Chapter 34:

Adventurer’s exam! – chapter 34

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

When we arrived at the guild, this place was much busier than the last time.

“So you didn't change your mind…” In front of us came the same lady that we saw last time. I feel like I can trust her since she seemed to care about Aya. She also helped the moment when Aya got bullied by a random adventurer.

“N-no! I want to take the adventurer's exam.” Aya was determined to take the test even more than before.

“I see… I won't stop you if you really want to, and there is no such rule that prevents you from taking the exam.” Aya stared at the lady as she was waiting for the words she wanted to hear.

“Haaa… Follow me this way.” The lady finally responded to Aya. A smile appeared on Aya's face as the lady was showing us the way to the exam room.

“The guild has a couple of rules, but recently there’s been an increased number of the monsters so we had no choice but to make things a bit complicated.” The lady explained as we were following her.

“All of the newbies would start off just like you. Excited or determined to do this kind of job…

But most of them... never came back after trying their first quest.” I wasn't sure if she was trying to scare Aya from saying that, but Aya already has a bit of experience with fighting a monster. I mean, we completed a whole dungeon together and managed to get out of it.

“That's why we take things seriously when we accept new potential adventurers. First of all, we make a mind test in order to see if newbies can manage to keep their cool while being in a dangerous situation. Even the slightest hesitation may cost your life, that's why we decided to make it the first thing when applying as an adventurer.” After she explained that, we continued walking until she led us somewhere underground in the guild.

“In here you’ll be doing the first exam as I explained before.” This place had many other people with weapons, magical wands, swords and many more.

“As you can see, there are many aspiring adventurers that want to take the exam. That's why the guild decided on making the exam as a group in order to make the newbies feel comfortable.

You can go and join them. The instructor will explain everything when he arrives.” She left after she brought Aya into this room.

“There are a lot of people here…” Everyone here must have their own reasons for wanting to join the guild.

[Let's join the others for now.] I said to Aya telepathically as we continued walking towards the group of people.

“Okay.” Most of the people in here were just waiting for the instructor to come in this room, while some others were doing warm up exercises. Seems like everyone here was taking this exam seriously.

Well, I'm glad that the exam hasn't started yet. First of all Aya doesn't have any income and I don’t know if she will be able to earn any money if she doesn't join this place. At first I thought that she could have looked for a safer job, but that's when I realised. This world is way different from mine. They judge someone from their appearance and don't seem to trust someone that easily. Especially if the one who applied for the job was a kid.

“Are you taking the exam as well?” As Aya was waiting for the exam to begin, we heard a voice from our side. When Aya turned around, we saw a guy that was equipped with leather armour and a sword on his waist.

“Huh? Y-yes.” ( Aya )

On this guy’s sides were two other girls with some weird clothes. I could feel some kind of magic force similar to the cloak that Aya was wearing, coming from those clothes.

“We are taking the exam as well, oh- I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ito and as you can see, I am a swordsman. These two beside me are Ryoko and Tamiko.” This guy seems like a talkative one but why are they suddenly talking to Aya like that?

“um, I… My name is Aya.” Compared to him, Aya was way too shy to talk like him.

“I see that you don't have a party yet.” ( Ito )

“A party?” ( Aya )

Don't tell me that you can create a party with other adventurers just like in some games. But if i remember correctly, you need to have trustworthy comrades that won't betray you. That's what I did once in an online game and ended up getting ripped off by my own teammates…

“You don't know what that is? When becoming an adventurer, forming a party with one or two other adventurers is a normal thing. Not only it makes the quests much easier since you have people to rely on, but also you’ll be able to have fun. So what do you say, won't you form a party with me?” ( Ito )

Well I don't want Aya to make reckless decisions like I did back in my own world that's why I’ll take control of her body for now.

“I really appreciate your offer but I'm a solo adventurer.” I said while using Aya’s voice. All three of them looked at Aya surprised from what she just said. I can understand them for acting like that. A young looking girl doing solo quests might seem like a dangerous thing to them. That's what I thought at the beginning as well, but things have changed now, not to mention that Aya was with me.

“Is that so? W-well if you change your mind, please let us know. We would really like if we could have another party member.” Ito akwordly left as he said that to Aya together with those two girls beside him.

[Aya, sorry for suddenly using your body like that.] I apologized to her since I did this without permission.

“no… Thank you for helping me.” After some minutes, a guy with a scar on his head and a missing arm came inside this room. Everyone else became quiet the moment they saw him.

“There’s quite a lot of newbies today.” That guy said after taking a look at all of us.

“Okay, since no one more participants are coming, I’ll begin the exam. Also, I’ll let you know from the start that if you can't manage to handle all of the tasks that I’ll be giving, you’re out!” Since the moment he entered and from the way he was talking, I could understand that this guy was a strict instructor. He looked like a veteran fighter who has been in a lot of battles. That's the first impression I had from him,

“Let's begin! Who wants to be the first one?” He asked as he was waiting for volunteers.

“No one? If no one wants to be first then I’ll choose. How about....” He started moving his index finger around until it stopped at where Aya was standing.

“You over there.” From the way he reacted, he seemed a little angry and pissed at the same time.

Did we do something?