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Series Table of Content List (Skippable Chapter) - 10/03/2022, updated on 10/06/22.

Further Tales From The UnderCurrent (Short Story Prequel Series)

Hello everyone and welcome to my novel - For the first time since I started writing I missed my self-imposed schedule by quite some days owing to some unfortunate discourse on the site shooting my motivation & comfort to publish here right in the chest😂 - However that's no excuse to stop writing and so to get myself back into the spirit of things I've turned back to what I know best - Admin!

In my previous job I worked as a 'Site Admin' which involved the stocking and monitoring of a storehouse and offices, health & safety of the compound, management of the skip, oversight of all deliveries in & out, site security, etc, etc - And one thing essential to that (and pretty much any job where you manage something) was organisation, lists, spreadsheets etc.

As for you the reader this chapter may prove useful as a guide/table of contents of sorts (hence why I'm putting it here and a mirror version at the start of 'Ode to Fallen Nemo') - The following is a breakdown of all my projects, with a brief summary and how far complete they are - As well as being a preview of what's to come.

If something catches your eye then it would mean the world if you gave it a read, that said no pressure or anything - All these stories are standalone so just pick at random or which cover art you like best😀😊.

All works of the UnderCurrent(UC) - Ordered the way they'll eventually be organised into;

#1 An Ode To Fallen Nemo(OFT);
Status - Complete, Third Draft Version Public.
About - OFT was the first thing I wrote in the series and has a decently lengthy foreword of its own if you're looking for more background. As a short story it acts as a sort of compressed version of everything else - With a focus on the 'background characters' of life, a borderline nihilistic view of war and a theme of loss - Its probably my least refined piece owing to its odd origins, however it also has by far the best cover-art, gives a decent introduction to this world, has Kolme Nilas'es first appearance and contains the backstory of Sabban Vint.

Blurb - Sabban Vint & his fellow graduates of the 117th cadet core, are exhilarated at the chance to serve alongside the legendary ace pilots of IAFS - However they will soon learn that not all soldiers are heroes nor all pilots aces - Someone needs to don the redshirt, to bellow the Wilhelm-Scream - To pilot the mighty V-MBT-Neo-M - The Nemo.

#2 Vijaik Ace(VA);

Status - Complete, Second Draft Version Public.

About - OFT and VA can come across as a bit depressing when read back to back but with good intention - Where OFT is about regular people in a war, why they would join up, what it's like to be used as cannon fodder in someone else's story - VA is about someone with real talent, experience and extreme skill - However in reality this all comes at a cost, that of leaving everyone else behind you, that of becoming isolated from your peers, that of improving by any means necessary just to survive - In reality OFT and VA are two sides of the same coin.

{Spoiler's}; Includes Scarlet's backstory, first appearance and the 'Skirmish of the 4th'.

Blurb - Bela Grimizan is considered the best of the best, regardless of any rumours her subordinates might speak of - But are years of training, experience & raw talent enough to counter someone with faith on their side?

#3 Family;

Status - Complete, First Draft Version Public

About - 'Family' is one of only two stories that seemingly has nothing to do with the core cast of UnderCurrent, further it takes place in a different time period to the other stories, is currently one of only two written in the first person and has almost no mecha or Sci-fi nonsense - In essence making it the most standalone of all.

Family takes place during the 'First War', situated in the small country of Ivernia, that's at imminent risk of invasion and has yet to fully dedicate itself to either a full scale defence or trying to maintain its neutrality - But more-so its a romance story about a man and his fiancée as they try to find their place in this rapidly moving world.

It's one of my most experimental but I quite like it and was able to touch on some stuff the 'Space' setting doesn't normally allow - I hope you like it too.

Blurb - 'Lucky' Luke.

Luke is his middle name actually but it's what everyone calls him. That's the sort of place he lives - A place where a legend is required when war comes beckoning at their doors...

#4 Rookie Vijaik(RV);
Status - Outlined, release in the future.

About - Una's and one other character's backstories. I haven't entirely decided on the style for this one yet, I kind of like the idea of it as a theatre style play but that might be overly ambitious😅 - It's planned as a short one mostly centred on probably the most opaque breakdown of the philosophical differences between TSU and IAFS. 

At present I haven't yet scheduled for when I'll write this one proper.

#5 Neo Sentinel(NS);

Status - Outlined, release in the future.

About - Hoki and her Father's backstory and a critical part of the formation of IAFS.

My plan for this one is a sort of generic heist plot but with alot of old men & women doing the heist - Sorta like 'New Tricks' + 'Gundam' + 'Generic Heist Movie' - That said I haven't watched or read enough to do that idea justice, as such I'll probably write this one after I've had time to sit down and do some proper heist movie binging😉😂.

At present I haven't yet scheduled for when I'll write this one proper.

#6 Nemo Wars(NW);
Status - Complete, First Draft Version Public.
About - Nemo Wars is planned as the culmination of the other short 5 stories - It centres on a character who refuses to so much as give his name, rank or even allegiance.

The story will centre on him after crash landing in a refugee camp of sorts, where-in he revaluates his life, the different moralities the world has forced on him and ultimately tries to come to terms with whether he should or shouldn't continue fighting in the endless wars of the UnderCurrent.

This is the second of the two stories with no obviously-direct connection of the primary cast of UnderCurrent, making it also very standalone. I used a journal style for it so its also quite different in that regard.

Blurb - The town is a place of balance, a place where people accept facts and emotions - A place where people help one another for no reason other then its right to do so.
The Mech is nearly repaired... Why did I want to fix it again?

#6.5 - Nemo Wars, The Tamai Supplement;

Taking my original idea for the final chapter of Nemo Wars, The Tami Supplement deals with the perspective of events from the books female lead, the young girl of mysterious background, 'Tamai'.

It will act as a way to flesh out 'Nemo-Wars' into more of a Novella, fixing (hopefully) the last few chapter's pacing and allowing me to incorporate some other cut ideas.

All chapters are planned to come soon😉😊😎😋.

UnderCurrent(UC) - (My Main Work);

Status - In Progress, Arc 1(Draft 2), Arc 2(Draft 1) and Arc 3(Draft 1) are all publicly available right now, Arc 4(Draft 1) Coming soon.

About - UnderCurrent is the central work the rest all feed back to.

It consists of 6 arcs, each following one of the 5 primary characters, who in turn have their backstories contained to the short stories listed above - Further it is written in-universe by the author 'Pierre Havelock', the protagonist of the spin off book 'The Girl He Used To Know' (listed below).

It's a story about much the same themes and messages as the short-stories but with those topics explored to a greater degree, with the different ideals and lived experiences of the characters clashing off one another to create a more in-depth look at things.

It's a story about what family means, about what we as humans are willing to do to each other & how easily we can be misguided into doing so.

It's about faith and how 'normal' people are meant to live in a world where they are truly little more than background characters in someone else's far off adventures.

It's also just a dumb book about giant-fighting-robots.😉.

Finally it's also the story with the most battles and action if you like that sort of thing and the one with the largest narrative impact on this 'Universe'.

Blurb - 'The UnderCurrent Incident' of 2022 gave humanity it's first glance at alien life, thought not in an expected way. It allowed for a VR like vision into the lives of an entire race of people separate to our own. This novel serialises their story, the story of 5 ordinary pilots part-taking in an interplanetary war of galactic proportions.

With no way of knowing if this glimpse into a foreign society is an alternate reality or some distant planet in our own universe, it would only take so long for the public to demand a guided tour - Now you hold that very thing in your hands, with exclusive access to the project and transcripts from the original experiment's team.

You will learn of the lives to which UnderCurrent affords us a view into, of the Battleship Fluchtig's soldiers, of a conflict that spans far more then any of them know and of their hunt for a 'Dangerous Submarine'.

-Blurb of "The UnderCurrent Experience" by Pierre Havelock on behalf of her Majesty's Government.

The Girl He Used To Know(GUK) - (Spin-Off Novella);
Status - Complete story (Draft 2 published and Draft 3 in progress - Currently done to Ep6)

About - GUK is technically my most popular novel, owing in large part to my afterword which seemed to ruffle some feathers, causing me to update said afterword to better explain my concerns - Which in turn only seemed to annoy people more

[Lessons learned; Keep your mouth Shut - You never know when people will skip to the end of your book to read about your personal feeling, you definitely never know when they'll choose to berate or harass you for said feelings - Remember kids, keep your mouth shut it's the safest route we have.]

That said GUK was actually pretty popular in a very short time period before the afterword - In large part this is because I tailored it specifically to what I perceived as Honeyfeed's preferred troops of romance, short form chapters and isekai/fantasy settings.

I wrote it somewhat spur of the moment for a HF challenge prompt while I was trying to join in with the community a bit more and in doing so I produced the entire novella in a one month timeframe - I'm pretty proud of that and with its web-novel audience in mind and complete lack of gaint fighting robots, it might just be the very best novel for someone new to my page!😊.

There's alot more I could say on this one's production but I'll save that for an actual proper afterword to the novel itself.

Blurb - Pierre Havelock is not a young man, though he has a certain wizened handsomeness.

What Pierre is - is an author, atleast now he is. In truth 3 decades ago Pierre was dragged across space & time only to land on our boring old earth.

So when one of his 'characters', a girl based on someone he once knew in his past life, appears before him - Pierre is less than best pleased.

UnderCurrent 2033(UC-33);
Status -
The planned sequel for UnderCurrent

About - The only story that will require you to have read atleast 'UnderCurrent' to get the most out of.

This one's a long ways off, for now that's all I'm saying😉😉.

Blurb - [Redacted]

And there you have it - All my current plans, novels, short stories and spin-off novellas - You have my extreme thanks if you chose to read any of these or simply choose to read this.
Doing this definitely helped me take stock of all the novels current progress and hopefully I'll be motivated back to regular publishing again promptly - As a bit of fun, other ideas I'm considering in this Universe include a story about dieing Gods centering on the UnderCurrent's Dwarf sub-culture, A 'ThunderBolt' style novella about Scarlet's life and a non-canon spin off where the characters just chill out at the beach or something lol.

Cya then, thanks again for reading,