Chapter 1:

My Mission

Class A

I once had an odd dream. The dream was suffocating it felt as though death had creeped up on me. When I woke up I wondered, will I ever feel that way if it's my time to be greeted by death. The only thing I could hope for before is to complete my Mission.Bookmark here

"Diana Amber, get your butt down here", Mom yelled.
I jolted straight out of bed and groaned in absolute exhaust. I could hear Mom yelling from down the stairs. I pulled my self from the comfort of the bed and walked through the hallway and down the stairs. Mom was standing at the end of the stairs with a stern look as if to say " you better have a good explanation ". Mom had pale skin, she looked to be in her late 20's though she was actually 35. Seeing her in the mornings made me a bit sad, because I was not her child and she was not my real mother.Bookmark here

Class A

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