Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 lonely night

Razors of the night

????:Yo excuse me mind if I sit here? Bookmark here

????:Sure no problemo let me just move my turntable set from here. Bookmark here

????:Thanks a bunch man. Bookmark here

????:See you also got a guitar as well too. Bookmark here

????:Yeah I'm a musician as well too Bookmark here

????:Looking for a place to busk I see. Bookmark here

????:Yeah something like that. Bookmark here

????:I’m just here to now head on home. Bookmark here

????:Yeah I getcha bought a whole bunch of records lately for me to get inspiration from ya dig? Bookmark here

????:Yeah that’s cool whats your style of music? Bookmark here

????:A little bit of everything and anything. Bookmark here

????:So anything goes for you I’m more rock based. Bookmark here

????:That’s good good lot of closeminded bitches be calling it devils music or some shit like bitch please. Bookmark here

????:Yeah these people are really missing out the beauty of music. Bookmark here

????:Yeah every fucking genre in some fucking way is always a fucking problem don’t like it don’t fucking listen to it and stop projecting your insecurties. Bookmark here

????:Oh yeah!! Society is full of hypocrites here and never fuck with those kinds of people man. Whats your name man!? We only known each other for about 10 fucking minutes and I already like you. Bookmark here

????:My name is scythe. Bookmark here

????:Call me DJ DJ Knifepoint as my records are as sharp as one. Bookmark here

Scythe:Nice to meet you then. Bookmark here

Dj Knifepoint:Looks like my stop is coming. Bookmark here

Scythe:Same as my own as well too interesting concidence. Bookmark here

Dj knifepoint:Yeah must because we’re the only ones here in this train or really probably this entire subway. Bookmark here

Scythe:Yeah nothing but trash and graffiti around here and you can barely see anything as well too. Bookmark here

Dj Knife:Not to mention its been rainy whole day so its going to get a lot more hectic for a lot of people trying to head home now. Bookmark here

Scythe:Hopefully the next bus should be here any soon. Bookmark here

????:Looking for the bus too late I only just got here as well and it only passed. Bookmark here

Scythe: Well yeah that makes 2 of us. Bookmark here

????:Welcome to hell then. Bookmark here

Scythe:Almost purgatory like then. Bookmark here

Dj knife: And we’ll be in here for a long time. Bookmark here

????:Got that right, I'm Raven. Bookmark here

Scythe:Scythe. Bookmark here

Dj knife:Dj Knife! In the house! Bookmark here

Raven:Charmed. Bookmark here

Scythe:Looks like the bus should be here any moment and is it just me or is it getting colder? Bookmark here

Raven:Always been cold since I've been standing here must have gotten out from the subway soon and its always heavily raining here. Bookmark here

Scythe:Looks like the bus is coming. Bookmark here

Raven:And according to the time which is now 7 pm its also the last bus coming this way lucky us. Bookmark here

Scythe:Some people aren’t so lucky so be glad we got it and hopefully the worst case scenario of the bus crashing doesn’t happened. Bookmark here

Raven:Hahahaha yeah. Bookmark here

Dj Knife looks like its only us on the bus. Bookmark here

Scythe: Obviosuly. Bookmark here

????:Watch your step my drum kit is around here. Bookmark here

Scythe:Whoops sorry about that. Bookmark here

????:No fucking problem I'm lot more jollier than santa claus could ever be. Bookmark here

Scythe:Certainly look like you can pass as one. Bookmark here

????:Yep Bookmark here

Scythe: And you must be on your way home as well too. Bookmark here

????:Certainly after spending all the day with giving kids christmas presents I've been working overtime since Mrs.Claus took everything from me. I’m blaster as obvious as it is from my drums. Bookmark here

Scythe: Another busker I see. Bookmark here

Blaster:Yep it’s a living. Bookmark here

Scythe:Looks like my stop is coming. Bookmark here

Dj Knife:Same as well too. Bookmark here

Blaster:My own is coming in few secs as well too. Bookmark here

Raven:Speak of the devil my own is coming as well. Bookmark here

Dj knife:Here we are. Bookmark here

????:Wheres my keys here it is. Bookmark here

Dj Knife:You live here? Bookmark here

Scythe:Yeah I do and you? Bookmark here

Dj knife:Same as me. Bookmark here

Raven:I also live here as well. Bookmark here

????:Yeah I also just came home I'm “G” doesn’t mean anything just “G” my bass is right there so be careful. Bookmark here

Raven: Looks like we’re all Neighbors then maybe we should work together and yeah I’m also a busker as well sorry for not mentioning it sooner have to really be careful with speaking since vocal chords can go bad easily. Bookmark here

DJ Knife: I have an idea and I'll see you guys tomorrow as I think I may have something in my mind. Bookmark here

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