Chapter 2:

The Convergence of A Womaniser Lady and Her Lily

Tried to Sing

I entered her agency. It's very smaller than mine. Even though the walls of her agency is bright color and that is not a great color choice, it reminds me my cutie's hair. It means I love it. Plus, the white pillar makes it more bright and attractive. Actually, her agency is seems like a bit villa which has not a pool.Bookmark here

However, I love my agency appearance more. My agency has four floors. Three floors plus my terrace. The terrace that I want be in with my lovely lily. The walls of it has covered with the tones of blue and of course with white. Briefly I love my agency more, but but I told you I'm not an egoist. ("definitely") Besides, it is like a small hut for me because I'm so lonely there. If I can go there with my precious lily, it will be a dream castle to me.Bookmark here

Anyway, I'm walking in her agency's dark, corridors. Plus, this is first time that I'm seeing the inside of her agency. Actually, the atmosphere of here is a bit gloomier than I expected. Or it is just because of it's night time. I don't know. I started to look at some rooms (randomly). Bookmark here

I wouldn't see anything so I opened my phone's flash and...This is better. If ask, why I am not turning on the lights, actually I don't know too. So don't think about it and- WHAT THE HELL THAT IS!??!? Sorry, there is a cockroach on the floor. It is very disgusting. Ewww. This place is dirtier than I expected. Really! Nevermind, this is not my problem. I need to find my beauty. I looked at the other rooms. They are a bit dirty like the first room. I don't the exact time that I spent on finding my charming Miyuki, but I think this is not very short. Bookmark here

I couldn't find my beauty's room on the first floor ,so I started to climb the stairs. One-step, two-step, three-step...AH!!! I sprained my ankle!!! Awww, it hurts. Bookmark here

I tried to resist it ,but it hurts very much...Maari, think about your Miyuki. Think about her, and forget this pain. Think about spicy things...THIS IS BETTER!!!!Bookmark here

I finally finished to climbing the stairs. Oh gosh, I'm on the second floor. Finally (;* v *;)Bookmark here

Nevermind, I continue to looking the rooms randomly...Bookmark here

- First roomBookmark here

- Second roomBookmark here

- Third roomBookmark here

AHHH!!!! This is going nowhere!!!! Every room is same as the other rooms!!! I'm very bored of this searching!!!Bookmark here

I think I'm going to give upBookmark here

One room caught my eye. I don't know why but I feel like she is in that room. Maybe it is my sixth sense because when I entered from that room she was there and she is- SLEEPING??? Awww, she is sleeping very peacefully. What should I do ? I caress her hair and it's like- You think I would say silk, right? But you're wrong!!!! (⌐■_■) It's like touching the leaves of a lily. You're so cute...I hope you're not straight because I don't want to lose you to some dirty man. Actually, I don't want to lose you to women either. You're only mine. Only mine.Bookmark here

Nevermind I sat on a chair that is next to hers and start to watch her and continue caressing her. I feel like I'm amidst the class at the end of the school. There is just two person in the class, me and her. My "classmate" (crush) Miyuki is sleeping on her desk. The curtains are being blowing by the cool wind. I'm staring at her and I'm being enchanted because of this beauty. When winds blows her hair, she became more sexy. Really.Bookmark here

But you know, every great thing has an ending and my Eden is ending because she wakes up.Bookmark here

"Who are you?" Bookmark here

Awwww, her sleepy voice is SO CUTE!!!!! I want to hug her and maybe kiss her? (I'm a bit rascal, sorry for that ( ̄  ̄|||) )Bookmark here

"I-I'm Maari- I mean Sky-shi!!!" Bookmark here

She seems a bit disappointed. S-she stood up and she...yawns, it's so cute. Bookmark here

"What time is it?" "It's 12.25" "WHAT!!?!?!" "Yes..." "Oh, damn" "What is it???" "Nothing, and what are you doing here?" "I just want to visit my darling whose hair smells like honey." "DID YOU SMELL MY HAIR??"Bookmark here

Oh man, absolutely not! (<= lying)Bookmark here

"No?" "You PERVERT!!" "No, I'm not a pervert, but yes I accept the truth of me, being shameless, flirty, rascal, and not straight" "Not straight?" "Oh so sorry for not asking that?" "Asking what?" "Are you straight" Bookmark here

She straightened up to the desk which is in a tidy and clean room...WAIT!!! Really!!! Her room is the cleanest room among the rooms that I've seen. She is both cute and clean at the same time. SO CUTE!!!Bookmark here

Nevermind she take a bottle from her bag and she drink it in one breath. It is in a glass bottle which has not any text on it. Bookmark here

I think it is not water. If it is not water, then why did she drank it so suddenly and in one breath ? I don't understand.Bookmark here

"What is it?" "Nothing!! But it makes everything easier" "What?"Bookmark here

It is definitely alcohol. Her breath smells like it and I don't know I feel like it is definitely an alcohol. Also, I don't think that is a weak one.Bookmark here

"This is not your business you annoying clown" "Annoying clown (°ロ°) ??" "Yes, get away from me!!!" "So sorry, but please wait-" "What are you-"Bookmark here

I fall on her while I'm trying to reach her.Bookmark here

I open my eyes and- she lays down like a rabbit that is injured from a predator. I stood up immediately. I don't want to hurt my fragile lily. She tries to straighten up. I hold her and in order her to stand up easily but she pushes my hand.Bookmark here

"Get away from me" "I just want to help you" "I don't need your help!" "But you're my fragile lily" "I'm not your lily!!!" Bookmark here

She intend to go out from the roomBookmark here

"Where are you going?" "A place where I can be away from you!" "It's 12:40 and it means the train station closed 40 minutes ago." "I -I know..." "So?" "So what?" "I have an offer if you listen and do not ignore it immediately." "Say it." Bookmark here

"Y-y-y-you can come to my h-h-home. I promise that I won't do anything that disturbs you. I beg you, please, please, please..." "You're already disturbing me" "Then I won't talk until you want me to talk. Actually yes, from now on I will be quiet as a lily."Bookmark here

 "Please stop this nonsense, Keihaku-san" "You can call me Maari-" "I don't want to call you by your first name" "Why?? my darling" "Stop calling me your darling!!!" "Then my lily" "Oi,shut up" Bookmark here

She put her phone, the lyrics papers, her headphones, a mirror, a water bottle and that (alcohol) glass bottle in her bag.Bookmark here

"I'm going to my home unfortunately I need to walk but I don't care." "No-" "And Get away from me! NOW!!!" "But-"Bookmark here

She takes her bag and walks towards the door. I pull her to myself. She dropped her bag. Now my heart...Ahhh it beats like it's exploding actually Miyuki's heart is like this too. She is so close to me. I can feel her everything. Her warmth, her scent, her heartbeats...everything...I'm looking at her glazing bright blue eyes. S-she blushes so much that I can't describe it with words. Bookmark here

Ahhhh...Someone, please tell me what is going on??? Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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