Chapter 31:

Update on the state of Stage 2 + future plans

Setting Sun Story: Beta

I've recently had an epiphany about the contents of stage 2, and it's drastically changed the state of my outline. With that, the coming of classes and other work, I'm gonna need a lil time to reshape the outline and get things rolling... but when it's done, it's gonna be a good one.Bookmark here

In the mean time, I've started refining Stage 1 for release on Amazon's Kindle Vella service, which can be found through the linktree link on my profile, and when Stage 2 is eventually out and complete, I'll do a recompile of that as well, and release both combined in one physical book.Bookmark here

If you're looking for more hard hitting combat and heavy inner conflicts, hold out. It's gonna be great!Bookmark here

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