Chapter 32:

I can finally talk with her?! – Chapter 32

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

I don't know what happened but I accidentally talked in my ghost form, and what's more surprising, Aya wasn't affected by it at all. My voice didn't sound weird and hollow just like it used to.

Was the reason I can talk because of my new skills?

"Ghost-san, you can talk?" ( Aya )

She looked at me with excited eyes as she was expecting to confirm that this was real and not her imagination.

I was unsure as well, why am I able to talk like this? Even my broken, hollow voice wasn't there when I tried speaking.

But I need to confirm this one more time before saying longer words.

"...A… Aya…" ( Hiroki )

"wah!" ( Aya )

Her face became completely beet, the moment I said her name. But that also confirmed that my voice didn't cause any harm to Aya.

"Ghost-san said my name…" ( Aya )

She held her own cheeks in embarrassment as she was stuck in her own thoughts. I still couldn't believe that my voice had turned back to normal.

Thank you Aito for giving me such a wonderful gift. Even though you can't hear me, I hope that you can find happiness in your next life.

"Hey Aya, how are you feeling?" ( Hiroki )

I went near her face as I asked, but she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Even after talking to her like that, she didn't seem bothered by my own voice.

"Helloooo, Aya?" ( Hiroki )

"Wah-what!?" ( Aya )

She snapped back to reality once she saw me talking near her ear.

"G-ghost-san…" ( Aya )

"Yes." ( Hiroki)

Now that I think about it, Aya still doesn't know my name. Getting called a ghost feels kind of weird to me.

"Ghost-san."( Aya )

But somehow, every time she looked at me like that, I couldn't help but respond to her.

"Yeap, that's me." ( Hiroki )

After she confirmed that I was properly talking, tears were sliding down her cheeks.

"Huh?! Aya, what happened? Are you injured anywhere?!" ( Hiroki )

I tried checking if she was injured but her physical condition wasn't injured in any kind of way.

"hic, n-no- hic, it's just- *Sniff* I'm happy to be able… to talk to you like this." ( Aya )

Tears continued to roll down her face as she was looking down. I can't say that I relate to how Aya feels, but at least I can understand why she feels like that. Ever since I met Aya, she never had any conversation with anyone other than the lady from the guild and random people who'd just get pissed at Aya.

"It's okay… because whatever happens, I'll always be by your side." ( Hiroki )

I tried making her feel better by saying such words, but I'm not sure if she would be happy to have a ghost say the words 'I will be with you'. Actually I would be creeped out if a ghost came to me and said such words.

"R-really?" ( Aya )

She looked up to me, hoping that what I was saying was true and not a lie. But I never had such intention of lying to her, since she is the only person who can see me as Hirok, a normal guy and not a scary ghost.

"Yes, I can promise you that." ( Hiroki )

I proudly responded to her lovely face. After a while of keeping her head down, she finally looked up at me. At that moment all I thought was how cute she was.

"Ghost-san is really kind…" ( Aya )

I'm not sure about that since I've never been called kind before, nor do I feel like I'm one. Also she keeps calling me 'ghost-san', if we're gonna spend a lot of time together then it would be better if she knew my real name.

"Also, Aya…" ( Hiroki )

"Y-yesh." ( Aya )

While I was trying to be calm around her, Aya accidentally bit her tongue when she responded to me. That clumsy side of her is also a little cute.

"Since I can freely talk now, I can finally tell you my name." ( Hiroki )

"Ghost-san has a name?" ( Aya )

She immediately responded in excitement.

"Well yes, but I wouldn't mind if you continued calling me as you have been until now." ( Hiroki )

Aya shook her head left and right really fast, almost making herself pass out from the speed.

"N-no, I want to know." ( Aya )

Her eyes sparkled in excitement as she was waiting for my name.

"Then, let me introduce myself.

My name is Hiroki and I am a ghost." ( Hiroki )

After she heard my name, she started whispering some words under her breath. When I tried concentrating on what she was saying, I heard her repeat my name over and over again. "Hiro…", "Hiroki", "Hiroki", that's how she tried remembering my name.

"Hi-- Hiroki-san…" ( Aya )

She said my name with an embarrassed look on her face.

"There is no need for '-san', just Hiroki is fine." ( Hiroki )

"B-but-" ( Aya )

"No 'buts', just Hiroki" ( Hiroki )

She hesitated a little before looking back at me with a determined expression.

"H-Hiroki." ( Aya )

"Yeah." ( Hiroki )

"Hiroki." ( Aya )

"That's my name." ( Hiroki )

"Hehe." ( Aya )

She walked towards me and hugged me with a happy expression on her face. No matter what Aya did, it only made me want to protect her even more than before. And it doesn't feel that bad knowing that someone needs me...

That's what I was thinking as Aya was staying in the same position. Wait, I already know that I got new skills, and Aya should have gotten new ones as well. We should check them out once we find a place to rest. And this kind of place doesn't seem that bad.

"Aya, let's go and rest on that house over there, I'm sure you're tired." ( Hiroki )

I said to her, but when I looked at Aya, she had fallen asleep in my arms. Not wanting to let me go, I had no other choice but to carry Aya to a place where she could sleep soundly. Thanks to Aito, the condition of the house and all of the furniture inside were in a good condition so there didn't seem any need for cleaning. I placed Aya in a bed while I sat next to her, waiting so she could let go of my hand.

And since I can't sleep, maybe I should check out my skills.