Chapter 5:

Stage 5- Revengance

Chikyu No Shugo: Gaojinizer

2083 AD, NaganoBookmark here

In the years following the First Garsalan War, the earth began to recover from the attacks. Though, this much was held back by the constant raids the Garsalan had executed. As such, the fear of an attack was always there. Though, this didn’t seem to be the case in the city known as Nagano. Which, though the largest in that region of japan, was comparatively much smaller. Even so, the soldiers who lived there stood at the ready for an attack, while the citizens went on with their daily lives. It was no different for the Inoue family. A small family of three members, living in an apartment in the southern parts of the city. Bookmark here

A young Takeshi Inoue found himself walking down the streets of Downtown Nagano, walking along the sidewalk, with cars speeding across the road to his right. An older man with a head of brown hair, as well as a mustache standing to his left. And a woman with a head of blue hair to his right. At that time, they made their way to a local fair, one that he’d been hoping to go to for some time now. He could already see the downright gigantic roller coasters in the distance. The excitement was visible, something both parents noted, and smiled about. Of course, as much as they loved their son, they’d do what it takes to make him happy. It looked to be another normal day. Where they could attempt to act like a certain threat wasn’t looming above them… But, that was not the case for long. Not for them, nor for the other people that inhabited the city.Bookmark here

Takeshi remembered it, as they walked down the sidewalk, an explosion radiated through the center of the city, the force making the buildings crumble into debris. Something that was made known to the young boy, not only by the sound, but by the rapidly rising plume of smoke. Though he knew not what happened, his parents did. And it did not take long for his father to scoop him up in his arms, as he began to dash in the opposite direction, along with his mother. Even more so as an ear piercing alarm radiated through the city. A telltale sign of what the cause of the explosion was. The dreaded Garsalan had arrived. Bookmark here

At this point, his memory began to become less clear. The most he remembered was some beast looming above them. Followed by his father being knocked over by a shockwave, and himself knocked unconscious… When he gained his sight once more, he hadn’t known how long it’d been. But, given what he saw, that was the least of Takeshi’s worries. Especially as he saw the city he’d called home turned into a Smoldering ruin, and his mother laying on top of him… A gaping hole in her chest. A sight made bile rise in his throat. Especially as he noted that he was uninjured, and that the blood on his outfit was not his own. Stuck somewhere between disgust, and sorrow at his current situation. Tears welled in his eyes, as they fell like raindrops. His vision blurred as a result. It took some time for him to even force himself to move from that spot, wiping the tears out of his eyes. Bookmark here

He’d linger there for quite some time, trying to make heads or tails of what happened here, who was responsible, and what his next course of action would be… At the least, one of those questions was answered, as he saw a squad of Garsalan making their way down the black streets between a line of crumbled buildings. Something that made him quickly dive into some bushes, to avoid detection. Even more so as he witnessed them shooting anybody who they saw. Cleaning up the city of any inhabitants. It was brutal, and to the young boy, the site was harrowing. Bookmark here

He’d seen the species many times, the aliens who’d killed millions. In school, on tv, everywhere he looked, the Garslaan always seemed to be a subject. Now, he began to see why. It was a much different experience than seeing casualties numbered on a page… Some part of him wanted to rush forward and try to engage them in battle, but it was something he could not act on. His body froze in fear… It may have been pure luck, or negligence on the part of the Garsalan soldiers. But, either way, they did not take note of him. And he clung to life…Bookmark here

Now he found himself faced with the monstrosity that helped the enemy do such a thing to his hometown. It was something he never forgot. His body seemed to radiate anger, as he let out an anger filled yell, Kicking up the Gaojinizer’s thrusters, as he began to charge forward, firing bursts of beam fire from the CPC’s once more. Something that made Kyoko hold onto the chair for dear life. Even so, the beast stood undisturbed by the barrage. It promptly began firing back with attacks of its own. As it opened its gaping maw, red light coalesced within it. Soon followed by a beam of the same color, extremely hot, and packed with force flew toward the Gaojinizer. Accompanied by the beast letting out a loud, ear-piercing screech. Crashing into it, and shaking the machine with it’s force. Something that the pilot within no doubt felt. As his advance was stopped. Takeshi tsked at this.Bookmark here

“Dammit… This ain’t gonna be easy.” Takeshi Mumbled. Much to Kyoukog’s chagrin, giving her expression. Bookmark here

“Of course it wouldn’t. We’re one machine fighting a Kaiju, and you charged in without a plan. What were you expecting?!” She responded. Gaining a glare from Takeshi. Bookmark here

“If that’s the case, here’s my plan. Shoot the thing until it stops moving!” He promptly made evasive maneuvers, his thrusters moving the Gao to the right, letting the beam careen past him, and smash into the ground, something followed by a shockwave of explosive force, as well as a small fireball. Something that he ignored as he rushed forward, withdrawing his scythe from the Machine’s side, and beginning a charge forward once more, accompanied by a yell. Only for the beast to swiftly move out of the way, ascending. But Takeshi was not willing to let it escape so easily, stopping within moments, before maneuvering his machine, and moving up to follow it. He held the blade in a reverse grip, using the momentum to attempt to break the skin on it’s wing. Only to find himself shot by yet another attack that stopped him in his tracks. Bookmark here

He grunted in frustration, as he dived some feet, and began to rush toward the wing once more. Firing shots at the beast’s head, in an attempt to disorient it. But despite his efforts, he found that the attacks had the same result as his first volley, none. He tsked, as a beam was fired back at him, one that, when crashed into him, had a much more significant effect. A crack began to form on the Gao’s outer armor, as the cockpit shook violently. The machine forced back by the beam. Something followed by Takeshi and Kyoko smacking their heads on the seats, and walls respectively. Somehow, they managed to get out of that mostly unscathed. Though, both definitely felt the impacts, rubbing their heads. A small bruise having formed on Kyoko’s. But the difference in power was noted by both. Given Kyoko’s inquisitive expression, and Takeshi’s thoughts. Bookmark here

“What the hell just happened? That thing just got way stronger…”Bookmark here

Even so, that was not enough to deter him from his previous course of action. He continued his attacks nonetheless, firing more bursts from the cannons, and the beast returned fire, as it began to fly through the air, attempting to close the distance between them. It was then, and only then, that the ground forces began firing upon the beast, sending missiles from the batteries, tipped with small warheads at the beast. Only for it to weave around these, and fire back at them with a beam. Something that they all took note of. Bookmark here

“Dammit, Pull back!” The CO yelled. Bookmark here

But he was much too late. Having not calculated for the beam’s power, which had seemingly grown once more. Something that made Takeshi quickly pivot the Garslan. As he noted the downright gigantic fireball that was created as a result of the explosion. Much larger than beforehand. This made the gears begin spinning in Kyoko’s head. She was finally getting an idea of what was happening here, something she was quick to voice out. As she saw Takeshi’s finger inch toward the firing button once more, she yelled out. Bookmark here

“Wait!” Bookmark here

Something that made him pause, as he glanced over at her. Bookmark here

“What now?” He questioned, the annoyance in his tone clear. She nodded at this much. At least he would hear her out. A surprise, given how abrasive he seemed to be. The girl began speaking once more. Bookmark here

“Compare the force between that explosion when it hit the ground, and the one that hit earlier. That, and the beams that were hitting us. I don’t know how they did it, but that beast… It seems to be absorbing the energy from the cannon shots.” She continued. Bookmark here

As Takeshi heard this theory, he nodded. Eying the dial that controlled the yield of the Gaojinizer’s beams. Bookmark here

“In that case…” Bookmark here

He began turning the dial up, the yield increasing, as his hand went toward the firing button once more, something that made her eyes widen. Bookmark here

“Did you listen to anything I said?! Just calm down and use your-”

“Calm down?! No way! I’m gonna destroy this creature! I aint’ forgotten what it did to my home… I’m not done until this thing dies!” Takeshi shouted. Bookmark here

He promptly continued turning the yield up, as he prepared himself to fire the beam once more. Kyoko found herself groaning at the youth’s stubbornness.Bookmark here

“You can’t push through everything with brute force!”Bookmark here

Regardless. He pressed the firing button, as the beams coalesced on both of the machine’s shoulders.

“I’m gonna tell you a quote I heard once… If brute force doesn’t work, You aren’t using enough!”Bookmark here

“Are you some kind of idiot-”Bookmark here

She was cut off as the blue bursts of beam fire streamed outward, becoming larger as they extended from the cannons, almost like a cone. About 100 feet in front of the machine, the beams converged, becoming even larger, before they slammed into the beast. No sooner did it begin plummeting to the ground, letting out a screech. This painted a look of surprise onto the face of Su’Zesh Iso. Within a darkened room, filled with screens that displayed the battle around him, the Garslaan sat with clenched fists, one of which he slammed into his display, as he spoke out.

“Infurraifra, huw air nirr ssaedaiul rurailr du dhed neshaila?!”-"Impossible, how is my creation losing to that machine?!”Bookmark here

It enraged him. All the battles it had won, just for it to get destroyed this quickly?! He’d be a laughingstock within the foundation with this! He looked to a screen showing the beast’s vital signs, and, just as he’d expected, they were dropping, quicker and quicker, as the beam began to consume it. Within the Gaojinizer, Takeshi yelled out once more, as the beam’s power seemed to increase. With a faint glow cloaking the machine. He had waited for much too long to let this chance slip through his hands, he had to end this now.Bookmark here

And, it seemed that he would, as the beam began to break down the Kaiju, its body torn apart, as it seemingly began to disintegrate. The speed of said destruction speeding up as time went on. It took about 10 more seconds, before the beast was no longer there… Within the Garsalan ship, shouted curses echoed out from Su’zesh’s observation room. Something the crew took note of, but said nothing about. Rather, their focus was on making a quick escape, drawing away from the battleground. Their goal being to break into orbit. Bookmark here

Takeshi watched as the beast was destroyed… A giddy feeling began to radiate within him, his long dead family finally avenged. Or, at least, partly. Though he had killed the beast in front of him, there still remained a much larger threat. The ones who ordered that attack in the first place. The ones who would continue to do attacks like that. Agan, and again, and again, tirelessly… Unless somebody stopped them. And as far as he was concerned, he was going to make sure that person was him. He wasn’t finished, not by a long shot. Bookmark here

Now, with the beast, and the rest of the enemy gone, he flashed a grin at Kyoko, a surprise to her. Bookmark here

“Like I said… We just weren’t using enough.” He repeated. Something that made Kyoko debate firing back. That working was a surprise to her, no doubt… But that didn’t change what the result may have been if it didn't. Something the boy didn’t consider, as he pivoted the Gao, and began shooting off back to the capital.Bookmark here

Unbeknownst to both sides, a certain Bas, watched this with a chuckle. Especially as he noted the temper tantrum that made its way through the comms. Though he only caught certain glimpses, he could feel the seething. He wasn’t fond of primitives. But, he was even less fond of the Iso foundation.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Takesi found himself sitting in General Watanabe’s office once more. The older man was flanked by Colonel Ryo, who stood with his chin up. The general looked over the reports from the forces that saw the battle from afar, or survived the impact of the beam, and the explosion that began as a result. So far, he liked what he saw. Though the machine took some damage, it was nothing that couldn’t be repaired quickly. As such, he decided it was time to give the boy his orders. Bookmark here

“You’ve done well in your battle against that Kaiju… At the least, we can say it won’t be popping up anywhere, not anymore… Now, I’ll tell you what’s next.” Watanabe continued. Bookmark here

He stood up from his seat, as he began pacing around. Bookmark here

“Your machine… It is not the only Machina… There are four others, and pilots for each one. They are current in Wonju, about to begin their training. You will be joining them.” Bookmark here

A team, huh? He was surprised, no doubt. As far as he knew, this machine was the only of its kind. But, he nodded nonetheless. Bookmark here

“Alright. How am I supposed to get there?” He questioned. Bookmark here

“We have an old cargo ship that can serve as a carrier… We’d get a warship, but I’m afraid HQ isn’t willing to give up that much resources.”Bookmark here

Takeshi got to his feet, as a wide grin crawled onto his face. Bookmark here

“Alright! Lets-” Bookmark here

“Do this!”Bookmark here

The youth promptly went silent… As he took note of the familiarity of the voice that spoke with him. It belonged to someone he’d seen as an annoyance. He looked over his shoulder, in the direction of the voice, seeing the dreaded Mechanic walking toward him. Bookmark here

“You again?! And what do you mean, Let’s do this?” Bookmark here

The woman stepped forward, until, she was right in front of Takeshi,Bookmark here

“Isn’t it obvious, I’m coming too!”

“HUH?!!!” He yelled in surprise. His gaze shot to watanabe, as if asking for an explanation. Bookmark here

“My reason is simple. After that display out there, I feel the need to have somebody come with you.. Besides, she is a competent mechanic…”Bookmark here

A triumphant grin came onto Kyoko’s face. While Takeshi frowned… Of course, it couldn’t have been that easy. It looked like it would just be something he would have to deal with. Bookmark here

“You’ll be leaving in two days. 15:00, meet me in the lobby.”

Takeshi nodded silently as he began to exit the room, eying Kyoko as he did so.Bookmark here

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