Chapter 2:

I'm Living With The Princess!?

TakuNeri: My Love Is A Princess, I Am Her Knight

Okay, so… I eventually fell asleep as I recounted my past with Nerisu, around the time where I moved from Dreilune back to Tamarin where I was originally born.

I really missed her, so we started texting each other since we were around eleven by then. We were thankfully allowed to use the internet, since at that point in time, letters would’ve taken ages to wait for…

She mentioned her childhood friends, namely Mizuki Mizuno, a level five water user. She seemed very attached to her because they were bodyguard and princess respectively, which made me rather jealous whenever she talked about her. Around that age, was when I realised my hardcore crush on her, which was fuelled by all the Nerisu memorabilia I bought ever since she visited Axerique three years ago…

I just wanted to be loved by her, but I didn’t want to confess. I wanted to wait for her to express permission for me to do anything like that so I didn’t scare her off.

There were a bunch of other names I recall her talking about: Takahiro Takamori, Yuu Takamine, Yukino Suzushiro, Iori Ishizuka, Nanaka Matsurida, Shou Otori and Tsubasa Otori. The last two were twins, and she seemed especially close to Shou as well… But aside from him, I had to basically compete with a bunch of other guys! She always received a lot of love letters every year at her high school, but she rejected them all!

It made me think things were hopeless… I would basically live to become a thirty-year-old virgin without confessing to her and she might have gotten with some other guy instead!Bookmark here

Well, enough of that. I probably sound like a loser, haha… I’m not one, I swear. Or I think, at least.

I woke up in the morning, yawning as I looked around my room. It looked relatively normal, no one would’ve guessed that I was probably Nerisu’s number one fan. With light purple cat wallpaper and normal furniture, it looked like an ordinary bedroom.Bookmark here

Behind one of these very rooms was my actual shrine, dedicated to her, my goddess… With multiple figurines and plushies of her in different outfits from back when she was beginning puberty until now...Bookmark here

Oh no, I really do sound creepy! I mean, she’s not a goddess, but she’s the one I’ve dedicated myself to! Does that make any sense?

I haven’t been texting Nerisu very much lately because she’s been busy, she hasn’t told me what she’s doing, which is odd.

I mean, I could kind of guess that it’s meant to surprise me, but for all I know she could be… avoiding me?Bookmark here

I don’t want that!

I mean… Nerisu can actually be that sort of person, so sometimes she has to assure me she’ll never leave my side.

In any case, I turn on my Savephone Delta. It’s the perfect mix of those two Earth phone brands which are really popular, even on Caladria.

I check my messages, the only people who I talk to are my manager, Nerisu and my parents…I figured that I’d have to get used to talking to the former, so when he asked to exchange contact details with me, I hesitantly gave him my number.Bookmark here

I guess it’s nice having male “friends”.Bookmark here

The last conversation I had with Nerisu involved her going to the local west Nairilune cat cafe and she took photos of the cats there. She even said stuff like “I wish you were here so I could pet you!!” but I was on break from work at that time.Bookmark here

Good thing that I don’t have work today… It gets draining having to cook all the time, I feel so dead afterward sometimes.

She knows how to make me flustered, for sure… I was bright red when she said she wanted to pet me. I love being pet by her the most.

Since today was Saturday, she must be free, right? That’s what I thought, since usually we texted a lot on the weekend. Sometimes we did voice calls too, whenever she wasn’t busy talking to her childhood friends.Bookmark here

She talked to them an awful lot… But, it’s been about eleven years and none of them have any interest in her, so I have nothing to worry about.Bookmark here

I start tapping away on my phone’s keyboard, sending her a greeting.Bookmark here

“Good morning, Nerisu! What do you plan on doing today?”

Within at least five minutes, I receive a reply.

“Good morning, Takumi! Well… I just moved into my new house a day ago! I’m getting all comfy, ehehe~ Do you remember the promise you made to me?”

My ears perked up and my tail instantly curled into a love heart, which happened every time she made me happy.Bookmark here

I hope she didn’t notice what it meant though… But, if what her friends say on Talker is true, she’s as dense as a rock.

“Y-Yes! That means I get to live with you, right? I mean, I’ve practised swordsmanship ever since you told me you wanted a knight to protect you, so I’m fit to protect you! I-I think…”

“Yes, it does! We’re the bestest of friends, so that makes it even better for me! I remember when you protected me from those bullies, I can’t thank you enough for it!”

I’ve been living in west Nairilune ever since I was sixteen, which is the age it was legal for someone to live by themself.Bookmark here

My father helped me save up my money for it, while my mother taught me how to live by myself properly. My father also taught me how to fight to protect Nerisu, but he paid for lessons from the king of Tamarin, Kyuutarou Miyanohara, who is an expert swordsman.Bookmark here

Needless to say, I learned a lot from him, even if he was really scary and strict…

A-Anyways, moving on to the conversation with Nerisu… It stung a bit when she said we were only best friends, but I can live with it.

“Well, yeah… I mean, I don’t want anything to harm you at all! I’m just so glad I met you, Nerisu… You’re my best friend.”

“I appreciate it! You’re my best friend too, Takumi! I hope we have lots of fun when we live together, ehehe~ Here’s my new address! Come visit whenever you like, I can wait!”

Oh gosh, I’m so excited! In a haste, I shower, change into my blue vest with black skinny jeans and brown shoes, eat some toast and drive to Nerisu’s house.Bookmark here

Her house was rather big, as expected of a princess. She even had a second space in her garage for me, too! It’s like she knew I was going to live with her!!

Inside, as I park, I felt a slimmer of hope that she may possibly like me more than I thought…

I should stop getting so distracted, but I can’t help it… So, I knock on her door, and there she is…

She’s grown a lot since we first hung out with each other. She had a very developed figure… Many males lusted after her breasts and butt, and admittedly, I did too.Bookmark here

Maintaining eye contact with her, I wave and smile. “Hi Nerisu!”

“Takumi!!” She gives me a big hug, and I can feel her chest press against my own. It was a little arousing, but I was pretty good with controlling myself. I return the hug, petting her head softly as she purrs.

“There, there… I didn’t know this was what you were preparing for! Wow, I’m just… I was really looking forward to this ever since back then… I’m so glad you remembered, Nerisu…” It was tempting to kiss her, really.

“Of course I’d remember, silly! You’re one of the first cat hybrids I’ve ever met, and you’re the kindest one by far! I hope we can be friends forever…”

I gulp as she says those last few words.

“Sure! Whatever you want, I’ll make it come true!” I proclaim, smiling brightly at her.

“You’re so kind, Takumi!! Oh, I really want to introduce you to my friends one day!”


Did she just say that she wanted to introduce me to her friends? As in, her group?

Oh boy, I didn’t like the sound of this… Her friends seemed very… unique. From what I saw on Talker, she gets teased a lot by them and one of them scared me, to be honest.

His name was Iori, he was known for being snarky and cold at times.

“U-Uh… C-Can it wait? P-People are… s-scary…” I frown, my ears drooping as I make my way into her house.

“O-Oh, you’re still scared of people, Takumi? I’m sorry, I’ll wait until you’re ready!” She responds, letting me make my way inside.

“I-It’s okay! I just want to… relax with you, if that’s okay.” Nerisu nods with her vibrant blue eyes peering into my own, and sits on the couch. I sit down next to her.

“That’s fine! I’m just not looking forward to doing the chores, though… Boo, my body will get so tired when I do them…” She pouts cutely. I wanted to kiss her!

“I’ll do them for you, then! Until you kick me out!” I say to her, which makes her eyes open wide.

She smiled brightly. “I would never kick you out, Takumi! It’s a deal!”

And so, this was the beginning of my cohabitation with Nerisu Himenomiya, the princess of Dreilune.Bookmark here

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