Chapter 33:

Back in the city! – Chapter 33

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

“Are you ready, Aya?” Me and Aya were standing in the same magic circle where we got the new skills. Underneath us, was a massive glowing circle with a bunch of gibberish words that were continuously moving.

"Yes!" ( Aya )

When I was looking around Aito’s house, I found many things that I would have loved to use, or even take with me. Aito had created another computer inside his room with many different files inside it. Most of the files contained bunch of 0's and 1’s, and some gibberish words in English which I could not understand. But there was one specific file saying ‘Exit and Entrance’ and the moment I clicked it, this glowing circle appeared.

I figured that this was a way to get us out of here. That's why I closed it and waited for Aya to wake up. This place had other stuff as well, like a fridge filled with all kinds of fresh food. I was surprised to see that nothing in there was rotten or expired. But I was really frustrated as well! In front of me was a cold cola waiting to be chugged down. And that was one of the moments where I really wanted to turn back into a human. Other than that, this place wasn't that different compared to a small house in Japan. Since Aito was the creator of this dungeon, I was hoping there would be a lot of books or files containing information about this world. But it seems like I was hoping for too much. Well, I'm grateful to Aito just for giving me new skills, so for now I should leave this place.

Within the seconds, the magic circle started glowing even more until both of us were transported to the surface of this place.

"We really are outside... Hiroki, how did you know?" Right now Aya was wearing a black cloak which we found in Aito’s house. It was kind of cool so I didn't want to leave it behind, and since I couldn't wear it, I gave it to Aya. And what's more surprising, the cloak changed into Aya’s size the moment she touched it. The cloak also had some physical protection from any kind of attacks, so Aya should be safe if she gets a surprise attack.

"Aito, the creator of this dungeon left some notes about this magic circle, so I activated it in order to get out of this place." ( Hiroki )

"T-that's amazing!" She reacted with an amazed look on her face. We were near the entrance of this dungeon so I already knew our way back to the city. But when I tried going back inside, the entrance of the dungeon was already closed and it did not open anymore. I mean i can just pass through it since im a ghost, but Aya or any other adventurer won't even know that there was a dungeon here.

"Oh right, I still need to gather the herbs for the quest we came here for." She started looking around the moment she recalled why we got here. But right now, I don't have to stand by and watch her. Now that I can talk to her, I can finally explain that she has completed her quest.

"Aya, there is no need to gather herbs because you already completed the quest." She looked back at me confused and surprised at the same time.

"Huh? What do you mean?" ( Aya )

"You know when you first saw that goblin? You passed out. And of course, I couldn't just leave you like that. That's why I got the herbs and gave them to that lady at the guild using your body." I tried explaining to her what really happened when she passed out. Thankfully she didn't seem bothered or creeped out that I used her body while she was unconscious;

"S-so i'm an adventurer now?" ( Aya )

"Not exactly... Firstly, you need to take some kind of exam before becoming an adventurer. And based on how you perform, they’ll decide if you can become one or not." ( Hiroki )

"Really?!" She looked so happy the moment she heard the thing about becoming an adventurer.

"Yeah, but if I remember correctly, the exam begins in one week. But I'm not sure how much time has passed since we went inside the dungeon." ( Hiroki )

At first I wanted to prevent Aya from applying at such a dangerous job, but after looking at how much Aya has progressed, my opinion changed. While we were looking around the last level, we decided on practicing and checking out our skills. And the results extended my expectations--

"Then we have to hurry and go back there." ( Aya )

--So instead of stopping her, I want her to grow even stronger.






It was a sunny day around 10 o'clock based on the sun’s position. Aya was holding my hand as we were going back to the city. It didn't take us that long before returning back there.

"You there, show your identification card!" As always, we were stopped by the same guard that protected the gate from any intruders or thieves.

"Um… W-we.. I." Aya froze as the guard was intensively staring at her. Well, anyway… I should help Aya a bit here.

[Aya leave this to me.] Thanks to the ‘Soul bound’ skill leveling up, now me and Aya can talk through our thoughts every time I possess her. Right now, I was possessing Aya so the guard wouldn't see me.

"What did you say?" The guard asked as he was waiting for Aya to show the ID cards. I lowered the hood of the cloak and showed Aya’s face.

"You see Mister, I was on a quest finding some herbs, but I got lost on the way back so it took me awhile to arrive back here." When I talk while I'm possessing Aya, my voice sounds just like her's, making things much easier.

"Oh, you’re that girl? You’re really lucky to have survived out there for almost five days." He started opening the gate the moment he recognized Aya’s face.

"Hahaha… Y-yeah, I guess I am." I Wryly smiled as I was trying not to act out of Aya’s character. I put the hoodie of the cloak back on and continued walking inside the city.

"Haaa… You really are amazing." She let out all of her tension in one breath as we were walking towards the guild.

[You think so?] I telepathically replied to her. Since I was possessing Aya, I didn't want to talk using her voice because she'd seem like a strange girl that talks to herself.

"Yeah, Hiroki is kind and amazing." ( Aya )

Her heart started beating a little fast as she said that to me.

[Also, I think we should hurry and go towards the guild, the guard said that we’ve been out of this city for five days.]

"Weeeh?!" ( Aya )

We rushed towards the guild as fast as we could in order to reach the exam that the guild was providing for the ones who wanted to become an adventurer.





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