Chapter 44:

2/28/22 UPDATE!

Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

Heya everyone, quick update! So recently a new family member was added into my family!

I now proudly own a baby Sulcata Tortoise named Aksana (Russian for Gift from God)

So the last week or so I've been busy researching lots of things about him/her (not sure on the gender yet) and spending all my free time with the baby.

I post Aksana on my instagram and Youtube channel as well.

Aksana is such a bundle of sunshine and I'm very in love with the precious baby. 

Anyways, I got back on track and now finishing up the next chapter of the Novel. I'm just doing the revise and editing and will most likely post the chapter tomorrow, it's going to be the biggest chapter yet btw.

Well that's all for now! Please stay tuned for the next chapter! I'm more excited for it because it's going to open up everything and get the main story started!