Chapter 1:


PRIME (盛り)


A black velvet sky with a gorgeous scarlet moon, is giving a seductive leer at the ingenious paimon artist, who is creating a masterpiece by using a human’s thick and sweet blood. As the silent shadows, begin to hide away from the benevolent and blazing sun. As the bloodstains lay on the rough and grey concrete road, tired parents are walking out of their front doors ten minutes early. In order to miss the traffic jams on the way to work. As several parents open their house gate and turn around to close their gates, they suddenly feel an awry feeling, running down their spines. One parent slowly turns around down at the road to see the Paimons masterpiece.

“Noo!” said one parent, while letting off a hysterical scream.

There is a potent sinister smell coming from the crime scene. Another parent has her right hand firmly on her mouth, to stop her from throwing up. What lies on the cold concrete road, is a drawing of a human skull in blood. Shortly after the parents witnessing this surreal nightmare, the police flood the scene, with news reporters latest “Intel” rushing down the online stream. Elsewhere in Japan there is a boy called Iki who is 17-years old, with crimson red hair and fierce light yellow coloured eyes. He is currently 5 ft 5 and is eating three slices of bread, while watching the terrifying incident, which the news reporters managed to find this morning. He looks at the time on the T.V. suddenly realises he is going to be late for school, so he quickly grabs his T.V. remote and turns it off, and quickly throws on his school bag. He checks to see if he has his phone with him and rushes to his door to put on his shoes for school.

Iki runs and opens his gate to his house and then closes it, he looks left and then right to see how busy the path is, and so he can start running to school. The school gate is beginning to close and he is still quite far away from the gate. Iki starts to get serious. He focuses on getting past the gate in time; his heart starts to beat rapidly, his oxygen intake begins to rise. The amount of energy pumped to his muscles increases immensely, he starts to accelerate swiftly. The teachers behind the gate see Iki running towards to gate but know that he will not make it in time, so they turn around to walk back into the school building. Iki stops shortly in front of the school gate, and squats down. Then suddenly releases the built up momentum and propels Iki flying over the school gate and in front of the teachers.

“wha...” said a teacher.

“How is did he, do that!” said another teacher.

Iki was not going to stop and talk to the teachers; he rushed into the school building.

“Iki stop right now!” said a teacher who is vexed at the fact this lowly student, managed to complete such a jump in his manner.

Iki ignored the teacher’s call for him to stop where he is, continues to run up the stairs, and goes into class. He closes the classroom door slowly and creeps passed his fellow students and down, quietly. BANG! The teachers from outside slam the door open.

“Iki come with us right now!” said a teacher.

He was not surprised that the teachers had something to say to him, as they did not like him much. Iki waltz towards the door and walked with the teachers a few steps down the corridor. The raged teachers try to intimate him by stopping and getting up close to Iki.

“Do you not realise what you did!” says an angry teacher

Iki is not intimated by any of the teachers says, “I just jumped over the gate and made it to school on time, I don’t see the problem.” One teacher loses his cool, grips up Iki’s shirt, and says, “I’ll teach you manners!” The teachers are trying to calm him down and to release Iki. As the teacher releases him, Iki instinctively round house kicks the teacher in the head. In which sends the teacher flying to the window, it smashes. As silence began to spread rapidly, so did anger, as other teachers and students heard the noise and came out to see the incident.

“I always knew Iki didn’t belong here!” says a student

“Such a vulgar child.” says a teacher

“Get out of here scum!” says a student

The teachers and the student start to chant “go now scum!”

Due to the overwhelming pressure, Iki thought it was wise to leave while he had the chance; the students were throwing any objects they could find at Iki. He did not retaliate to them, just carried on walking out of the school building. He walks home and it starts to rain heavy, he does not even think about an umbrella, as the rain is currently comforting his pain. “Why would I worry about a cold, when my hearts colder” says Iki to himself as he walks up the stairs to his apartment. “Tell me why I have to deal with this world?” Iki asks while looking up at the sky from the outside corridor to his apartment.

“I wonder what my parents will say when they find I got kicked out of school…tsh I bet they wouldn’t even care, as they are never here for me; but always have time for work” says Iki. As he puts his apartment, key into his door and unlocks it. “Why is it fine to discriminate me because of the color of my hair?” he says to himself. He walks inside his apartment and locks it, then heads into his bathroom to take off his clothes and puts them into a washing machine while he steps into his shower.

“Why do I get stereotyped as a violent person because of the way I look?” he says to himself.

He activates the shower and lets the water run along down his buff body. “What am I going to do now? No school will want to accept me now”, He grabs a bottle of shampoo to put in his hair, and squirts a tiny bit out. He begins to massage it into his hair, he realises that he was lucky that the teachers did not call the police, as it would be hard for him to get a part time job.

The steam from the shower starts to become thick, since he has been thinking in the shower for too long. He turns off the shower and dry is himself with a towel, and then puts on a fresh set of clothes. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK ! DING DING DING DING! “So they did call the police in the end…” Iki says to himself as he walks to the door to unlock and open it. Suddenly Iki gets a drop kick to the face, he falls to the floor “who the hell...” says Iki aloud, “I can’t believe you kicked a teacher in the head, what on earth you was thinking,” says Aiko. She is Iki’s childhood friend and who has been looking after him for a long time. “Aiko…Why did you drop kick me?” says Iki, she frowns and says “didn’t you hear a thing I just said?” says Aiko. Iki makes a screw face and says, “Well maybe I could of if I didn’t get dropped kick at my front door!” says Iki.

“Why don’t I drop kick you some more, to help you hear well!” says Aiko, Iki stands up and says “why don’t I drop kick you and teach you some manners!” Aiko gets closer and says, “I’d like to see you try”, Iki with an upset face says, “You know they wanted to get rid of me anyway”. Aiko closes the front door and walks up to Iki and hugs him, and says, “I know you have it hard, but that’s still no reason to be feeling sad. You are a strong man, you always have been”. He hugs her back and says “Thank you Aiko for always being there for me…” Iki closes his eyes and she is smiles.

Iki starts to reminisce about his childhood memories, he would play with the other children in kinder garden as he was popular, but one day his hair turned red and the children turned on him. They would gang up on him and bully him simply for the colour of his hair. One time he would be in the park alone to play by himself and the other children came and said “gross, look at your hair”, “devil!” They would punch and kick Iki down on the floor for the same reason. Aiko ran and stopped the other children from hurting Iki anymore, he was crying whilst on lying on the floor with grazes and bruises. Aiko comforted him, and walked him home and explained to his parents what had happened. Even though Iki does not remember this, his parent always loved and cared for him and was so shocked they went to each child’s house to talk to their parents about the situation. No one really tried to understand Iki, are saw that he really was. He was outcast and humiliated, by peers and teachers, except from Aiko of course.

Iki opens his eyes and says to Aiko “Your breath stinks”, Aiko executes a swift uppercut on Iki, and says “hmmph” while walking off in his apartment to his bedroom. Iki says, “Owww, you didn’t have to hit me that hard” while recovering and slowly following Aiko. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Iki says “this is probably the police so stay in my room”, he walks to his door and opens it. Hugo sidekicks Iki and sends him flying backwards, and says “yoo”. Iki catches his breath and recovers then looks up slowly and says “who the hell…WHY THE HELL YOU SIDE KICK ME HUGO HUUUH”. Iki storms up to Hugo and Hugo replies with “cause I was bored” while picking his nose with his pinky finger on his left hand. “The veins on Iki’s forehead begin to bulge, then he says, “Why don’t I send you to heaven so you can have fun there”. “Calm down Iki it’s not a big deal,” says Hugo as he walks straight into Iki’s house with no invite. “I think anyone getting side kicked when they just open the door is a big deal!” says Iki.

“Is the reason why your mad because you have a girl in here…” says Hugo, Iki looks down and says “no of course not”. Hugo smiles and walks up to Iki and places his right arm around him and says, “Ooh, since when did Iki become a player aye.” Iki still looks down then slowly up and says,” I don’t have a girlfriend in the first place how can I be a player?”. “Wait so there is a girl in this house!” says Hugo. Aiko walks into the same area and says “yes I’m the girl in this house, what do you want?”

“Nice to meet you I’m Hugo and aspiring doctor, would you like to take my resume, I look forward to hearing from you,” says Hugo, Aiko uppercuts Hugo and he falls to the ground like a sheet of paper. “I know that was something dirty, you pervert!” Hugo jumps back up from the floor and says “what do you mean that was dirty, the only thing dirty here is your hair”. Hugo and Aiko are about to clash, when Iki intervenes to say “guys let’s not fight each other”. Aiko turns and looks at Iki and says “guys?” Hugo turns, looks, and says “guys?”, and then they both start beating up Iki. “What did I even do!” they left Iki on the floor while they both started to walk off and talk about random stuff.

"Erm, this is my place, you know!" says Iki while looking baffled. Aiko and Hugo stop to turn back and look at Iki; Hugo says "why did you kick a teacher at school? More importantly what are you going to do now?" Iki lifts his upper body up from the floor in a seated position and says "I don't know anymore". Aiko and Hugo stay silent while walking towards him. "What can I do? I’m treated like this no matter where I go" says Iki, Aiko withholds her true feelings and has a cold expression. Hugo walks towards Iki and picks him up and says "bro...No matter what you know I got your back". Iki stands up straight and says "thank you brother, I have got your back as well" KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

"This has to be the police this time!" says Iki, Hugo walks to the door and says “don’t worry; I’ll open it, just hide in the back. Iki puts his arm out to stop Hugo and says "it's my responsibility, I’ll handle It." he proceeds to open his door, no one is there. He steps forward and pops his head out to the left to see if anyone was there. Still there was no one to be seen, he pops his head to the right and see's nothing. Iki turns around to say "There's no one...” he gets interrupted as Reo says "BOOOOOOOM!!!", while barging Iki to the side.”Gaze on these magnificent muscles, I was blessed by the God's", Reo starts to tense his upper body muscles violently, this causes his school shirt to rip apart. "Who's the ugly friend of yours Iki?" says Aiko, Reo starts to cry and crawls up into a corner.

"He's one of my friends, his name is Reo" says Iki, "Aiko look at what you have gone and done, you made Iki's friend sad" says Hugo. "HUH, who made who mad!" says Aiko as she walks up to Hugo. "Isn't obvious!" he says, Aiko and Hugo continue to make thug type faces at each other, until Reo gets up from the floor and brushes himself off. "I heard what happened Iki, just know that I got your back no matter what happens" says Reo. Iki, who was slightly annoyed from being barged to the side, was happy that Reo said that and smiles and says "thank you bro, same to you".

"Reo close my door please, I don't want my neighbors to get annoyed" says Iki, Reo walks to the door and closes it, then turns around to walk back to Iki and the others. Suddenly someone knocks on the door, Aiko, Hugo and Iki get annoyed and walk towards the door while Reo opens the door. Iki's neighbor is standing there and says "If you guys don't keep the noise down!", " If we don't keep the noise down, what are you going to do?" says Aiko, Hugo, Iki and Reo at the same time, with all of them with thuggish facial expression, the neighbor looks at them and proceeds to say "Sorry, I was the one being noisy".

"Of course, one wouldn't dare insult my gorgeous muscles" says Reo, while he closes the door. Iki sighs and walks to his bedroom to lie down, the others soon follow. Iki lies on his belly with his head resting on his arms, "Tell me why you sitting on top of my Reo?” Reo with a proud smile says " I'm going to give you a back massage for potential muscle growth". Hugo looks shocked and says “Seriously? I thought you were...” Aiko interrupts to say "Hugo don't even say what you was about to say". Hugo says "HUH, WHY NOT!", she gets annoyed and says " BECAUSE I SAID SO, GOT IT!", "can you guys stop arguing for one second and help me get out of this massage situation please" says Iki. Aiko and Hugo look away from Iki and say "No."

Iki looks at them both and says “I have been betrayed!” Aiko, Hugo and Reo laugh. A few hours pass. "It's getting late now, I’ll be around tomorrow so you better be in Iki" says Aiko. " I better get going as well, I don't want my parents getting worried" says Hugo, "You can stare at my Godly muscles all day however, my muscles do indeed need to rest after such a hard day, so I’ll be going home" says Reo. Hugo looks at Reo with a confused expression and says "What did you even do today?” He replies by saying "Nothing much", Iki walks everyone out and says "Thank you everyone for coming to see if I’m okay, I appreciate it." Iki then closes the door and goes into his bed to sleep.

Meanwhile, the Principal is coming back from a short holiday and is being told about what happened with Iki and the teacher. "I got it. Be sure to call him in for a meeting tomorrow" she says to her assistant.

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PRIME (盛り)

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