Chapter 1:

Prologue: The Birth of the Facade


Hello! Calzi here!

This chapter will be long but the others will be quite short. Because I plan that this series will be a quick read. 

It’s a little different than my other work; “He Who Have Changed Shall Change Once More”, which is based on fantasy. But this one will be in a real world setting. 

Without further ado, enjoy!


I see, that’s how it is...

I thought while standing in front of the halfway opened door into my classroom.

There were rows of chairs paired with tables in my sight, a huge chalk board that swallows the whole front wall where the rows of tables were facing, a table slightly larger than the rest that is designated for the teacher, and a cork board at the back wall where papers such as clubs looking for members or schedules were posted.

But one particular sight that my eyes caught made me feel the continuously-needle-stabbing sensation in my chest.

In the far left side of the classroom where the windows are located, there are two people making out.  The girl is standing with her back against the wall, and her hands were wrapped around his neck.  While the boy’s right hand is on her cheek while his left arm is holding her waist. 

Seeing that they were making advances in turns everyone could tell that it is an action with consent of both parties.

The wind blew the curtains as if it was trying to hide those two from me.

They might hear the click of the sliding door if it was closed by someone, so I slowly closed it but left a little space open.  As I was about to walk away, a classmate that was standing 10 steps away from me shouted.

“Oiii Sen! Did you find your phone in there?”

His voice was loud enough so the people inside the classroom would hear it if the door is left open even just a little bit.  As expected, they heard it.

Both of them stared at me, even though just a little bit, I stared back too just to let them know I saw everything.  Their eyes were filled with fear, I did not stared at them as if I was going to do something bad, but I know that my gaze were filled with sadness.  They felt that too that is why there were fearful.

I closed the door and it blocked the sight of the two who are obviously startled and staring at me.  Then I turn to the one who called out to me.

“It’s not... I’m really going to cry if I lose it.”

I said in a sad tone.  I brought my head down and my hands was still holding the door.  Although I was sad about something else, from his perspective I am sad because of the fact that I might have lost my phone.  Yes, this kind-hearted classmate of mine is helping me look for my phone even though school is already over.  He said he had things to do, but when we were walking together by chance and found out that I lost it he asked me if he could help me find it.  The wanted-to-help-aura he gave off was too much so I accepted his help.

“E-Eeeh?! D-Don’t cry now Sen. Let’s go ask the faculty if they have it.”

He beckoned me to go with him, but I shook my head.

“No, this is fine already. Thank you for your help.”

“Are you sure? You sure you don’t want me to go with you to the faculty? It’d be faster if there’s two people looking for it you know.”

“That’s true, but I can’t bother you since you have things to do, mother.”

“Don’t call me a mother!”

I chuckled at the sight of him pointing at me while denying what I said loudly.  He waved at me and left while I waved back.  I took a deep breath and opened the door and went to my desk in order to get my phone that was placed under it.  Then, it was the two people inside the classroom’s turn to talk to me.

“S-Sen... I can explain...”


The girl said while trembling, her clothes were quite disarrayed but not as much.  While the boy stood silently next to her with his head down, trying his best not to match my sight.

I forced myself not to look at them, after grabbing my phone I walked towards the door normally as if nothing happened.

The girl ran to me and hugged my tightly from behind in order to stop me from walking.  But the boy did not move.

“Please Sen... let me explain please....”

She was crying while holding me tightly, I looked at the boy whose head was still facing the floor and could see droplets of tears falling from his eyes.

Her embrace made me sick, I felt nauseous and thought I was going to throw up, but I held it in.  The stabbing sensation in my chest grew stronger.  My throat felt like it was clogged, but I swallowed saliva in order to fix it.

“I’m sorry Sen... I’m sorry, I’m *hic* really sorry... I was wrong, but *hic* please...”

She did not finish her sentence, maybe because she felt guilty, or maybe because she was crying too much that her speech was affected.

“Sen... sorry...”

Then the boy spoke.  He tightened his grip and tried his best to control his sobs.  I felt I should be angry here, but instead I gave up unknowingly.

“Well, it’s to be expected. You guys are childhood friends, so it’s inevitable that you guys have feelings for each other.”

I tried to take of the hands that were wrapped in my stomach.  But she tightened it more.

“No... please *hic* Sen...”

Her sobbing voice became a little weak.

“I was the one that intruded in someone’s relationship, not you.”


I stopped unrestricting the hands that bounded me and placed my hands as softly as I could on top of it.  She twitched but continued to hold me tightly. 

“You liked it didn’t you? The sensation of his lips...”


“...the warmth that he gives during those moments...”

“...please, Sen...”

“...and lastly, the person himself.”


She did not say anything else, her hands weakened and finally freed me.  She fell to the ground knees first, and started covering her face with her hands and cried loudly.

The boy who is silent during all this was now biting his lips.  I stared at him and waited for him to respond to my action, when he finally looked at me, I smiled faintly and said my last words before leaving.

“We’re breaking up, so it’s all you.”

Those words made me weak, the urge to throw up grew stronger, the stabbing sensation in my chest spread throughout my torso, and my eyes felt warm and was about to burst tears.  But I held it all in.

I walked out of the door without closing it. The sound of a girl crying and a boy holding his sobs filled my ears as I left the room, but when the distance grew between me and the classroom the more faint the sounds became.  

After stepping out of the gate, I looked back to the building where my classroom is located.  The boy was still standing and his head is still facing the floor.  Maybe he never moved.

I sighed but stopped midway, because the tears almost fell.  I smiled and thought.

This hurts....

Using my right hand, I grabbed the middle of my chest hard as if I was trying to crush it.  But the pain was still there.  It felt like it was about to rip my chest open. 

“My bestfriend... and my girlfriend huh...”

I muttered.

I started walking home in order to go to my safe space, my room, and cry.  

Little did I know, my emotions started disappearing during this time, and a facade started to form. 



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