survive that!? That was my greatest spell! HOW DID YOU SURVIVE!?"

I grabbed hold of all the essence lingering in the air again, power was surging and overflowing in me again! I said to the Leader once more, "A father who brings his children to fight his battles is unfit to live. Now stand up and show me the extent of your Resolve!"

The Leader was overcome in fear and panic, "I-Impossible! It's impossible?! He recovered in just a few seconds!"

I approached him slowly with a lust for blood in my eyes, "Now before I drag your soul into my Gem, can I ask you one more thing?" 

He immediately jumped up and started running for it while crying for help, "HELP! SOMEONE SAVE ME!" 

In a flash, I enhanced my speed again and rushed to him in a matter of seconds, "Oh no you don't!"

As I reached him, I grabbed the back of his head and yanked him into ground!
"Don't ignore me when I'm talking to you, I wanted to ask if you have killed any humans in your life? Were they innocent and young? Did they deserve their deaths?"

The terrorized Leader spoke nothing back, instead he pissed himself in absolute fear. I placed my foot on his neck, "I think I can pretty much guess at this point..."

I bent down and picked him up by his neck again. I looked him dead in the eye and said, "Don't worry, I'll be sure to send the rest of children with you so you're not alone in there okay?" 
Without another moments hesitation, I reached back my hand and plunged it straight into his chest! I grabbed something soft and sludgy feeling, it was pulsing to a rhythm and extremely squishy, I grasped it firmly and ripped it straight out! The light in his eyes completely faded and essence poured out of him from every opening.

I looked around myself, I saw dozens of the small ones fleeing while letting out loud and incoherent wails. "This sure is going to attract some attention.." I tossed the Leader's corpse aside, the noise they made was super annoying, "Damn maybe I should kill them."

Blood covered the grass and small tongues of blue flames scattered around, I remembered the warning the Leader gave me and decided I needed to move fast, "If what that Leader said was true, then there's more people like me out there. I need to find them fast because they may be in extreme danger. Where would that be at though?"

I heard my Other self call out, "Other Me you really are a devil aren't you?"

"I'm sorry, I just can't help it sometimes. I just get excited over a good harvest that's all. Anyways can you sense the humans anywhere? We need to find them already, we're wasting too much time."

"Hmmm, I'm sensing some large presences farther out to your right. It seems like there is two large groups emitting different types of presences. I think we should switch out so I can meet these people myself." he requested.

I looked towards my right, "Are you sure you want to switch? What if there's more monsters waiting for us?"

The inner voice replied, "I will fight then! And if things get out of control, I'll just call you out, simple right?"

"Yeah I guess so, just don't get us killed alright? You ready to switch then?"

"Yes!" he said enthusiastically.

I closed my eyes and focused on his will, I then surrendered my strength to his and succumbed to his control. Soon I felt the limits on the flesh slowly release soon I began to drift, "Have at it Other Me, we have a long road ahead of us."

From the Abyssal Sentience, he emerged forth into the Light....
I opened my eyes and felt the limitations of the flesh, "Damn this feels ugly! Wearing a body feels ugly compared to drifting in the mind."

"Get used to it, you're the main user of the body after all."

"Yeah I know, it just doesn't feel as free."

He repeated himself, "Get used to it."

I looked around and saw the pile of bloody corpses everywhere, "Damn Other Me, you really went all out huh? What were you doing out here!?"

He chuckled a bit, "Hahaha, didn't I tell you to get used to it already?"

I rolled my eyes back, "Jeez remind me to only bring you out when things get out of hand!"

"Nah don't be like that, I promise to be more calm in the future!"

I reluctantly agreed, "Yeah you better promise, I don't want everyone thinking I'm some sort of super demon with no restraints!"

He replied, "Yeah whatever just stop complaining already..."

I turned right and walked out a bit, "So the people are out that way huh?"

He paused for a bit, "Yeah that's what it feels like, there's a variety of presences out that way. They may be closer than we think."

"Yeah okay then, let's hurry!"

Without another moment to rest, I began to walk out towards the East. As I treaded through the forest, I was slowly collecting essence from the area around me to help power up the Gem. Last thing we need is to run out again, who knows what lies out there. The skies became more cloudy and gloomy, the winds were becoming stronger than ever and the smells of the forest were enhanced by this. It was after a couple hours of traveling East is when I heard something that completely drew my attention.
"What the heck! There's a loud noise coming from beyond the trees!"