Chapter 9:

Chapter 2.4: A New Member

If i had emotions, would the world seem more beautiful?

“Hey! I’m not done talking here!”


“I know you can hear me!”

I chose what every normal person would have done in that situation…I decided to simply walk away from it and pretended I hear nothing.



In a swift moment, I found myself lying on the floor of the hallway. All I could see was the pure white ceiling and the windows on the size.


“How rude! To call a pure maiden like me heavy! Don’t you have a little bit of delicacy?!”


I answered immediately with a stoic face. It was true after all, for me to not be able to feel emotions from a young age, there is no way I would know what one would consider delicacy.



The bell that signalled the start of homeroom has sounded and we were still in the hallways.

“AH! Today’s homeroom is supposed to be taken over by Mitsuki-Sensei! How could I forget?”

“Y-you, you better not run after school, I will find you!”

“Wait for me! Mitsuki-Sensei!”

She went away as quickly as she came. One moment she was berating me, the other on top of me and the next thing you know, she is already gone.

Seeing how I was fairly late for homeroom as well, I quickly got up and made a dash for my class.

“You’re late.”


“Kouda-Sensei is out sick today so I am in charge of your homeroom, I hope you are ready for your consequences of being late.”

“Get to your seats, you will see me after school.”

Kurenai Hana is big busted long black hair teacher in our school. She is known throughout the school for having a very strict personality but according a rumor, she is very gentle. Due to her beautiful looks, strict personality and being a teacher, she has a small group of passionate fans, not that she knows of.

“What are you still standing there for? Get to your seat. Now.”

I have a feeling today is just not my day. Meeting two people I don’t think I can deal with, and to top it off, having to see both of them after school. I’m pretty sure I can book it for the mysterious girl this morning, but I definitely don’t want to run from Kurenai-sensei. It would be a double death sentence from her and her fans. Mostly from her fans thinking I didn’t like Kurenai sensei’s punishment.

I have to text Honoka and tell her I will be late, I guess.


“So, tell me honestly, what was the reason you were late?”

“I was captured, mobbed and pushed down by a mysterious girl in our school in the morning.”

“Sigh…You know, if you give a simple excuse like the train was late, I could have forgiven you, but this is too farfetched.”

“I only told the truth, Your honour.”

“Who is ‘Your Honour’ you punk.”

“Won’t you just tell me what was the real reason?”

Kurenai-Sensei inches closer to me and spoke in a softer voice. If it were to be any other guy in my position, they probably would have consented and told the truth, but it won’t work on me and I already had been telling the truth. Besides a lot of guys will die to be in my position right now, so I have no place to complain.


“Good boy.”

“I was captured, mobbed and pushed down by a mysterious girl in school this morning.”

“Sigh…Fine, it’s your win. Just make sure you aren’t late again for whatever reason it is.”

“I will do that. I will make sure I am never late again due to being captured, mobbed, and …”

“Enough. Get out of here, you are giving me a headache.”

“Have a good day, Kurenai-Sensei.”

I said to her with a slight bow before exiting the room. As I exited the room, I could see a group of boys at the corner of my eyes looking at me. They must be the fan group of Kurenai-Sensei. It’s a good thing they didn’t see what transpired inside.

I told Honoka to meet at Big Waltz again so I better get going. I put on my outdoor shoes and began to walk towards the school gate. I made sure to put extra attention in avoiding the girl from this morning.

“What took you so long? I’ve been waiting here for an hour!”


As soon as I left the school gate, the girl was there.

“You made a beautiful girl like me wait, other boys would be jealous.”

True, she was quite attractive and the way she waited for me outside the school gate made it seem like a couple waiting for each other.

“You couldn’t possibly be… trying to run away?”


“I was spot on, wasn’t I? I’m not going to let you run.”

“I’m actually meeting someone now at Big Waltz”

“Could it be the transfer student?”


“Sigh… You may think you’re lying but your face and words give it all away.”

“That’s it. I’m coming with you.”

How did it come to this? Is she a ninja? I avoided all eyes and made it seem like l already left school. So how did she find me. How am I going to explain to Honoka who she is, considering she might hate Honoka.


“So that’s how you ended up coming here with her?”

“My name is Honshou Kagura! Before anything else, what is your relationship with Mitsuki-Sensei?”

Honshou Kagura, I heard rumours about her as well. She is a first-year student in Class B and she is fairly popular due to her good looks and body. She is envied and hated by many girls.



“Ah you mean…”

“Wait Honoka! Don’t tell her that!”

“…our club advisor?”

Ah. It’s over. I’m never going to get the end of her now.


“Yea! It’s a club that me and Yuu formed recently! The experience club!”

“E-experience club. C-c-c-club advisor. Mitsuki-Sensei…”

Honshou-san suddenly turned around and stared at me before she firmly grasped my hands.

“I have decided! I’m joining the club!”

Yup I knew it, it definitely came to this.

“What’s your purpose of joining?”

“So that I can see Mitsuki-Sensei everyday of course!”

“Straight to the point huh?”

“Glad to have you then Houshou-san!”

“I’m also keeping my eye on you, so you would not steal him.”

“Ahaha. That probably won’t happen. Besides, I think you might find the club fun in the future! Even Mitsuki-Sensei said it was interesting.”

“Mitsuki-Sensei did? W-well then, I will look forward to it.”

“Good to have you then.”

And all of a sudden, we have a new member to our roster. With this, we can finally officiate our club. Come to think of it, it wasn’t even hard to find a member, despite her reason being personal.

“Alright then, I will report to Mitsuki-Sensei tomorrow after school to officiate our club.”

“I will come with you!”

“Instant response…”

“Then let’s all go!”

“Geh, you are coming too?”

“Ahaha, it’s the official start of this club I so have to go!”


The conversation continued as we ate our dinner with our new member. As usual, Honoka sure adapted fast and was talking leisurely with Houshou-san already, heck she was calling her Kagura already. As for me, I still found it awkward to speak out there. And just like that, we were ready to go home.

“Alright then let’s go back together Yuu!”

“…go back together?!”

“What is the relationship between you two?!”

“W-we are…”

“Neighbour! It was really surprising to me as well, I found out just the other day after moving.”

“Um…Sorry, I have something to do after this. I have to meet someone so I can’t go back with you.”

“Oh, alright then. Then I guess Kagura is going together with me.”

“Don’t get too overly familiar!”

Houshou-san seemed to be blushing a little as Honoka grabbed her arms and tugged it while being familiar with her.

“Well, then I will make my way first.”

“See you tomorrow Yuu!”


“Remember to invite me to see Mitsuki-Sensei as well.”

“I will do so.”

After that, I made my separate ways from them, still seeing them linking arms and laughing leisurely from a distance.

“I have to go see Kenji-Sensei now, I promised Dad after all.”

I made my way to the familiar hospital that I woke up in twice and been to multiple times. It’s been awhile since I last saw Kenji-Sensei, I bet he would be shocked to hear my story like Dad said.

“Oh. Isn’t that Yuu!”

Turning around, I saw a familiar face. Kenji-Sensei was standing right there with a Cream Puff in one hand and a drink in the other.

“Looks like I don’t have to go all the way to the Hospital.”


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