Chapter 1:

ChromeOS Tricks to annoy people with

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+Q: Logs them out of their Chromebook
Ctrl+shift+Q+Q: Turns off their Chromebook
Refresh+power: Restart their Chromebook
Power key twice then backspace once: Restarts their Chromebook.
Ctrl+shift+w: Closes all tabs in the window.

After holding the power key to pull up the menu:
Tab, enter: Shuts down their Chromebook.
Tab, tab, enter: Logs them out
Tab, tab, tab, enter: Harmless. It just locks the screen. They'll have to put in their password. That's all it does. Tabs don't close, audio doesn't stop, nothing. Just locks the screen. Some Chromebooks have a key for that.