Chapter 1:

School? More like hell! (1)

Fighting karma

In the world called Earth, people have seen strange phenomena happening. But soon... the bodies of the fighters began to manifest some weird runes on their bodies that only the true ones that suffered, that endured the pain and have achieved their goal could obtain it and that...power is...

"Mr. Yukan wake up! A voice said
Suddenly a boy with black messy hair and blue round eyes and had a square face, lifted his head in a hurry saying "huh?"

Everyone in the classroom except for the teacher and Yukan started to chuckle and giggle around them, the teacher looked pissed as hell as he shouted "After school meet me at the counselor's office!"

The students said "Ohh" but quietly so that the teacher won't hear them. Soon the bell rang and the teacher left the class, but Yukan was about to stay relaxed for a bit until someone grabbed his head and slammed him on the desk.

"OI! Did you think of sleeping in Mr. Kim-Yo's class? What a loser you are! Probably you are just a math freak and do nothing but study but still, get bad grades!" Said the male student behind Yukan.

The person kept banging his head on the desk like Yukan shouted for him to stop. Of course, he stopped but he then threw Yukan to the door.
People started to whisper as then another student said "Wow Zago you got really strong this last summer!"

Zago was a kid with a buzz cut, brown round eyes, and a round face, he was tall and worked the school uniform (that is blue sports pants and blue jacket) he had his blue jacket open revealing a blue shirt. He was strong, it was shown because he had muscles.

"I sure did! Now I am gonna teach this freak a thing or two about what happens when you sleep in class."
Zago started punching and kicking Yukan as his nose started to bleed. Yukan was about to say something when Zago with a kick send him into the door breaching it in the process

Yukan was passed out because of the impact.
You are probably wondering "why is Yukan being batted up like this by Zego?" the reason is that in this world the weak area is on the bottom of the line, and the strong ones, smart ones, and the beautiful ones are the top of the line.

The only thing that makes Yukan so different is that he is one of the many people in the world..that is... a "pushover"

Yukan wakes on the floor, he felt dizzy. But he could not help it, he lost some blood and was pretty much messed up, the teachers did not do anything because they knew that the next day they would be targeted.Bookmark here

He heard Zago shouting at him "Ey Yukan! Come here!" As he heard, Yukan went there and Zago looked at him with a grin

"Hey, why don't you go to the school shop and buy us some drinks?" Zugo said as he headed to Yukan  30 yen
"Alright," said Yukan as he walked there. 
He could do nothing really because he is the weakest. But one thing that he sure likes is...karma. Now don't get me wrong its not that type of karma you think, see in this world the bodies of fighters started to manifest karma, karma is a rune that appeared after 2010 the runes appeared mysteriously on the bodies of strong athletes that most of them have suffered from losing they're loved ones or being left with revenge or after accomplishing a goal.

Karma gave the athletes power that is even greater than the weapons that humans have ever created. The power of fire, earth, thunder, water, and earth, there are more karmas but...the detail we are going to go later.

Yukan was amazed by karma, but because of his body and how weak he is his dream to obtain karma was never to come true. 

"Hey umm excuse me" a sweet but kind voice spoke from behind him
Yukan looked back as he saw a girl with tanned skin, taller than him, and also having blonde long hair and beautiful blue ocean eyes.
"U-Um hello there," He said as he was a bit shy since most of the girls usually make fun or tease him for his height or his lack of sleep.
"I-I am new here I was wondering if you could show me around?" The girl asked
"O-Oh sure, but first I need your name so that I won't need to call you miss every time." He said with an awkward face
"Oh sure.... my name is...
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