Chapter 5:

Chapter 1.4: Acceptance And The Guest

If i had emotions, would the world seem more beautiful?

“The experience club huh?”

“…yea. I kind of came up with it on the spur.”

“Hmm but you got the name and all, whatcha gonna be doing in the club though.”

Our conversation continued as we were consuming our dinner at the Big Waltz burger joint. After leaving the staff room, I met up with Honoka outside of school and we went to catch some dinner.

“Mhhm. But seriously, this is some real good food!”

“…wha? Isn’t this quite normal for the city food”

“Yea…Where I’m from, we don’t see this kind of food often or in fact at all. It’s always the usual, bread, pasta or other stuff.”

“That sounds fancy…”

“Thanks for showing me around today, I just moved here and I was really confused on what to eat and where to go. Ahaha.”

“…Repayment…for accepting my club.”

“Oh come on, what’s with you and whispering today!”

“I’m not used to this. I usually buy my food home to eat, and definitely not eating here with someone.”

“Ahaha you will get used to it. So, back to the topic, any ideas for the club?”

True. I needed to solidify what I had wanted for my club if I were to really make it. The name is stuck as the Experience club, so it’s gotta be something linked to that.

In the first place, I wanted to make this club in order to regain my emotions and it seems to be working so far. I was surprised by Honoka and even felt excited about the club. Maybe…just maybe… Nah it shouldn’t be possible.

“Sorry, I can’t think of anything right now. But I promise to think through it tonight”

“Ahaha that’s quite alright. You could take your time. By the way, about the advisor you said that would be ours. What sort of person is he?”

“Ah…. He’s…sort of the mysterious type of guy. He’s handsome and cool, he takes care of his students and he doesn’t talk about himself much. Not to mention, he’s actually quite young, he’s probably only 3 or 4 years above us. I heard he skipped grades.”

“Heh, sounds like he’s a good guy!”

“And that’s also why he is so popular, he has almost one-third of the school girls going for him.”

“Hey, maybe those girls chasing him will join the club! Ahahahha!”

“I hope not. All they will do is talk about Mitsuki-Sensei all day.”

“I guess that’s true too…Oh, look at the time, my mom wanted me to be home by 8 today.”

“Well I guess we should continue this conversation tomorrow then. I will accompany you home…”

“Hmm it’s right around the corner surprisingly so I think that’s fine.”

“Alright then”

As soon as we cleared our trays, we got our stuff and began to make our way back. We were both walking out towards the main street before we made our separate ways.

Or…at least that’s what is supposed to happen.

“You know, I said you don’t have to accompany me back home.”

“I know that, it’s just… my house is the same direction.”

“Heh, what a coincidence. What if we were actually neighbours? That would be hilarious!”

No, it wasn’t.

“That’s my house here!”

“Heh…so these things do happen in real life as well…”

I guess this was seriously one hell of a coincidence but it sure wasn’t hilarious.

“I guess you were right. Because that’s my house right there.”

“No way.”

“I heard from my mom that the house beside was not occupied. The lights are never on and no one ever sees anyone leaving here.”

Ahhh. That could be because I always go to school early, come home early and spend my time alone here. But seriously, do people actually think my house was vacant the whole time? I was pretty sure I do turn on the lights some time. Although not all the time…”

“Well, your mom should be waiting for you as it’s almost 8.”

“Oh! You are right, we will talk later. See you tomorrow!”


Honoka dashed into her house with a loud shout of greetings as she got back. Seeing that scene unfold, I felt none but uneasy. Maybe because I could not do the same. I walked into my house and immediately turned on all the lights.

“I got to annihilate the rumours of the house being vacant, don’t I?”

Sitting on my bed, I began linking all that I have now. I want to feel emotions, the club name, the only other member and the mysterious young teacher. Just what kind of club would this gathering of people who stand out in good or bad ways do?

After meeting Honoka, I felt that I was able to feel surprised and excited. I thought that was because I was looking forward to the club, or was it actually because of Honoka?

Could it be…Honoka was a very cheerful and outgoing person, could she have influenced my behaviour? I don’t have any proof, but I also don’t have any other leads to what made me feel that way.

Maybe I could make a club where I will gather people who just might be able to influence my emotions into regaining them back…Yea… that could work. For people with different personalities to gather, we could experience what normal High school students would do. But we need a catch for the club, I don’t think the school will accept our club if it is just a gathering of people.

Maybe, we can experience different events? Sports, activities, social work and maybe even producing stuff. That way we can ‘experience’ different things and it would increase our school image if we do good.

Yea. That sounds good. I should tell Honoka tomorrow.

“Well, I should probably get to bed now, I need to go to school again tomorrow anyways.”

Getting tired of thinking the various stuff through, I fell into a deep slumber.


“Deng dong!”

I woke up reluctantly and walked to the door. And when I opened it, I was greeted with a scarlet red sight.”


Puzzled as I am, I had my half-open eyes stare at the source of the red voice. The figure was dressed in the same school uniform at my school, she had her hair done in a ponytail and was carrying her school bag.


“Yeap, that’s me! Morning, let’s go to school!”

“I was woken by the statement. No, it wasn’t the invitation to walk to school, but rather the timing of it. I stared back at the clock in my house. 5.30 A.M.

“It’s still early out though, school doesn’t start till 7.30.”

“Hm? But don’t you go to school early?”

“I do but it’s too early…Sigh… give me a few minutes, I will get ready.”

As I said my reply in a gruntled voice, I invited her in to take a seat while I got ready.

“Heh, those are sure an impressive number of awards, the house is so big.”

“Does he live alone in here? It just seems so…empty…”

“But surprisingly, he looked quite good with his hair ruffled up compared to his hair being let down like yesterday.”

In a few minutes, I came downstairs with my school bag and presented everyday gloomy self to Honoka.

“You know…you look better with your hair up.”

“It doesn’t really matter to be honest, I go home straight almost every day so I didn’t bother to mess with my hair.”

“Heh, what a waste, well let’s go! If we are lucky, who was that again? Mits…Matsu…Mee…Ah! Matsuko Sensei!”

“Mitsuki-Sensei. You got it right the first time, how did you get Matsuko Sensei from anyways?”

“ahaha… sorry.”

“Let’s go.”

“Hey Honoka. I thought about the club and I think I know what I want to do already.”

“Hehhh. Let’s hear it!”

“I want to make a club where people of various personality gather and we could do various things that we all never did before. And for club activity logs, we could write a report on the stuff we did”

“Hmm. That sounds interesting! A club where people experience life together huh? Yea that sounds great!”

“Thanks, now we only need to get Mitsuki-Sensei as our advisor and find another member, we could officially start the club”

“Then I hope Mitsuki-Sensei would do it then!”

I told Honoka about what I wanted to do for the club, leaving out my own motives and felt a little embarrassed about what I just said.

We reached the school in less than 30 minutes. No matter how you look at it, we were way too early for this. But I also heard that Mitsuki-Sensei comes to school early. Maybe I will get lucky.

“Knock-knock. Excuse me… Is Mitsuki-Sensei in here?”


“Is he here?”

“It seems not.”

The staff room was quite dark as the curtains were still closed and the lights were off, I took a glance around the room and realised that Mitsuki-Sensei wasn’t in and then I closed the door.

“…What do you want?”


“You were looking for me?”

Out of nowhere seemingly, a tall figure appeared out of the corner of the room and greeted me.



“Um…we are here for the thing about you being an advisor for our club.”

“Ah…the thing Kouda-Senpai said”

As usual, Mitsuki-Sensei’s dazzling platinum hair shone brightly as he spoke to us. I was taken back that I didn’t spot him despite his hair in the room.

“So…What’s your club about?”


Me and Honoka explained the gist of the club and what we wanted to do to Mitsuki-Sensei. He listened to every word silently with a blank stare that I was unsure if he was actually listening. And after we spoke, he just stood there for a while before speaking.

“Regarding your club and goals… I cannot be your advisor just yet.”


We both said simultaneously

“Before I decide, I want to speak to Kanjouu-san alone. If you would please, Honoka-san”

“Ah. Sure, I will be at my class then Kanjouu, see you later!”

After Honoka left, I was brought into a counselling room inside the staff room. There, Mitsuki-sensei sat me down bringing tea and taking a seat himself.

“Regarding being an advisor, I have one condition.”

“…that is?”

“I want you to tell me your true motives for forming the club.”


“I heard from Kouda-Senpai, the events that led to you wanting to form the club so suddenly didn’t make sense, especially if it’s you who always stays away from people, wanting to make a club with people of different personalities.”

“T-that is…”

Seeing how Mitsuki-Sensei was staring straight into my eyes with his aqua ones, as if he was looking into my soul. I decided to tell him the true reason for the club.

“I see… to regain what was once lost.”

“If I may ask, what made you lose them in the first place?”


“I see, people have their reasons for not wanting to say it, but I hope you could tell me one day.”

I silently nodded as he was questioning me.

“Alright. I will do it.”


“I said I will do it”

He nonchalantly said while sipping his tea.


“Yea, I wanted to after hearing about your club and you.”

“But w-why?”

Seeing my bewildered look, Mitsuki-sensei gave a gentle smile and spoke.

“Because it seems interesting. Haha.”

Ah. I know why Kouda-Sensei said he would take on my request now. It was because it seemed like an interesting idea. And I somehow sense that Mitsuki-Sensei is very interested in anything that is interesting, be it the club or myself.

After thanking him for his acceptance, he told me that although he would be the advisor, he still needed one last member for the club to form. Hearing that, I texted Honoka about the what Mitsuki-Sensei said and asked if she wanted to meet after school.

“Sorry! Today I forgot I have to help my parents and sister move in to the house, so I might go home early today!”

Seeing how she told me through text, she must have really forgotten about it. I could sort of picture her panicked face as she remembered it. Seeing that there was nothing I could do, I decided to go straight home after school today.”

“Tsk! First was the transfer student, and now it’s the school loser! Why just them! Even though I’ve been trying to get closer to him!”

“I swear I will get him someday. Curse you Kanjouu!”

The Mysterious figure murmured to herself again as she saw me leaving the staff room as Mitsuki-Sensei gave off a gentle smile.

“Kuhhh!!! He never showed that smile before! ... Just what are you Kanjouu Yuusuke.”

The day flew by faster than usual and as I was exiting the class, I could see a panicked Honoka dashing at full speed to the entrance. I also began to make my way home slowly.

Oh yea. I should probably get something for Honoka and her family as a welcoming gift. Thinking that, I went to the supermarket and bought a box of branded cookies for them. And as I was nearing my house, I could see the various delivery truck going along.

“I guess now isn’t the right time to give it to them yet, I can do that later”

I then proceeded into my own home next to theirs.

Wanting to open the door, I felt that it has been opened and tampered with.


I always remember that I would twist the doorknob to a certain extent and today it was moved. Feeling a bit nervous, I opened the door and entered my living room.

“Welcome back Master Yuusuke. I have brought some news for you.”

A man dressed in a butler uniform with white hair and a buff build was greeting me by the living room. He wore white gloves and was quite tall, he seemed taller and bigger than Masaoni-sensei.



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