Chapter 0:

One Bad Day

I Didn't want to be the Karma Killer... (The Karma Killer Book 1) by Brandon Nathaniel Boodoosingh

Look, I didn’t want to be a serial killer. Bookmark here

I’m sure that's what they all say, something to that effect.Bookmark here

I actually wanted to be a superhero.Bookmark here

But unlike some people, I can’t fly by flinging myself across vast distances, throw around planets to play catch with my brother, cause the heat death of the universe with my eyes, push universes apart with my hands, none of that.Bookmark here

I’m “human.”Bookmark here

But the superhero dream is why I had my parents change my name to Karma when I was a kid. It was supposed to be my alias. I now realize that isn’t how it works, but I was a kid. Bookmark here

So, I was checking out items at a store, a knife, a rope, and some duct tape.Bookmark here

I narrowed my eyes as the man walked away.Bookmark here

“I’ll make sure you're paid extra boss, I’m leavin’ early,” I told my manager.Bookmark here

“Sure Karma! Thank you!” She said,Bookmark here

I followed the man to an alley, I hid behind a wall.Bookmark here

I’m so lucky it was springtime, a few months earlier and I’d be freezing.Bookmark here

The man stood for two hours.Bookmark here

I almost just gouged my eyes out just to have something to do.Bookmark here

No, wait that'd hurt… a lot. Bookmark here

I had trained myself to function with 4 hours of sleep, just to game with my overseas companions, this was nothing.Bookmark here

But when gaming, I had games, right now I was just stalking this weirdo.Bookmark here

Then, finally, at a few minutes past 6 in the evening, a woman walked into view, she was noticeably intoxicated and proceeded to puke on the floor.Bookmark here

The man approached the woman and grabbed her arm.Bookmark here

"What are you doing? Let go of my arm!" The woman shrieked in a slurred tone.Bookmark here

I stared, wanting to intervene, but I was too terrified to act.Bookmark here

The woman pushed the man away and started yelling.Bookmark here

The man swung the knife at her.Bookmark here

She stumbled away.Bookmark here

A look of realization crosses her face.Bookmark here

She punched the man in the mouth.Bookmark here

She dug her nails into his right arm.Bookmark here

Then… he stabbed the woman.Bookmark here

I was still too terrified to act.Bookmark here

The man stabbed her three times before I yelled to scare him.Bookmark here

“Hey!” I yelled.Bookmark here

“Who the fuck are you?” He asked me.Bookmark here

“I’m gonna-- stop you.” I stuttered.Bookmark here

He swung the knife at me.Bookmark here

“You-- you really suck at this.” I was still stuttering.Bookmark here

The man pursed his lips and lunged at me.Bookmark here

I smacked his right arm where the woman had clawed at him.Bookmark here

He dropped the knife.Bookmark here

I kicked him in the chest.Bookmark here

“Wait-- You’re that Leto boy. Son of those billionaires-” The man said.Bookmark here

He smiled.Bookmark here

“Your momma-- how many surgeries look like that? She looks like one of the dumb broads I’d kill and-- Oh man what I would give to cut her wide open--”Bookmark here

In a moment of rage I grabbed his knife and slashed open his neck.Bookmark here

“Don’t talk about my mom,” I told him.Bookmark here

I stared at him.Bookmark here

“That’s sweet... you’re a momma's boy.” He choked out calmly.Bookmark here

Then he looked into my eyes, the old man seems to freak out a bit-- his eyes Bookmark here

widened, he squirmed erratically, trying to speak, but only gurgling came out, his head shook back and forth. Bookmark here

After a few moments, he stopped squirming.Bookmark here

I’d realized what I had done.Bookmark here

I didn’t plan to kill him, I just meant to scare him or something.Bookmark here

Disarm him?Bookmark here

He was a serial killer!Bookmark here

I noticed the woman wasn’t moving either.Bookmark here

She was dead, judging from all the blood, she… bled out, obviously.Bookmark here

I heard a scream.Bookmark here

It was my boss.Bookmark here

I realized that it would look like I killed the woman too.Bookmark here

“Wait boss, no-- I--”Bookmark here

My boss pulled out her phone.Bookmark here

There was a slight noise.Bookmark here

My boss fell to the floor.Bookmark here

“Jamie?”Bookmark here

She walked into view with her silenced pistol.Bookmark here

She saw all of it.Bookmark here

Jamie Freeman.Bookmark here

Officially she was hired by my parents to watch over me.Bookmark here

But she’s more of my Aunt.Bookmark here

More of my best friend.Bookmark here

She’s a really nice, African American lady.Bookmark here

She has some sorta inhuman training because I’ve never seen someone her size move so fast, jump so high, and have so much stamina.Bookmark here

In the heat of the moment, I forgot about her.Bookmark here

She can also be very quiet.Bookmark here

“I’ve got you, kiddo. Don't worry, we'll handle this.” Jamie told me.Bookmark here

“What?" I asked.Bookmark here

“I was watching the whole time, but I thought you would just beat the man down and become a hero like you wished to be, and if there was any chance you'd get hurt, I had my gun trained on the man and would have killed him. I hoped being a hero would cheer you up from what happened at school, so I took a chance, my job and life-- or you being sad.”Bookmark here

I should have been more…Bookmark here

Scared?Bookmark here

Scared of myself for killing someone?Bookmark here

Scared that I’d get caught?Bookmark here

Scared that I wasn’t scared?Bookmark here

She instructed me to follow her.Bookmark here

I was silent.Bookmark here

With Jamie’s guiding eye, we used some of the store’s supplies to clean the blood off the floor.Bookmark here

I made a few taps on my watch.Bookmark here

And the cameras went to static.Bookmark here

For the whole day.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The man had been buying the same stuff every day for weeks.Bookmark here

Several women have disappeared on this block every night that he's been coming in.Bookmark here

No bodies were found.Bookmark here

All from my city.Bookmark here

Where the buildings which reach as high as the Tower of Babel would have been, keep most of the streets in the dark with their shadows.Bookmark here

For that reason, we’ll call the city Darklind.Bookmark here

Where everyone is either greasy rich or bare bottom poor.Bookmark here

Where murders, rapists, thieves, and muggers are commonplace roaches and rats who breed like rabbits or possums and love the night like bats.Bookmark here

But, did that make what I did right?Bookmark here

If he was a monster who stalked and killed women?Bookmark here

But if he’s a monster, what does that make me?Bookmark here

Why was I playing judge jury and executioner?Bookmark here

I realized I was in a car.Bookmark here

She was driving.Bookmark here

I broke my silence.Bookmark here

"Jamie, this isn't the way home."Bookmark here

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