Chapter 4:

An Encounter Of Two Killers

DALNO: The Beginning/Phase 1

Scared by the infamous face of a killer, the mother kept declining in a tremble, protecting her daughter in a blue hooded jacket.Bookmark here

“Give me the bagel… NOW”Bookmark here

The fuck?Bookmark here

All that for a damn bagel?Bookmark here

The boy sighs disappointedly.Bookmark here

Sometimes,Bookmark here

Motives sound stupid when said aloud, isn’t it?Bookmark here

“Hey!” the boy yells as he claps his hand twice walking into the scene. Attracting the man in black.Bookmark here

As the man in black is seen by the boy, the boy starts to struggle at walking forward.Bookmark here

“What?” said the infamous Noir Robin.Bookmark here

Not seeming to answer, Noir Robin turns back his gaze to the mother and daughter and continues the unfinished crime.Bookmark here

ShitBookmark here

ShitBookmark here

SHITBookmark here

It's actually himBookmark here

It's my chanceBookmark here

The start of saving an old reputationBookmark here

FuckBookmark here

My brainBookmark here

Its giving me fearsBookmark here

The boy continues walking to the scene, menacingly shaking, with seriousness on his sweaty face, and doubts filling his fearful mind.Bookmark here

"Stop doing that sir, it's not cool", the boy attempted to save the mother and daughter.Bookmark here

"You seem not to know me, huh… Anyway, get off my business devil... go back to your place with your kind", replied Noir Robin.Bookmark here

Getting offended, the boy snapped his cool off, faintly clearing his fears over the infamous killer. He clenched his fingers into his palm, then walked in between the two sides.Bookmark here

“Wasting time, huh? How about wasting your time by killing ME, a devil! let’s see what you famously have”, said the boy as he rushed to Noir Robin.Bookmark here

“Hmph, this brat”Bookmark here

Noir Robin then grabs his signature pistol from his belt pocket, spins it in his middle finger cocking it in the process, aims it at the rushing boy, and pulls the trigger. The 20mm bullet swiftly traveled out through the boy’s left shoulder with the blood it passed and gave the hit spot a slight knockback.Bookmark here

Having a delayed reaction, the boy looked upon his just-now heavy shoulder. As he sees the blood, his purple eyes shrunken’ and starts to shout agonizingly as the impact of the bullet just reached his brain like a shockwave.Bookmark here

As the boy kept shouting in pain, his courage and goals got slightly blurred as well.Bookmark here

“And that’s what I have devil”Bookmark here

Noir Robin then rapidly raises his knees to the boy’s guts making him fall to the ground. As the boy is about to crouch in pain, Noir Robin kicks the boy’s right arm slamming him hard to the ground.Bookmark here

“Don’t you dare die on me devil”, Noir Robin coldly said as he stomped the boy’s shotted arm and crumbled its bone that had already been cracked by the bullet. “As you will be the one who will cover my trace tonight”Bookmark here

After one hard stomp, the boy is silenced with pupils covered in white and liquid streaming from his nose, eyes, and mouth.Bookmark here

With his right foot covered in blood, Noir Robin walks to the mother and daughter.Bookmark here

“Now then, where are we?... Oh, yea, WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?”Bookmark here

Noir Robin aimed the pistol at the mother and daughter in a flash, making the motherhood tremble with the blue-haired daughter starting to sob.Bookmark here

Not receiving a response, Noir Robin slowly cocks the pistol.Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

In a brief amount of silence, Noir Robin sighs.Bookmark here

“Well then… Impatience will be the cause of your demises”Bookmark here

Noir Robin instantly pulls the trigger, as the bullet gets revealed from the flame, the mother draws her face in disbelief with the daughter closes her eyes shut.Bookmark here

Out of nowhere, a bark of wood goes flying and gets hit by the bullet. As the bullet passes through, the bark flips hard with enough force to snatch Noir Robin’s pistol away.Bookmark here

While the pistol is going in the same direction as the bark, the bullet still flies. The bullet is still heading to the mother’s terrified face. As it lands, the bullet loses its impact and only makes contact with the mother’s forehead and falls to the ground.Bookmark here

In shock, Noir Robin looked back at the boy. Little did he know that the boy was already rushing near to his direction in a raging cry and got his guts a blow with enough impact to raise him midair.Bookmark here

Starting to fall from midair, Noir Robin coughs hard in pain. The boy then tackled Noir Robin with his shot arm and locked him with his right arm in all his might.Bookmark here

"Weird girl's mom, escape with your daughter now... and report it to any higher-up that you could find as soon as possible!" demanded the boy.Bookmark here

"Her Name is Yumichi you idiot!" the mother responds. "One of the future owners of the Yachi Pastry"Bookmark here

"Yukinky or Bakamichi whatever, just find FUCKING someone"Bookmark here

The mother and Yumichi then start to run while the boy struggles on holding Noir Robin.Bookmark here

"Get off me… YOU DAMN FUCKING DEVIIIIIIIL"Bookmark here

As time passed by, At Bomei, the mother found Raiden lying on a grassy downhill and reported the situation regarding the boy. Without any response, Raiden proceeds to run.Bookmark here

In front of the Yachi residence, the boy is about to lose hold of Noir Robin. The boy bit Noir Robin’s mask to hold longer yet failed and tore it off. Noir Robin then pushes the boy and catches his breath.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the boy stares in disbelief and jitter thoughts as he witnesses a familiar face beneath the mask.Bookmark here

The unmasked Noir Robin then laughs hysterically as he bends his upper body, raising his head to the lunar sky.Bookmark here

“Ashites are really a pain… RIGHT?”Bookmark here

While facing the bright night sky, Noir Robin suddenly released a maniacal grin, he then looked eye-to-eye with the boy and revealed himself with the same growing grin. The man whom the boy looked up to, The man whom the boy thought befriended, The man whom the boy protected. The man behind the infamous serial killer, The man behind the mask, The man behind Noir Robin. Is none other than, Naiyhto Makushi.Bookmark here

“Hmn, the stupid devil. Getting into my business like a rat… Well, thank goodness killing an Ashite is part of the law, as I will not have any remorse on this execution. And as tradition, I, the victim, had lost a client because of YOU. That is the cause of my suing… Now, my expected punishment to you is neither worse than the other Ashites… A DEATH SENTENCE”Bookmark here

With the boy’s guard still down in shock. Naiyhto rushed and gave a hard blow to the boy’s face then started to attack constantly.Bookmark here

"You… and your pesky… rotten lineage… doesn't belong… to this village-country… you all deserve… to die… you FUCKING KILLERS"Bookmark here

In tears, the boy released a rageful cry, from his right hand, gray-colored hexagons started to appear and condensed themselves, materializing a sword that looked like a knight blade. He swung it around and severely slashed Naiyhto’s back.Bookmark here

"For the last 12 years of my existence, nothing new?" the boy coldly said. Yet inside, he is happy as his Arcanae ability finally came out.Bookmark here

[Arcanae: A magic system harnessed by the Homura race which allows them to generate an ability from a life-force-kind of hexagons that’s produced and afloat from one’s veins on any part of its body]Bookmark here

“Hmn, this bastard” Naiyhto whispers. His Arcanae energy flow is different... more different than the rest of the Ashites… What is this?”Bookmark here

In the Homura Secret Mission Facility, Hyu and Ko, and the rest of the Ashite clan are currently on a break after a mission.Bookmark here

In a blink of an eye, sword-based Arcanae energy flow has emerged from a distance. It was felt by everyone inside the facility like a shockwave in their veins, yet most of them ignored it.Bookmark here

Worried, Hyu courageously stands up and proceeds to walk to their Commander and bows his head in front of a dark cyan-haired man with bright red eyes, lightning ahoge, and a blue and black camouflage-like clothing representing a Commander’s uniform.Bookmark here

"Commander Aston Lissclion, may we have a petition?", Hyu requested.Bookmark here

"What?", Aston responds. Wait, the energy feels close, and yet, it's not from any of the people inside?Bookmark here

"We felt an enormous amount of Arcanae energy in a distance that is similar to ours'', Hyu continues. "May we have your permission to follow it?"Bookmark here

As they hear the acceptance, the Ashite clan along with Aston rushes to the source of the energy.Bookmark here

At the battle, Raiden arrived at the location and witnessed a desperate Naiyhto trying to land a blow on the boy.Bookmark here

"What the hell is going on here Naiyhto?"Bookmark here

"AGHHH, 10 Seals: Paralysis"Bookmark here

Naiyhto kicked Raiden in rage with a black glare at the foot, paralyzing Raiden as the black glare traveled through his body and got flown to a nearby tree.Bookmark here

Dang, it, I can't move, Raiden mumbles. What the… Such impeccable energy for a kid… Is this… the power he kept hidden from everyone?Bookmark here

As Naiyhto turns his attention back to the boy. The boy is shaking as he forcefully split the knight's blade into two. More same colored hexagons came out of the boy’s hands and filled up parts of the split-up blade and one got materialized into a katana, while the other dissolved. The boy then catches up to his breath, controlling his Arcanae energy flow at the same time.Bookmark here

“Wha… the flow… IT BECAME STRONGER” cried Naiyhto and Raiden with pupils shrunk.Bookmark here

"Raiden... Naiyhto…” the boy coldly said with a smirk.Bookmark here

The boy then raises his head and grins bigger despite his sorry state as hexagons materialize as a support to his broken shoulder allowing him to use it again.Bookmark here

“The name is Vincent Ashite... a proud kin from the Ashite lineage... and I wield… the Sword Arcanae"Bookmark here

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