Chapter 1:

The Slave Girl

The Neko Girl And Her Handsome Prince

The room was dark, the concrete floor felt cold as it grapsed Hitomi's bare legs. The soft sound of her hallow breaths was the only thing she could hear. Time seemed to have a mind of its own in this room, every second felt like a year to her. Hitomi reached her arm down to her ankles and fiddled with the iron cuffs that were attached to her ankles, the cuffs did not budge. Hitomi's ears twitched instinctivly as she heard footsteps slowly approach the room she was stored in, her cat-like ears provided a superior hearing ability to that of normal humans so its likely she detected them before they detected her. The footsteps stopped just behind the door, Hitomi could hear muffled voices on the other side of the room. Bookmark here

"So what do we do with this one" A muffled voice spoke, Hitomi instantly identified it as a male voice. Bookmark here

"I dont know she is cute and its not everyday you see a catgirl, but she is just so lifeless who the hell would want a slave like that" Another voice responded. Bookmark here

"Good point, if she is more trouble than she is worth we could always kill her" The male voice suggested.Bookmark here

Hitomi pulled he legs into her chest and wrapped her arms around her shins. Bookmark here

"No that is too much trouble, we can just take her and dump on the streets, Let the city swallow her up no one is going to want to help a dirty slave girl, she will be dead by the weeks end" The other voice responded. Bookmark here

"Good idea" The male voice said in agreement. Bookmark here

The sound of an old wooden door opening resonated in Hitomi's ears, through the darkness Hitomi could make out two dark silloughttes moving slowly towards her. Being half cat Hitomi has brilliant sight in the dark but even with this enhanced sight Hitomi could make nothing out but the silloughttes.Bookmark here

Hitomi felt something cover her face, she could feel the texture against her face. It felt like an old potato bag or something like that. Hitomi could not stop her legs from trembling, her breath quickened and heart began to race. Bookmark here

THUMP. Bookmark here

With one strike Hitomi was knocked unconcious. Bookmark here

******Bookmark here

Hitomi once again felt the cold touch of concrete against her bare skin, her damp clothes felt heavy as if they were being held down by bricks.The ice cold rain battered against Hitomi's frail body which shievered in response to the rapid temperature change. Hitomi looked up at the sky and could see it was night and the moon shone brightly in the sky. The iron cuffs still clutched tightly against Hitomi's angles refusing to let go. Hitomi summoned her will and climbed to her feet. Bookmark here

Hitomi walked the desolate streets, there was not a single soul in sight it felt like a ghost town. Perhaps it was because it was late at night or because the weather was so bad, or pehaps it was the worlds way of telling Hitomi she was destined to die alone. Bookmark here

The winding street path lead to a canal which had an over head bridge not far away. Shelter from the rain was the only thing that was going through Hitomi's mind. Hitomi made her way to the underpass and slumped against the wall. The rain relented its assualt as it was being blocked by the bridge above Hitomi's head. The soft rythem of the rain pattering on the bridge above combined with Hitomi's extreme fatigue was enough to send her to sleep. Bookmark here

"Excuse me" A mans voice softly called out. Bookmark here

Hitomi's eyes slowly opened, it took a while for her eyes to focus but once they did they were locked on a man who was kneeling down infront of her. Bookmark here

The man had a black jacket and white T-shirt on with blue jeans, his hair was spikey and red, his eyes were a deep blue.Bookmark here

"Whats a beautiful girl like you doing out here all by yourself" The mans voice asked. His voice was soft and kind. Bookmark here

Hitomi gave no answer and curled up into ball trying to hide herself away from him. Bookmark here

"You will catch your death sleeping out here in the cold, My name is Issac come with me i can offer you a much better place to lay your head" The man said offering his hand out. Bookmark here

Hitomi gave a soft hiss and bared her sharp fangs. Bookmark here

"Woah now, easy im not going to hurt you i promise, come with me i can help you" Issac said reassuringly. Bookmark here

Hitomi paused for a few moments, seeing no other option she slowly reached for Issac's hand. Bookmark here

Issac took Hitomi's hand in his and helped her to her feet, He took his jacket off and placed it around Hitomi's shoulders.Bookmark here

Hitomi clucthed onto the jacket with both hands and pulled it tighter to her body for warmth. Issac lead Hitomi out fo the underpass and back onto the main street. While they were walking Issac noticed that Hitomi was not wearing any shoes her feet were all cut up and her ankles were locked up by iron cuffs attached with a chain. Bookmark here

Much to Hitomi's surprise, Issac scooped up Hitomi in his arms and carried her in a sort of bridal carry. Bookmark here

"You know a pair of shoes would not go amiss" Issac said jokingly whilst giving her a smile. Bookmark here

Hitomi gave no response, she instincivly nestled herself closer to his body in order to warm her own. Hitomi could hear the beating of Issac's heart, it was slightly elevated but the rythem of his heart somehow soothed her. She slowly closed her eyes. Bookmark here

Issac looked down at the cat-girl he was carrying in his arms, her head nestled against his chest. Bookmark here

"Dont worry i promised to help you and help you i will. I am a prince after all and its my job to look after my people regardless of their race or social status. And i believe you will be able to help me save my kingdom and save this world" Issac said. Bookmark here

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