Chapter 43:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

It's been about a week since I wrote in here so here's what's happening!

I'm almost done with the first arc of the novel! Also the next chapter will be released tomorrow for those wondering! Things are heating up, the Storm is on it's way and I have some things to revise and edit before I release it!

I have a ton of things planned and super excited to finally move onto the next part in the novel really soon. 

I also finished the novel cover and hope everyone likes it, I put a lot of heart into it and the symbolism that will be later revealed as the story progresses!

There's a lot I wanna say but some of it's spoilers so I will withhold for now. All I really got to say is that this novel is going to take a turn and things are finally going to connect!

Thank you for following the development of this series, I will be sure to keep the content coming! Please keep supporting me!