Chapter 2:

The Avenger & The Resolute

DALNO: The Beginning/Phase 1

February 27, 3142, 7:25 AM at Bomei Elementary School, Homura.Bookmark here

I did not kill him,Bookmark here

W-We never did that.Bookmark here

That's all…Bookmark here

A frame-up.Bookmark here

The boy opened his eyes and met a fist to his face.Bookmark here

We never killed him.Bookmark here

The boy fell to the ground as more kids ran to beat him.Bookmark here

Believe me,Bookmark here

We are not the culprit. Bookmark here

I will prove the government wrong, Bookmark here

and destroy the man who started all of this,Bookmark here

Weldrin VodabrickBookmark here

A total of eight male kids left the boy in a bloody state as the school ring ended the fight. Seeking revenge, the boy found an opening, picked a rock, and rushed to the kids. Suddenly, a teacher named Raiden holds his hand stuck. And sighs.Bookmark here

“Bullying again? Cain? Lucie?”Bookmark here

“No, we did nothing. The Ashite only smashed the rock to his face so he can frame us for attempted murder” An accomplice of the two replied.Bookmark here

“Hmph,” Why, why, I’m a teacher, yet, I don’t have the guts to prevent bullying, is this the effect of the law? Did the law get absorbed into my brain like a dried cacao seed? Either way, forgive me for not protecting you, for the damned 2263rd time. “You kids, start going to your classes, for you… you can go home for now”Bookmark here

“Okay”, the boy weakly replied.Bookmark here

As Raiden told, the kids went to their respective classrooms while he gazes at the boy approaching the school gate with the fresh, open wound and blood leaks he got from today’s discrimination.Bookmark here

It hurtsBookmark here

The pointy view of everyone towards us,Bookmark here

It hurts.Bookmark here

The harsh accusations they throw at us,Bookmark here

It hurts more than any worse bruises I ever got.Bookmark here

Are you fucking satisfied?Bookmark here

Weldrin VodabrickBookmark here

Later on, a jaywalker sees the boy’s bruises and struggle, then proceeds to laugh and throws a medium-sized rock to the back of his head and thuds to the ground, losing his footing.Bookmark here

“Ha, damn Ashite sleeping on the street? go back to hell”, the jaywalker said with a killer-like grin.Bookmark here

The jaywalker continues to throw rocks at the boy. Either big, small, or bigger, as long as the jaywalker can recognize a thing as a rock, he’ll throw it towards.Bookmark here

The jaywalker starts to bore. Can’t do anything? huh, Ashite. It then rushes to the boy with an intent to kill while the boy shuts his eye, waiting to take the beat.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the rushing noise ends, and a thud is heard on the ground. A voice of a man spoke.Bookmark here

“Hmn, don’t fight the opponent while it’s down, you schadenfreude”Bookmark here

The boy slowly opens his eyes, clearing his vision, the jaywalker is down, then looks at his back, the voice came from a teacher that jumped from the second-floor building near them with the proof being the only open window in the building.Bookmark here

“M—Mr. N—Naiyhto”, The boy weakly said.Bookmark here

“Hmn, start walking, the scenario kept my students distracted”, Naiyhto replied, then left on the way back to his class.Bookmark here

The boy stood up and continued to walk, watching the teacher walk to the school building.Bookmark here

Naiyhto Makushi,Bookmark here

A guy of work more than words.Bookmark here

He’s a teacher from a neighboring school of mine.Bookmark here

TodayBookmark here

He protected me,Bookmark here

In his secretive ways,Bookmark here

For the 2263rd time.Bookmark here

As the boy continuously walks, he unknowingly passes someone walking in the opposite direction.Bookmark here

The two lined up before their current step landed.Bookmark here

The cyan-haired kid with a lightning ahoge slightly turned his head to the boy, mindfully saying.Bookmark here

Is... he…Bookmark here

The kid turned his head back before they landed their current step, and continued to walk.Bookmark here

Seconds later, the kid glimpsed the boy once more, turned back, and sighed.Bookmark here

So they've done it again, huh?Bookmark here

Anyway, let’s memorize that again.Bookmark here

I am Blaze Lissclion.Bookmark here

Son of Aston and Embre Lissclion.Bookmark here

I don't have any precise dreams to work on.Bookmark here

Except for one thing in particular.Bookmark here

I want to be popular.Bookmark here

Not in the same way as my family is known for.Bookmark here

But to make my own name in history.Bookmark here

The moment Blaze stood on the school grounds, the students noticed his presence and started to yell his name, but only the family name.Bookmark here

It’s frickin’ Blaze Lissclion.Bookmark here

Tch, insolent people, for the 2263rd time.Bookmark here

Blaze is walking in the hallway, gritting his teeth, with the students still appraising his family name.Bookmark here

I need to become popular with my name…Bookmark here

I, I AMBookmark here

BLAaaa—Bookmark here

Blaze unwittingly tripped over a kid in a black jacket, and with his face fall flat to the ground, he died.Bookmark here

“Oh sorry, my bad”, said the kid in a black jacket.Bookmark here

The students watched Blaze in silence as he got helped by the kid. The moment Blaze walked.Bookmark here


The students start to beat the kid in a black jacket like a delinquent while Blaze grinds his teeth as he hears the blows interacting with the kid’s body.Bookmark here

Sorry, a fellow student.Bookmark here

I just can’t defend him in front of everyone.Bookmark here

I--I’m too scared to make a smudge in my family name.Bookmark here

Even though it’s my goal, I--It’s hard to do it.Bookmark here

Because everyone saw us as one loyal bloodline, and one failure in public might blame all of us, I don’t know.Bookmark here

That’s also why—Bookmark here

I need to get known not because of what my lineage has done.Bookmark here

But from the things I still have to, and will be done. Bookmark here

Because failure is already in my genes, that’s another reason why I must do it.Bookmark here

Blaze entered his classroom, with students and school staff still giving him the same respect as every Lissclion is treated.Bookmark here

On the way to his seat, anger is present in his eyes, the students' cheer annoys him, as well has reserved respect.Bookmark here

I hate this,Bookmark here

No one cheered by my name,Bookmark here

AND I HATE IT.Bookmark here

I need to get treated differentlyBookmark here

The same difference as that AshiteBookmark here

But I don't envy that devil for itBookmark here

Since mine will becomeBookmark here

Differently Real Bookmark here

The moment Blaze sat down, the students stopped and started walking to their classrooms. Bookmark here

The class started their first subject, History. As it progresses, Blaze gets bored and starts to write a short story in his notebook.Bookmark here


Vincent pooped so hard, that he died. He shat throughout the whole world, covering his Lil shat into children’s mouths.Bookmark here

Then Blaze punched the heck out of him and he stopped pooping like a heckBookmark here

But it’s too late cause he’s already dead as frick.Bookmark here

The EndBookmark here

Blaze reads his work and gets a giggle until a sound of a guy clearing his throat is heard. Blaze stopped, slowly raising his head, the teacher’s gaze aimed at him.Bookmark here

“You’re laughing, the founder in today’s lesson died and you’re laughing?”Bookmark here

Blaze stutters as he processes an answer. The moment he speaks a coherent syllable, a classmate takes over and does the reasoning instead.Bookmark here

Blaze is shocked by the classmate’s cover-up and starts to get pissed while he puts his head down.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I got your back. Lissclion… Drake?”Bookmark here

Blaze’s dandelion pupil shrinks as he hears the classmate’s words.Bookmark here

Did he just,Bookmark here

Insult me?Bookmark here

He cut my reasoning with this random story,Bookmark here

And defiled my name to its fullest.Bookmark here

Dang itBookmark here

If only I don’t have this reserved privilege,Bookmark here

I could’ve done more than just sit.Bookmark here

As the class continues, Blaze crunches his palm and silently punches under his desk to somehow lessen his rage.Bookmark here

Hmph, I wonder if that Ashite is doin’ better than mine.Bookmark here

Curious, yet unconcerned.Bookmark here

Marshall Eastman
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