Chapter 9:

caesura 1

Aboard the Winnow

Lili is in a world that is far too bright yet far too dull. Her vision stretches beyond the horizons, but there's nothing to see. An infinite plane of existence—and she has it all to herself, no strings attached.Bookmark here

And then the globe appears before her, in all of its shining terror. The snow inside is still swirling as if someone's shaken it recently.Bookmark here

She grits her teeth. Lili doesn't waste a single moment as she asks, "Did you disable the radar?" Bookmark here

It doesn't answer, and Lili is pretty sure it can't because it's a globe. Instead, it motions to her body. Bookmark here

Watch out. It’s warning her.Bookmark here

She looks down at herself. There's something bitter, something dark and solid inside her core. It's so angry Lili thinks it might burst. That she'll burst along with it.Bookmark here

It swirls around her. She's completely swallowed herself in a cocoon of smoke and burnt wood. And for some reason, she feels like she's right at home. Bookmark here

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