Chapter 3:

Drawing With The Princess

TakuNeri: My Love Is A Princess, I Am Her Knight

My first day with Nerisu was just as I expected it to be.

We watched some anime for a few hours, she decided to cook all of the meals for us because she thought I would be tired from doing it at work so many times.

Well, working as a patissiere made me very hungry, but I wouldn’t have minded cooking for her! She’s so kind and lovely, it makes my heart hurt!

To be honest… The main reason why I wanted to work as one was so that I would have a job where she would be able to visit and I could see her be happy while she ate what I cooked for her.

Nothing makes me happier than her happiness. If she happened to fall for some other guy, it would hurt, but I would be there to support her in case they ever had any fights.

Nerisu has a sweet tooth, something she told me ages ago, so I’ve been practising how to become a jack of all trades so I can be her ideal husband. I just want to draw for her, talk to her about intellectual hobbies, protect her against perverts and thieves, cook meals for her like a househusband…

You know, she also told me that she’s always wanted one. I’ve always fantasised about her giving me a kiss every time I do something for her, hehe.

...And no, we didn’t sleep in the same bed together, as much as I would have loved to embrace her body while she slept. Her warm body against my own…

Okay, time to stop getting off-topic! I woke up in the room next to her, which was already set up for me. I didn’t even have to bring my furniture over, so I think I’m going to arrange things with my landlord soon.Bookmark here

I could smell the scent of banana-flavoured pancakes coming from the kitchen, which was close by. Wearing my white sleeveless shirt and light blue boxers, I stumble into the room and see Nerisu wearing a plain white apron covering a light purple nightgown.

“Good morning, Takumi!” She greets me, flipping the pancakes over in the spacious frying pan. “What do you normally like with yours? I have whipped cream and maple syrup!”

“Ah… Good morning, Nerisu! I like mine with whipped cream, to be honest. Thank you, but you didn’t need to…”

“Why not? I mean, maybe you could clean the house and do chores while I cook? I think it’s a great idea!”

“Sure, should I wear a butler’s outfit from now on, then? Hehe.”

“U-Uh!” She stuttered, heat rushing to her cheeks. “N-No, you don’t need to!! But having a butler would be nice as well, I guess… Maybe I should look for one—”Bookmark here

“There’s no need!” I immediately interrupted her, feeling my cheeks turn red as well. “U-Uh, I mean… Isn’t it more convenient having me do those things for you? You know I do a great job as well, right?”

Memories of times where Nerisu needed help cleaning or cooking come to mind when I mention that.

“Ah… Okay, you’re my butler then, Takumi!” She nods, placing the last pancakes onto a plate. There were thirty of them on each plate, if I had to guess. She was a big eater, so it made a lot of sense.

Phew, at least she’s not going to let someone else live with us. Luckily for me, her friends are all content with living with someone else or their loved ones. I know that Mizuki and Takahiro are together, Yuu is with a witch girl named Violet, Yukino’s lover is a girl named Caeleria and Iori isn’t interested in romance. I don’t know about the twins and Nanaka, but they seem single and not into her.

...I need to wait until she’s interested in me, then I’ll know!

I grab the whipped cream from the pantry along with a plate and place two pancakes onto it, decorating them with the cream as Nerisu handed me a knife and fork.Bookmark here

I smile at her as thanks, she grins back in return with her pearly white teeth.Bookmark here

We ate silently, but she had around four pancakes covered in maple syrup on her plate. She was going through them rapidly, drinking orange juice while I had water instead. Her appetite was rather terrifying, if I had to be honest… But it didn’t matter, I still loved her.

Even if I didn’t like her arrogance whenever she boasted about being the greatest artist on Caladria, I tried to tolerate it.Bookmark here

I figured that… If I manage to one day get over my fear of certain kinds of people, she would have to become more humble too.

I think it’s fair, don’t you?

We finished our breakfast within half an hour, and I decided to do the dishes.

It was strangely therapeutic to me for some reason, I didn’t know why but I really enjoyed doing chores.Bookmark here

Nerisu went into her room afterward, I decided to follow when I was done to see what she was up to.

She began to get on her computer and draw, she was a very skilled artist, but it took her a long time to become that good.

I remember back when she drew like an amateur… But I always encouraged her and did collaborations with her, too.

We still do them, just once a month or so. I’m hoping it increases in frequency since we’re living together now, because drawing with her is a lot of fun.Bookmark here

“Nerisu… Can we draw more now that we live together?” I ask her, as she turns around to face me.

“Sure, I don’t see a problem with that!” She beamed, smiling widely at me.

“G-Great! Umm, I brought my tablet with me, maybe we can start today?” I hoped she would say yes, but it seemed likely because of how agreeable she generally is.Bookmark here

Oh oops, I forgot to mention back in chapter two that I brought my tablet, too. I guess you could say this is like… a diary of sorts for me? I organise it into chapters to recount my days with Nerisu. I wanted to get into writing because I know that Nerisu roleplays, and if I improve my skills, maybe I can do it with her...Bookmark here

“Ehehe, okay! That’s fine by me, what do you want to draw?” Knowing her, she did! I pondered her question, because I knew there was something I wanted to draw with her…

...That was, the two of us kissing. I can’t allow that, especially when she doesn’t even like me in that way…

Bookmark here

“Umm… What about the two of us in a maid and butler outfit holding hands?” I suggested, my cheeks lightly blushing when I looked at her.Bookmark here

“Oooh, sure! We haven’t drawn each other in a while, we just keep drawing fanart of other series instead! Okay, your computer is in your bedroom, so we can begin as soon as you go back there!”

On the bottom of her computer screen, I could see messages popping up on the bottom. One of them was… something I don’t expect her to react to in a positive manner.Bookmark here

“Nerisu, has anyone ever called you Tits McGee? I’m surprised I haven’t seen it all over Talker!”

Nerisu spun her chair back to face the computer screen on the left, since she had dual monitors. Her room was lovingly decorated with a bunch of fictional characters, who I probably can’t name in this diary. I know one of them looks like me, with darker hair and he’s the King of Knights...

“Ahh, gosh!! Yuu, you idiot!” She puffed her cheeks cutely, which I could somewhat see. She was so cute when frustrated…

“Sorry, sorry… I’ll let you draw your half first, I need to deal with my friends!” She responded, and I nod before watching her pull up the group conversation in RINE.

“No, Yuu! Please stop asking questions like that!”Bookmark here

“Yuu, for heaven’s sake, calm down and use some tact.” Iori said this.

“Ojou-sama, are you okay? Yuu is just being foolish as always, so there’s no need to pay attention to him.” Mizuki is her bodyguard.

“Oh my, Yuu-kun’s in deep trouble now~” This is from Yukino... She doesn't seem too scary...

“Aww geez, Yuu! You shouldn’t say such things about Nerisu, that’s going too far!” This guy is Takahiro, but his name is listed as Takataka, which I’m guessing is his nickname. He seems to be the nicest apart from her so far.

Her friends seemed like good people… I’m not sure why Yuu is in her group when he says things like that.Bookmark here

I’m sure he’s just trying to get a reaction out of her.Bookmark here

I head back to my room and connect my tablet to the computer, it didn’t need a CD to put in because it was fairly advanced and operated on drivers.

The computer was a clean slate, so I needed to install some programs. I guess this is what it means to be rich, being able to lovingly buy things for your roommate…

After getting the necessary tools, I began to draw my half of our collaboration. I get told I’m handsome pretty often, which makes some people say that I’m suited for a pretty girl like Nerisu…

Well, I only want Nerisu, so it’s flattering. But if she doesn’t want me, then I’ll stay single forever if necessary, waiting until she comes to me!Bookmark here

I send her a quick message, the Savephone Delta had an application on desktop that allowed us to connect our number and send messages from the application instead.

That’s how I usually communicated with Nerisu back at my apartment.Bookmark here

“Nerisu, do you want to colour and lineart my drawing while I do the same for yours?” I ask her, thinking it would make for an interesting picture.

“Sure, sure! You’ve always been a quicker artist than me, so I hope my slowness won’t be too much trouble!”

“It’s fine, really… Your pictures are still nice and vibrant.”

“Oh gosh, thank you! You’re so kind!!”

“You’re welcome. Anyways, I’ll get to work on it!”

That was my last message to her before I started drawing the sketch, which was done within twenty-five minutes.

It usually takes her forty minutes to an hour to finish one, but I was considered naturally gifted when it came to art back in school, so it lead to this.Bookmark here

We communicated back and forth, she showed me her half of wearing a cute maid outfit, one I’m willing to sew and make for her if she wished!Bookmark here

She was too cute! It was rather tight around her body in the picture, though… That was somewhat arousing.Bookmark here

But no, I’m not going to use this diary to list my lewd Nerisu fantasies, that’s way too embarrassing!

Eventually, the drawing was done, and it had bright colours with the two of us smiling. I didn’t add a blush to myself, even if that would’ve made it more realistic…

I was satisfied with it. In the meantime, we ate chocolate cake for lunch that I baked specially for her. I even added chocolate icing on top.Bookmark here

So, it took about… seven hours, which meant that the day was coming to a close.Bookmark here

I think I’m going to end it here, because we managed to do something. I have to go to work on the weekend, but I actually talked with Nerisu about it…Bookmark here

She was willing to support us both financially, but she really wanted me to stop working because she gets lonely.Bookmark here

Of course I would do that for her! I don’t want her to be alone!!

I made some phone calls concerning work and my apartment, so now I was really living with Nerisu every day…Bookmark here

Ahh, life is sweet right now...Bookmark here

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