Chapter 8:


The denied one

"What's the commotion here"Bookmark here

A girl that has strict face spoke to me, she's wearing a armor that a knight will only wear, she has a long hair that is tied up in pony tail, has a sword and looking at me with a eyes like a snake.Bookmark here

"Umm."Bookmark here

The knight girl frowned.Bookmark here

"You, can you explain to me what happened here, ohh sorry, I didn't introduced myself, My name is Jeanne Satisha, and I'm the leader of the red knight squad in the alakitasia empire."Bookmark here

"(So she's really a knight.)"Bookmark here

"My friends got taken by the people in the empire." Distraught Thrice said that and wants to move and save akasha and others as soon as possible but he don't have a sufficient information so he don't have a choice but to rely on this knight that came from the empire that have a higher possibility that a demon is connected with them the people in the empire.Bookmark here

"Please, help me save my friends, please I'm begging you."Bookmark here

The knight girl look straight into thrice eyes as if she's suspecting him for something, and the girl speaks...Bookmark here

"You, are you one of the people here in this village?"Bookmark here

"It doesn't matter right now if I'm from this village or not right, what comes first is-Bookmark here

The girl interrupt.Bookmark here

"Just answer my question!"Bookmark here

"I have my other companion that got taken including the kids that living in this house, one of the kids in this house told us about her father and mother that disappeared suddenly without the kids knowing it, and we thought that we can help too for finding their parents and also we're travelling back then so we met her hunting for animals."Bookmark here

"Why would someone like you and your companion helping a kid who you just met like hours ago."Bookmark here

"(Shit.)"Bookmark here

I stopped talking for the moment because of the nervousness inside me, and the knight jeanne pointed a eye of doubt in me, i can't look into her eyes for the reason of overflowing intimidating aura she have, but i pondered for a moment and decides what I'm going to say to hide the truth.Bookmark here

"My mother and father got killed by the people in empire."Bookmark here

The eye of the knight suddenly change it was the eyes when someone got shocked about something.Bookmark here

"(Looks like this will go.)" thrice said while having a slight smile.Bookmark here

"We have a nice family that anyone can wish for, i don't wish anymore because i have now what make me feel that I'm in the paradise. But one day some drunkers from empire enter entered in our house by kicking it, they're asking for some money for them to be able to buy a alcohol, but our house don't have that much money and it's only enough for our everyday needs, but the drunkers doesn't care of it and keep insisting about the money, after we refuse so many times, the drunkers patience reach its limit, and beat my father continuously, and when they finished beating my father they drew their swords and stab my father with it so many blood has flow out from father's body resulting him to death, after that my mother got raped by all of the drunkers, while l'm watching that hellish scene i cannot take it anymore and my patience got reached to its peak i charge into the scene and push the other drunkers that holding my mother with my shoulder but i didn't even hurt them, conversely l'm the one who was got beaten. and they throw me out from my house, i felt really distraught because my sister got left inside so i tried to go again inside my house but, what i seen there is my mother's corpse soaked in blood, i screamed louder than i have before, my sister ran towards me and we escape from home and that drunker, even until now regrets and guilty filling within me that everytime I'm pondering why I ran why I escape, until i realize back then how I was weak, that's why i trained harder and harder to do a revenge for the people who killed my parents no matter what it takes." Bookmark here

Knight Jeanne's eye suddenly change to eyes that pitying someone.Bookmark here

Jeanne bowed for head.Bookmark here

"Sorry, for you to do that far of bringing your sad past, forgive me for being a incompetent."Bookmark here

"No no that's okay and since i want you to trust me, it's obvious that i need to show a proof of how and why you would trust someone like me."Bookmark here

Jeanne lift her head and showed a relieved face.Bookmark here

"(So she believed in what i said, i didn't expect that i thought she's the type of the person who doesn't believe to the story of strangers but i guess it work out as I want, but it doesn't really a lie though.)"Bookmark here

As soon as the interrogation has finished, someone looks like a knight but not elegant like knight jeanne came with a anxious face.Bookmark here

"Captain jeanne captain jeanne!!!"Bookmark here

"What, why are you shouting like that? Is there a problem?"Bookmark here

The knight is heavily breathing as if someone chase him.Bookmark here

"Our knight, the knight i-in the s-squad is killing each other."Bookmark here

"What"?Bookmark here

"Please, captain subside the situation, we can't do anything, they said it's for lord beelzebub please capt-"Bookmark here

The lost conscious and when the knight lay down to the ground i noticed something.Bookmark here

"Heyy his back!!"Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

Jeanne looked into his back and....Bookmark here

"He have a stab in his back!"Bookmark here

"Oi wake up!!!!!!!!"Bookmark here

"Knight jeanne we need to take him to the near medical magician in this town." Bookmark here

Jeanne looked at me while having a tears in her eye.Bookmark here

"I have a business to that beelzebub too so we need to take him to the medical magician quickly and go to that bastard, but first we need to go to your squad where massacre is happening between your knights, and after that we will defeat the mastermind of all of this, but i bet it is beelzebub."Bookmark here

Jeanne wipe her tears.Bookmark here

"I understand, and I'm sure he is the mastermind also of the disappearing case that happening in this city, alright I'll will lend your help, umm"Bookmark here

"Thrice."Bookmark here

"Ok thrice let's go and save your friends and the people that got taken." Bookmark here

"Right!"Bookmark here

TO BE CONTINUED...Bookmark here

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