Chapter 5:

The Name's Vincent Ashite

DALNO: The Beginning/Phase 1

From a distance, Naiyhto can feel the pressure from the energy that Vincent released in such a long time. Raiden does feel it too, but his paralysis prevented him from reacting, yet he is still shocked.Bookmark here

"Hmn, flexing too MUCH?" Naiyhto responds as he does 20 ancestral hand signs, then incants 20 Seals: Flash Step, teleporting himself to Vincent.Bookmark here

Naiyhto draws closer with a smirk. Coldly, Vincent goes to a stance, keeps his katana on his left shoulder, and swiftly draws it forward. It then disappeared into thousand hexagon pieces floating around him.Bookmark here

I thought I’ve made friends,Bookmark here

Instead, I’ve made the ones who will cause my own to perish.Bookmark here

Sword Style, Manipulate: Rushing Barrier”Bookmark here

The hexagons stopped floating, and each materialized into razor-sharp slash rays connecting to a nearby hexagon and slowly forming a sphere of continuous slashes protecting Vincent within.Bookmark here

As Naiyhto continue his flash step, he noticed the rushing light of slashes drawing in his direction. He managed to stop his charge, but it was too late for him to back out. Naiyhto made it out but an agonizing cry follows as he felt the pain of his severed right shoulder.Bookmark here

The barrier dispersed abruptly as Vincent’s Arcanae energy can no longer maintain the technique.Bookmark here

As Vincent catches his breath, Naiyhto suddenly becomes bigger into a monster-like 50-foot creature covered with root-like objects that came from his body. Also surprised, Naiyhto’s questions get overlapped by pride and see it as luck of last resort.Bookmark here

Terrified, Vincent worries about the chance of him getting killed. In such a monstrosity, Vincent took a short time directing his mind to focus and proceed to rush. Using the roots as a platform, Vincent generates another katana with his right hand, jumps, and aims to slice Naiyhto’s head in midair.Bookmark here

Suddenly, Vincent got ambushed by rushing spike-like roots. As Vincent notices its presence, he is surrounded, it then commences a continuous barrage around him.Bookmark here

“Hmn, enjoying it? Ashite?... Naiyhto Makushi, with the Arcanae: Wood Flesh”Bookmark here

Realizing another sign of his end. Vincent cried in pain.Bookmark here

NoBookmark here

I can’tBookmark here

Die NowBookmark here

NoBookmark here

I needBookmark here

To do thisBookmark here

FOR MY CLAAAAANBookmark here

From Vincent’s left hand, a second katana emerged and both got restructured by the hexagons into a pair of Claw Blades.Bookmark here

“WHAT THE FUCK, TWO?” Naiyhto responds.Bookmark here

Raiden also felt the doubling of Vincent’s Arcanae energy flow but, in shrunken pupils, his danger instinct enrages.Bookmark here

In the forests, Aston and the Ashite Squadron felt the double of the energy's power, some lost balance, and a little went unconscious.Bookmark here

Catching their breath with such tremendous energy shifted in an instant as lightning. They became worried and rushed even faster thinking an Ashite was on a rampage.Bookmark here

My goal is setI will make youand everyone…ACCEPT MY CLAAAN”Bookmark here

As Vincent regains his balance with a cry, he incants Saber Claw, Imitate: Furious Cat, and continuously cuts the wood spikes as swift as a cat.Bookmark here

Vincent falls closer to Naiyhto with a stance for a perfect slash, yet Naiyhto still smirks.Bookmark here

“Hmn, Idiot as ever… Wood Flesh, Manipulate: Two-Phase BarrierBookmark here

Raw Hexagons were released from the wood that Naiyhto made and condensed, materializing two layers of spheres made out of wood. As the second layer of wood strengthens while enveloping Naiyhto, the first layer generates so many spikes that the second barrier is unsightly.Bookmark here

As it is too late to respond, Vincent clashes his katana with the barrier making a sharp noise and breaking his katana in the process. While Vincent witnessed his katana fade to hexagon pieces, he closed his eyes.Bookmark here

Silence covered the scene, the wind blew hard, and woods bend cricket. Raiden wonders about Vincent's absence of offense, yet Naiyhto thinks he’s dead.Bookmark here

As Naiyhto opens the barrier. A string of light passed through Naiyhto’s creation five times. Just feeling the pain, Naiyhto releases an agonizing sound before another string of light passes through his body from down to up.Bookmark here

As the light disappears, it reveals Vincent at its end in his sword, still in a drawn stance over Naiyhto’s crimson blood beneath, with still closed eyes.Bookmark here

Just like father saidBookmark here

“Signature Form, Ashite Style: Sword Tein Sixfold”Bookmark here

Used up all his energy, Vincent got covered by Naiyhto’s blood as he fell unconscious.Bookmark here

"Oh, you're finished, boy... YOU GOT LIMP AT THE WORST TIME POSSIBLE"Bookmark here

Naiyhto then materializes a giant root spike and aims it in Vincent's direction hoping to end the fight.Bookmark here

“So long, kid… Wood Fle-”Bookmark here

Hyu and Aston speed to the battle, cutting Naiyhto’s tongue and last resort in the process. Hyu then coldly incants Ember Sword, Imitate: Fire Whirlpool materializing a bunch of swords made out of burning flames rotating like a whirlpool, continuously burning Naiyhto.Bookmark here

As Naiyhto is getting tortured by the spinning ember, the rest Ashite clan arrived.Bookmark here

Some Ashite clan members continue to torture Naiyhto in rage for doing something wrong and hurting one of their kin. While Aston commands Ko to take Vincent home and some members bring Raiden to the hospital.Bookmark here

After the Incident, the Ashite clan goes home leaving Aston behind. While investigating Naiyhto’s unconscious burnt body, Aston notices a dart-like syringe behind Naiyhto’s neck. He picked it up and called a mysterious guy from his phone on the way to the leader’s office.Bookmark here

Tomorrow, Its graduation day, The law against the clan is gone, and Vincent is on the way to spectate the graduation without the information of the change. As he walks, the bullies are scared and back off him. It leaves Vincent in a questionable mood.Bookmark here

During the graduation ceremony, Raiden mentioned the graduates.Bookmark here

"... Lissclion, Blaze… Monoma, Keicho… Jen Reiss, Karuma… Ashite, Vincent"Bookmark here

In shock, Vincent’s face shows a question.Bookmark here

Raiden then holds the microphone and goes in front of the stage.Bookmark here

"In the Academy, the most important thing is having high scores and grades… But, in times of battle, all you need is a strategy and the power to help and protect… And this kid… has excelled at it."Bookmark here

As Vincent walks to the stage, he scratches his head in confusion, same does the crowd who’s still getting used to the new normal.Bookmark here

In the distance, from the village office, a white-haired man is holding a glass of brandy while watching the new graduates from a window.Bookmark here

The man then snapped his fingers and slightly looked to his right revealing a man in a distinctive IMA uniform.Bookmark here

“Gather everyone… we’ll have a meeting”Bookmark here

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