Chapter 3:

Result Of Turning Events

DALNO: The Beginning/Phase 1

After two hours of walking, the boy frailly reached home, lost enough blood to make his vision blurry, he saw an incoherent silhouette of a red-haired woman approaching in his direction and passed out.Bookmark here

Thirty minutes have passed, and the boy starts to wake up. Still having a blurry vision, the red-haired woman is holding the boy’s hand in her face as it performs ancestral hand signs.Bookmark here

A green specter glare starts to come out from the woman’s hand as she continues the movement.Bookmark here

“Continuous Seal: Complete Heal”Bookmark here

The woman then placed its palm with the specter light on the boy’s chest, the light rapidly scattered to the boy’s body and healed the bruises and open wounds it passes, then it traveled inside to his body healing the damaged tissues, internal bleedings, small fractures, and lastly the blood addition slowly bringing the boy’s vision to normal.Bookmark here

The boy realizes that the red-haired woman is his mother and rapidly hugs her tight with despair in his eyes.Bookmark here

“Ko, where is…”Bookmark here

A sudden slam of the door is heard by the worried father who walked slowly toward the boy in disbelief.Bookmark here

“Looks like another bad day for you?”, Ko calmly said.Bookmark here

The boy drunkenly stood up with Ko aiding him, then the boy looked back to his parents with a down expression.Bookmark here

"Mom, dad, why are we treated like this?"Bookmark here

The boy's wonder of questioning left his parents in a shock, then down state. After a short, full of awkward silence, Ko responds.Bookmark here

"It's because of that law that is made for our clan about the founder’s death, even though we didn't do the deed"Bookmark here

"But why didn't you tell them the truth then!?" The boy asked while crunching his own fist. "I'm tired of this abuse, damn it… every day, I got fucking bullied in school, then went home... if not, receives shitty discrimination from people… why?"Bookmark here

The boy’s words hit his parent's morale and stayed silent, with a brain full of newborn questions.Bookmark here

After a brief amount of silence. Hyu, the father, bends down, pats the boy’s head, and makes a bright face.Bookmark here

"Hey, we can just forget that it happened, c'mon let's train your abilities in the backyard.", But deep inside, even he needs to get revenge on everything it did to their bloodline. Especially to his older brother, the clan leader, who is one of the deceased founder's closest friends and is currently in a local prison.Bookmark here

Agreeing with the father’s request, the boy wipes his tears with a sleeve from his black shirt and positively changes his expression with the white fade in his pupil shrinking as proof.Bookmark here

The father and son then race to the backyard bringing their wooden stick for the training, leaving Ko behind with a recovered joyful expression as she watches the boys’ smile and laughter.Bookmark here

In a principal's office at an unidentified school, a mysterious man enters the room. Then the principal aims his hand at the open telephone. Casually picking up the object, the man placed it near its ears.Bookmark here

“I-It’s me”Bookmark here

“Hello Sir, this is the Kyourou-ho Hospital: Asoko Branch '', said the voice of a woman on the other side of the telephone. “And uhh, I’m here to remind you about the remaining expenses for Ms. Zomi’s Tuberculosis operation to occur, not to include the one for her Leukaemia expenses and admission fees''Bookmark here

The man sighs in disbelief.Bookmark here

“I’ll do everything I can to get money in order to keep up with the expenses Ma’am, just tell her to wait a while, please. I’m gonna continue playing as soon as possible, please bear with me, Ma’am”Bookmark here

The woman dropped the phone after she accepted the man’s reasoning, the man then followed by returning the telephone to the principal.Bookmark here

“Are you going to continue being Noir Robin?” delightfully asked the principal.Bookmark here

The man then tears up and sobs once as he slowly puts his hand inside its coat pocket and reveals a black pistol, he then inserts the silencer and slowly aims it at the principal. The man sobs once more.Bookmark here

“Sorry… Mr. Gleez”Bookmark here

The man pulls the trigger revealing a bullet with a black mask symbol on the end part. As the bullet travels through Principal Gleez’s head, Principal Gleez smiles.Bookmark here

The principal thuds down, and the bell rang at the same time. The man then grabs every money the principal has and inside its vault. He then grabs his mask from his coat and wears it revealing a black character with white big eyes and a black beak. The Noir Robin.Bookmark here

It was an afternoon in the Ashite residence, and the boy and the father were called by Ko for lunch. Like earlier, they also raced happily to the table. As they eat, the television is showing the current news in a dialect that the boy can’t comprehend.Bookmark here

“What are they talking about, Mom?”Bookmark here

“Let’s see: A Levy Theillmadorph Concert on Showbiz. Earthquake at Mount City, Snowslide at Snowdin, and Sandstorm at Lone Deserts on Calamity. And Noir Robin Strikes Again for the Top Local”Bookmark here

“Holy shit, a brutal killer is back” reacts Vincent.Bookmark here

“Manners, please… we’re on the table” ordered Ko.Bookmark here

“It’s been six months since the topic about Noir Robin came out in the media, right?” asked Hyu.Bookmark here

After the mother nods, they continue eating, but the boy has his mind in question.Bookmark here

What will happen if I ever encounter and defeat this guy?Bookmark here

Will the accusation go off?Bookmark here

Or not?Bookmark here

Lunch is finished, and the boy kisses his parents as they and the rest of the Ashite clan are within the age of fifteen years old and up to their secret missions.Bookmark here

The boy then changed clothes with the same black shirt with an orange collar but with shorter sleeves. After he’s ready, he walks outside heading to the Asoko woods where he plays around till five o’clock in the afternoon.Bookmark here

On the way, an unexpected huge flaming object fell from the sky to the same destination as the boy. As it landed, an earthquake-like vibration occurred to the boy’s standing point and to the town where he was within.Bookmark here

What Bookmark here

TheBookmark here

HeckBookmark here

Just HappenedBookmark here

As he said, he went rushing into the woods trying to find the location of the object. Based on the destruction of the forest, the boy is on the site. He then took a breath and slowly inspected the black shiny object from afar.Bookmark here

Why is this thing not burning?Bookmark here

Yet as far as my estimation says,Bookmark here

The trees within five meters were engulfed in flames.Bookmark here

And the actual object isn't?Bookmark here

Strange…Bookmark here

The object drew curiosity and questions with its advanced mystic motif, the boy walked towards it and checked its contents. The moment he looked in, a mysterious black substance got stuck to his body making him panic. As the boy attempts to remove the substance, It spread faster, through his body than to his eyes.Bookmark here

The boy passed out physically, then woke up mentally inside his own conscience surrounded by a pitch-black environment.Bookmark here

The boy looks through his surroundings stressfully, then a drop of a water-like substance falls in front of him. The water drop then goes intact to the ground and ripples appear.Bookmark here

The ripple travels to the surroundings and changes the environment it passes, slowly revealing an environment of flesh-like grounds with the same black substance appearing as a root-like object scattered everywhere.Bookmark here

The boy brings his gaze to the ripple slowly revealing the roots to its host. At the end of the ripple’s travel, it reveals something of a king's seat covered with black roots.Bookmark here

The black substance from earlier then comes out and is getting formed by the roots into a shadowy figure covered on the black substance with an ancestral mask sitting menacingly in the seat.Bookmark here

"Hm ha ha ha haa"Bookmark here

As the boy hears the entity's deep-toned chuckle, he loses words and panics even more to the point of shaking.Bookmark here

"Your hatred and despair are overwhelming… With it, I can be powerful or be MORE POWERFUL… so perish, as this body is in MY OWNERSHIP NOW"Bookmark here

The mask is about to conceal the boy, more black substance is generated from the roots and slowly covers the boy with it. In complete shock, the boy is left suffocated by the black substance. Confirming his death is prominent, the boy shed a tear as the white fade of his eyes slowly covered his pupil as proof of slow death.Bookmark here

Sorry, momBookmark here

I can’t eat dinner tonightBookmark here

I requestBookmark here

Leave the rampage to meBookmark here

As I don’t want any more Ashite blood in publicBookmark here

I may be the Avenger the clan wantBookmark here

Yet a time is too soon for me to standBookmark here

IBookmark here

Love YouBookmark here

Accepting his inevitable death, the boy smiles forcibly as the black substance tightens itself intensively.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a manuscript appeared and shined at the boy's back, making the black substance shrink and pile up to the mysterious mask. In shock, the whole black substance is sealed inside a paper with ancestral symbols, preventing it from moving.Bookmark here

The boy then gets out of his consciousness and faints once more. As he fell, he saw a glimpse of someone's silhouette in a school uniform watching nervously with the seal symbol in the palm and ran away.Bookmark here

The time is 5:30 PM, the boy regains consciousness and proceeds to walk drunkenly. On the way, he saw a familiar shady man holding up a mother with her child.Bookmark here

Is that?Bookmark here

What do I think it is?Bookmark here

Eh, I think notBookmark here

To avoid getting in their business he continued to walk back. Suddenly, he heard a cry.Bookmark here

"Bagels? Money? OR Death!"Bookmark here

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