Chapter 12:

In the Epicenter of War, there they found the Storm

The Advent of Dual Sentience

In the midst of the defected, under the Holy Dome. There a Rebel Princess explained to all her Court of what the Spirit Guide had previously said. 

The man with the Bodhi leaf looked up at his Princess and said, "Milady, do you really believe this is all connected somehow? What if it's just a coincidence?"

The Snow haired Princess had a solemn expression, "We aren't sure of either just yet, we can only expect and prepare for the worse. It just seems too good that all of this happened by chance."

Her loyal Advisor simply nodded her head and agreed. All of the court began speaking amongst themselves concerning the matter, "Are we going to be okay?", "What do you think's going to happen?", "Who's behind all of this?" Many questions spiraled around the room, from the amidst the chattering crowd, the Glorious General lifted his voice, "Listen here everyone, it doesn't matter whether or not this is a coincidence! What really matters right now is that we all have the sworn duty to defend and protect everyone in this camp to the absolute best of our abilities. No doubt some of us here are amongst the strongest and most powerful warriors within our respective powers. So we have to use what we got to ensure the future goal of our revolt."

Lady Chhaya added on to his statement, "What General Sung-Lee says is true, no matter what we must fight and defend ourselves from the coming threat. Defending the innocent is why we're here today and why we will continue to do so until we have won."

The Court subjects all nodded their heads in unison, a strong sense of pride vibrated within their souls. They each had their own reasons for joining this fight, and even knew the cost it would take in doing so. However they didn't waver, instead they girded up their resolve and strengthened themselves to take on whatever lied beyond.

The blonde tanned girl nodded her head, "Looks like we have no other choice than to fight. Luckily for me, I've been itching for a good fight ain't that right Kazuya?"

The man with the Bodhi leaf chuckled a bit, "Haha I to think it would be good to get the blood flowing again." 

The Court subjects began to rally one another, they all knew a massive battle was brewing but neither of them faltered. Instead, they came together under the same banner and motto, "To defend all that's innocent!". The Snow haired Princess's countenance lifted up as she saw her Court subjects heartening themselves. Lady Chhaya looked over at her Princess's newly formed smile and became delighted, she then thought to herself, "The smile suits you better Princess..."

The Glorious General then declared to all of them in the tent, "Ha! It seems we're all in agreement then? Everyone brace yourselves, we are going to war!"

The Princess glanced at Lady Chhaya, the green haired Advisor then signaled her to say something to the rallying Court. The Princess then nodded her head, raised her fist to the air and said to them, "All those who call themselves my 'servants', hear me and hear me well! Fortify your wills! Cast aside your burdens! And pledge yourselves to the liberality of mankind! For today we fight! And today we shall be victorious!"

All the Court subjects in perfect unison raised their fists together and unleashed a mighty war cry together, "YEAH!", "HOORAH!", "WOOO!"

The Advisor looked at her Highness with a proud expression, "Milady, you truly have a wondrous bunch of people here. Only a Leader like you can unite them together."

The Princess answered back to her saying, "Nonsense Chhaya, they aren't banding together because of me or my leadership. Not in the slightest..."

The Advisor gave her a puzzled look, "What do you mean my Liege?"

The Princess replied to her proudly, "They are banding together for the future of the ones they hold dear."

The Advisor smiled and nodded her head, "I see, you have truly grown haven't you Shizuku?"

The Princess gazed at her subjects with passion, "I don't know about all that Chhaya, all I really want is for my people to be safe."

The Advisor couldn't be anymore joyous and proud at her Majesty's words, Chhaya thought to herself, "She truly has become such a refined leader. She isn't the little girl I once knew anymore."

The Princess then turned and saw her rallying Court, with a loud and mighty voice she cried, "Everyone disperse to your stations, for the Blight will be here soon! Go now!"

The Court subjects all began to exit the tent in great haste, Princess Tsuki followed behind them, she couldn't allow herself to be hidden away from the fight!

Soldiers marched onwards, thousands of voices permeated into the skies. Every passing moment only made the Snow haired Princess more anxious. The Princess made her way to the unarmed civilians in the center of the camp. Many turned their eyes to her, others averted their gazes, she herself had a fixed composure to reassure any who looked. 

She began to walk forward passing many by as the people sat in the grass, Lady Chhaya followed closely in her shadow to make sure none got too close to her. The people whispered amongst each other as the Princess passed by, yet the Princess seemed to pay them no mind, she simply moved on towards the center of the Holy Dome. People moved out her way at her coming approach, children even looked at her with curious eyes. However, she kept her mind focused on the two individuals who were casting the massive barrier over the camp. 

After a few minutes of walking, she had finally made it to the center. She then noticed there was an extra person amongst them. She called out to the three that were casting the dome and said, "I see you three are hard at work here! Thank you very much for handling such a troublesome task."

They all had their had their eyes closed as if they were meditating and keeping an extreme focus on the mana flow, Kyoko then answered her back, "Thank you Princess, we are honored to be aiding in such an important endeavor."

"Is everything under control? Any problems with anything?" The Princess asked.

They all simultaneously nodded their heads, "Yes your Highness, everything is flowing nicely. Thank you for checking on us. I wasn't too sure at first, but Vio came and helped sort out the fluctuating mana flow within the people. Everything became easier then."

The Princess smiled and nodded, she then turned her eyes towards the third individual. She was quite short in stature but had long purple hair, two strange markings on her cheeks, a flower crown adorned with many roses, and a glowing lime green gem upon her forehead.

The Princess admired her and said to her with all appreciation, "Thank you Vio, I know it can be difficult for you to be using the Dreamscape for something like this. You have my thanks and gratitude!"

In a soft and gentle tone Vio replied, "No Princess you shouldn't thank me for simply doing my job. We're all here to help out in anyway we can, I'm just glad I was able to be of help to everyone."

"Such a kind and pure soul..." The Princess thought. She walked up to the little beauty and hugged her passionately, "Thank you Vio, just don't push yourself too hard okay? That's an order." The tiny girl blushed and smiled, "Thank you Princess, I will keep that in mind."

The Princess released her embrace and headed back towards her Advisor, she said to them, "Okay you three, I'm heading off for now. The Blight will be here any minute now and I have some more work to do, I'll leave the rest to you!" The three sitting girls all nodded their heads and shouted in sync, "Yes ma'am!"

Without another word the Princess smiled and headed off immediately. There was only one thing left to do, "Everything is pretty much set now, all we can do is wait for it..." 

The cloudy skies began to thunder and crash, the winds began to pickup and uneasiness settled within every heart. They all had no idea what was to come, but they were as ready as they could possibly be. Time will only tell if it was enough.....

Around an hour or so later, the long awaited moment came. A large bright red flare shot into the sky and every soul who saw knew what that meant.

Princess Tsuki clenched her fist and said aloud, "They're finally here!" She sounded her voice and said to all the soldiers near her, "Men gather your strength once again! The Blight have finally made their move!"

The sounds of hundreds of marching solders erupted everywhere, the Princess steeled her emotions and set her mind on the battle. A line of archers drew back their bows and aimed them towards the tree line. Soon within minutes a massive amount of hideous and grotesque creatures swarmed out of the surrounding trees. They all let out viscous war cries as their hordes poured out from beyond, "RAAAAARGHHHHH!", "HARRRRRRGHHHHH!", "SHAARRRRGHHHHH!"

The foot soldiers responded back with their own cries as they charged head on with the beasts! "HAAAAAAAAGHHH!"

Soon a loud crash boomed in the air as both armies collided!
Steel clanked in every direction, the entire forest erupted in cries and echoes! Every bird in the field retreated at the sound of the ongoing battle. The Princess overlooked the battlefield from an elevated rock, "There's so many of them! I've never seen this many Blight before!"

General Sung-Lee ran towards his Headship with haste, "Your Highness, this area is too dangerous for you! Please step back and wait in the safe zone!"

The Princess turned to him and said, "What kind of Leader would I be if I waited out in the safe zone!? I will provide support right here!"

The General had no words, he couldn't simply go against his Leader's demand, instead he requested this, "Okay that's fine my Liege! However, I will not leave your side no matter what!"

The Princess made a rebuttal, "That's going to be a negative General Sung! We need you out on the frontlines more than anything!"

The General argued back, "But your Highness you're completely unguarded right now! I need to ensure your safety!"

The Princess replied, "Unguarded? What do you mean by that? Didn't you notice Chhaya right there?"

The General became confused, "C-Chhaya..?" Soon a dark figure bubbled up from the shadow behind the General, the dark shadowy figure placed their hand on his shoulder, a cold murderous stare beamed him from behind, "Don't underestimate me Sung... You'll regret it..." 

Chills ran down his spine and fear seeped in, "Y-Yes Lady Chhaya, forgive me..."

Chhaya laughed ominously, "Hahahaha~! Good boy, don't ever let it happen again..."

The General pledged his heart and ran off towards the battlefield. The Princess then said to the hidden Advisor, "You don't need to hide in my shadow Chhaya, it makes it look like I'm out in the open."

Chhaya chuckled, "That's the point my Liege, that means I can have some fun too ehehe~."

The Princess became quite disturbed at that saying, she thought to herself, "You can be really scary sometimes..."

The Princess looked back onto the battlefield and began to chant an incantation, "Okay here I go! Lord Kuraokami, here thy servant and grant me thine aid! Let the ground become frigid and your enemies frozen!" A large glowing white magic circle appeared over the battlefield, it began to unleash a frosty mist that lowered onto the ground. The Princess shouted, "Freeze heretics!", most of the enemies on the field began to slow down, their movements were being impaired by the frozen mist. 

The soldiers found it a little easier to slay them in this state, however more enemies soon joined the fight! A high ranked official called out to the fighting soldiers, "They have reinforcements! Everyone prepare for another wave! Gather together and fight as one!"

They kept pouring in by the multitudes, they were slowly outnumbering the rebels by an outstanding amount! One soldier shouted, "There's too many of them!", another said, "There's more coming!"

The Rebel army started being pushed back, some soldiers began to fall, others injured fatally. The General rallied his men while chopping them down, "Don't stop fighting now! Don't let them intimidate you! Show them your pride and prove your strength!"

The Hexer Squads were also being outnumbered and cornered, a young male with red hair and a blood red katana called out to his squad, "Ichika, Haruto, Akinari! Don't let these f###### get you! Kill them all!" He brandished his blood red blade and said to himself, "Looks like Ketsueki isn't gonna cut it anymore, I have to start getting serious..." 

The red haired swordsman receded his blood red blade back into his body, he then stretched out his right arm and said, "Come forth Muramasa... let's show these motherf#####'s who's really cursed..." A black sludge emerged from his arm and submerged it completely, flesh on flesh, sinew on sinew, and iron on iron. Soon a large overly sized blade replaced his right arm. His eye pupils formed small broken hexagons and lit up red, "Who's first on the chopping block...?"

They slashed and tore the beast limb from limb while covering each other's backs! More and more hordes kept pouring in, but they kept ripping them apart! Blood splashed all over and covered the ground they stood on. The battlefield was piling up dozens and dozens of corpses, and the rebels kept getting pushed back. The Princess was becoming more and more worried,
"We have to do something! They are pushing us back!"

Chhaya then emerged from the shadows, "Your Highness, do you mind if I joined the fight? I just can't standby anymore!"

The Princess was desperate and anxious, she reluctantly nodded at the blood starved Advisor, "Go Chhaya! I'll be fine by myself, just help everyone you can!"

Lady Chhaya nodded her head, "I'm not leaving you unprotected though! I will be entrusting Naag to aid and support you."

"Are you sure Chhaya? Wouldn't it be better if you had both of them?" The Princess asked.

She nodded again, "Yes it's fine, all I need is one of them to help me."

The Princess listened to her request, "Okay fine then! Hurry they need you out there!"

The Advisor looked at her black serpent, "Go Naag, the Princess needs you.." The Abyssal Black Serpent slithered off and slid onto the Princess's shoulder, "Thank you Chhaya, now go and win this for us!"

Lady Chhaya smiled at her, she looked at her emerald green serpent and said, "C'mon Naga, we have to go and greet our new playthings..." With that, the Advisor dashed off towards the battlefield with her loyal companion.

The Princess kept herself focused and aided the rebellion with support frost magic, the situation was looking more and more dire as the Blight kept increasing uncontrollably, she said to herself, "Is there really no end to their numbers..? How many more are there!?"

Then from beyond the trees, the forest began to shake....
A loud thunderous explosion shook the trees behind the battlefield like a mighty rushing wind. All the inhabitants of the battlefield felt the shockwave and looked over at the tree line. 

"What the hell was that..?" The Princess asked. Many of the rebels and Blight all looked towards the trees to see what was going on.

More loud rumbling noises echoed from beyond the trees.
A slight quake in the ground could be felt from underneath everyone's feet. Everyone withheld their weapons and turned their eyes to the trees. Then a loud bloodcurdling shriek boomed into the skies!

Horrendous clamoring cries and winds tore through from behind the trees. The Blight then stopped coming in and more confusion was brought upon everyone. Both the Blight and Rebels ceased their attacks and all were focus on the yelping cries and screeches that reverberated, the Princess became more perturbed and listened to the unnerving sounds, "Something is seriously wrong, just what's happening!"

After a few minutes of quakes and screams, the entire forest went instantly silent! All the rebels and blight held onto their weapons. A deafening silence greeted them for a few short moments, then from the absolute blue, the largest wave of wailing Blight's ran onto the battlefield in distinct terror! "SQUEEEAAAL!", "ACCCCCKKKKKK!", "GYAAAARGHHHH!"

Everyone became confused and focused their eyes on the cowardly Blight running for dear life! The General then called out, "What are you all doing!? Hurry up and kill them!" The once stagnant and silent rebel army sounded off for one final push! "HAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHHH!"

The sounds of steel clashed and blood sprayed everywhere! Arrows glided through the skies and spears soared high! The rebels were completely outnumbered by a large margin but no Blights were seen entering the battlefield. "C'mon push! Push them back!"

The Princess was releasing everything she had, she was slowly becoming fatigued but she fought through it by sheer willpower! "Just a little longer...!"

It was at that very moment destinies had intertwined. Where everything would change forever, for the Storm had finally reached the shore....

The Princess saw something that completely caught her eyes, "Is that... a PERSON!? What is someone doing over there!?"

A cyan glowing man manifested from beyond the trees. He wore bloody torn clothes and had something blue shining from his right hand. He walked onto the battlefield at a slow and steady pace with his right hand stretched out. Thin blue strings attached to the corpses of the fallen Blight and rebels. He had a fire in his eyes that only the Princess could see, she knew something was off.

The Princess then heard fast moving footsteps running towards her, she looked at saw Setsuna sprinting straight towards her, "Princess! Princess!"

The Princess jumped off the elevated rock and met up with Setsuna, "What is it Setsuna!? What happened!?" 

She heaved over and began to gasp for air, "P-Princess.. The spirit eater..." she was struggling to breathe.

The Princess replied, "What? What about the monster?"

She looked the Princess straight in the eye and said, "The monster... is here!"