Chapter 6:

Season 1, Episode 6



Shiro making a phone call.

SHIRO: Ms. Ideles, this is Shiro. (pause) No, Shell has not woken, but something else happened.

In the background, 4-year-old Ni, Mi, & Kobai run around while a 5-year-old Mayla tries to control them.

SHIRO: Three of them hatched today.

Kobai tries to fly for the first time.

SHIRO: The blue, red, and purple one.

Kobai stays airborne. Ni cheers her on, Mayla panics, while Mi just stares.

SHIRO: Well, one of them has horns.

Ni jumps up to grabs Kobai but misses.


Ni continues to try and grab Kobai.

SHIRO: On her head. And dragon wings.

Ni lands on Mi. Mayla freaks while Ni runs off.

SHIRO: Nothing else but the other two have some kind of power.

Mi burst into fire and is mad.

SHIRO: I would say they are 4.

Mi stomps around mad. Mayla tries to stop her.

SHIRO: So far, nothing serious but it’s only been a day.

Mayla grabs Mi who is still burning.

SHIRO: I’ll let know when the others hatch.

Mayla hair expands.


Shiro hangs up. He looks to see Mayla’s ever growing hair.

BOOM Mayla’s hair explodes into a tidal wave of goo.


Shiro is driving a minivan that seats nine. He is talking to his sister on the phone.

SHIRO: It came in fine. Feels fine as well. (pause) Yeah, there is enough room for everyone, though I don’ know how I feel about the console seat in the front. (pause) I know it’s optional, but if I show it to the girls, they might take advantage of it. (pause) No, I don’t hate it, I’m just saying that I don’t like the seating in the front. (pause) Look, Nell, look, I’m not mad. I like it. I like the van, I like that it has enough room for the girls- (pause) Look, I’m driving right now. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

Shiro shuts his phone and continues his drive.


Mayla, normally really clean in the kitchen, is baking and having Xena assist her. Flour covers parts of the counter and some of the floor. Xena stands a stool.

The two are about to whisk something in a bowl. Mayla offers Xena the whisk. Xena hesitantly takes it and tries to whisk. Flour is in the air.

Mi, Ni, & Calif are watching T.V. Kobai is reading on the ceiling.

Ni seems as if she is going to explode.

Ni overdramatically jumps to her feet.


Ni heads for the balcony.


Ni leans over the side of the balcony gasping for air and basks in the sunlight.

The minivan pulls into a small lot behind the apartment.

Ni sees Shiro coming out.

NI: Waho!

Shiro sees Ni on the balcony. She looks thrilled at the van.

Mi, Kobai, & Calif come out to see what has got Ni so excited. Calif climbs up the banister to see over it.

MI: You win the lottery, dad?

SHIRO: Came in this morning. A gift from your Aunt Nell.

KOBAI: Does she want to meet us?

SHIRO: Maybe. She runs a fashion line out in Josken.

MI: So does that mean you’re selling the scooter?

NI (jumping): Can we go for a ride now? Can we, can we, can we?

SHIRO: Not yet. I still have to fill out some paperwork and let Mr. Aldes know.

KOBAI: Don’t you think it’s risky keeping a van around here?

SHIRO: Name a carjacker who’d want a minivan.

KOBAI: Not entirely what I was referring to-

CRASH On the second floor, a window breaks and a couple’s argument breaks through.

Shiro locks the van.

SHIRO: It looks like it’s going to rain, so it might not be a nice drive. Where’s Xena?

KOBAI: She’s helping Mayla with the cake.

Shiro heads on up. Mi realizes something.


Mayla & Xena put a pan into the oven.

Mi walks in.

MI: Mayla, did you happen to buy icing for the cake?

MAYLA: Yes. Why?

Mi head for her room. Kobai & Calif come in.

MAYLA: What did I miss?

KOBAI: Dad got a van for all of us to ride in.

XENA: Really?

MAYLA: Maybe Shell will wake up now. It would be a great gift for her.

Shiro enters the apartment.

SHIRO: Believe me, I want to see her eyes open once. Maybe this year will be different.

MAYLA: I just wish it wouldn’t rain as well.

SHIRO: Sorry, Mayla. The weather called it and the sky doesn’t want to change from last year.

KOBAI: Does anybody else find it weird how it always rains on Shell’s birthday?

NI: I know one guy in our class who always skips gym on the same day each week.

KOBAI: He has diabetes. He has to check to make sure his insulin is working.

XENA: What’s insulin?

Mi walks to the front door.

KOBAI: Something Mi might need if she doesn’t watch herself.

MI: Ha ha, funny. I’ll be back. I forgot something.

Mi opens the door.

Mayla checks the fridge.

MAYLA: Where’s the icing?

Mi freezes. Kobai & Shiro give Mi the eye.

MI: I-I’ll be back shortly.

Mi dashes out of the apartment.

NI (O.S.): Hey, Mi can run. Go, Go, Go!

Shiro grabs his work bag from the table.

SHIRO: I’ll be back later.


Shiro leaves.


A storm has rolled in.

Mayla decorates the cake she and Xena made. Xena watches Mayla’s handiwork with the icing. Calif observes the cake coming together.

Mi lounges on the couch. Ni comes up to the table.

NI: That looks so good. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

XENA: Maybe she’ll finally wake up.

NI: I know I would if I saw, smelled, and tasted Mayla’s baking.

MI: And cooking.


Shiro opens a drawer. In it is a box.

Shiro opens the box to reveal a pair of new scissors. He checks the scissors to see how fine they are.

Kobai, already taken a shower, walks by and sees Shiro with the scissors.

KOBAI: Dad, what are you doing?

SHIRO: I have never used these before. I got them from work after being their best employee after ten years. I have been saving them for today.

KOBAI: What’s so special about today?

Shiro reminisce in his head. He puts the scissors back in the box and grabs the box.

SHIRO: I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Kobai leaves.


Kobai walks into the living room. Mi gets up.

KOBAI: We’re out of shampoo.

MI (heading for bathroom): Like I need it.

Kobai walks over to see Mayla’s masterpiece.

On the cake, it says “Happy 14th Birthday, Shell” around a picture of the basket the girls were in while eggs. Even their eggs are in it.

KOBAI: Is that-

Mayla smiles at the fond memory. She puts the icing funnel in the fridge.

MAYLA: It’s been 10 years since Dad took us in. I wanted to celebrate more than just Shell’s birthday.

Mayla pulls out a carton of eggs. The other girls are curious about what Mayla has planned, Kobai is especially suspicious.


The rain has come.


Shiro looks out at the sky. He remembers when he first met Mayla in the alley. He feels very nostalgic and happy, almost as if the weather wants to keep this day the same each year for that very reason.

THUD A sound from down the hall catches Shiro’s attention. He goes to investigate.


Shiro finds Kobai looking through the hallway closet.

SHIRO: Looking for something?

Kobai has been found out.

KOBAI: Nothing in particular.

SHIRO: Get some sleep. You don’t want to be tuckered out for your sister’s birthday.

Kobai heads for her room very disgruntled by how Shiro spoke.

KOBAI: “Tuckered out?” I am not five years old.

Kobai enters and shuts the door.

Shiro picks up a flashlight and shuts the closet.


Mayla places the cake on the table. Xena & Calif help get plates & cups to use. Ni seems as if she has already eaten thirteen cakes as she bounces around the room. Mi is standing nearby with a morning face that says it all.

NI: Aw that looks so good. Can we eat now? Is it time? Mayle how many did you eat before this one? Are we going to wait for Shell to wake up before we eat it? But what if she doesn’t wake? Will the cake go to waste? When is she going to wake-

Mi grabs Ni in a choke hold.

MI: How about we put you back to sleep?

Ni shocks Mi and scurries away.

DING DONG The doorbell rings.

CALIF: Did Ni shock the doorbell again?

Shiro walks in and heads for the door.

NI: You do it one time & you’re branded for life.

Shiro opens the door. Ms. Tamiya Ideles, now 59-years-old, stands at the entrance.

SHIRO: Glad you made it.

Tamiya walks in.

TAMIYA: I haven’t missed one yet.

Xena ditches her duties and rushes towards Tamiya.

XENA: Aunt Tamiya.

Xena hugs Tamiya around the legs. Tamiya pats Xena on the head.

TAMIYA: Good to see you, too. Are you still an indoor pet?

Calif runs over to Tamiya carrying a recent painting.

CALIF (showing the painting): Aunt Tamiya, look.

TAMIYA: Just as amazing as ever. (to the room) Don’t I get some love from everyone else?

MAYLA: Sorry, Aunt Tamiya. I’m just getting everything ready.

TAMIYA (walks to Mayla): Let me give you a hand.

Shiro looks at Mi & Ni. Mi is still in position.

SHIRO: Mi, Ni, we have a guest.

NI: I think I fried Mi too bad this time.

Kobai walks into the room.

TAMIYA: There you are, Kobai.

KOBAI: I heard the ruckus and came in to see what was going on. How are you doing, Aunt Tamiya?

TAMIYA: Fine. I just finish a recent adoption at an orphanage. They plan on moving, so I told the couple that I could get them this done before the move.

Ni shocks Mi back.

XENA: Why do they have to move?

TAMIYA: They found something in the woodwork that was making the building unsteady and the foreman who checked said that it was a vital piece, so they decided to tear it down.

SHIRO: Must have been an older building.

TAMIYA: Well you can’t blame the city for changing their building codes. Remember the old Farrington Building?

SHIRO: I wasn’t in college yet.

TAMIYA: Oh, I forgot. (beat) So, how have you girls been?

NI: Dad got on Mi for her grades.

MI: And on to Ni for being reckless in front of her soccer coach. How many times does that make?

Ni sparks a little.

SHIRO: You two, knock it off.

TAMIYA: Anything interesting with you, Mayla?

NI: She has a boyfriend.

MAYLA: We are friends. I do need to turn in a paper for a class.

TAMIYA: What was it on?

MAYLA: It was a paper on how chemistry is involved in cooking.

TAMIYA: Sounds tough.

MAYLA: I used simple examples and used making pancakes as the main topic. It’s not that impressive.

TAMIYA: Now don’t undermine yourself. I’m sure it an A+ paper.

Mayla feels better about herself.

TAMIYA (CONT’D): And what about you, Kobai? I hope your horns aren’t causing you any problems at school.

KOBAI: I had to acquire a new hat for the debate team, but overall, no major situations.

RUMBLE The weather picks up. Xena is nervous. She puffs up into a ball of fur.

A drop of water falls on Tamiya’s face.

SHIRO: Not again.

Shiro goes to grab a bucket.

SHIRO (CONT’D): Sorry about that. It started last fall.

Shiro grabs a bucket.

MAYLA: Our landlord knows about it, but-

Shiro brings the bucket over.

MI: He’s too cheap to get it repaired.

SHIRO (placing the bucket): Mi, if I here you use that tone again while we have a guest, “No Cake” will only be one restriction for you, missy.

MI: Sorry, but it’s true.

Mayla grabs the cake and take sit to Shell’s room. Xena grabs the plates while Calif grabs the cups. Kobai telekinetically grabs some sodas out of the fridge.

The girls head for Shell’s room.

TAMIYA (beat): Shiro, there’s something I need to tell you.


The girls slowly open the door and hope to a smiling Shell.

No response.


Shiro looks at a form.

SHIRO: So they’re forcing you to retire.

TAMIYA: “Inability to work.” The cataracts in my eyes are getting worse. The doctor can remove them but he’s not sure I will be able to see after the surgery.

SHIRO: How much longer do you have?

TAMIYA: Two months.

Shiro is concerned by the revelation.

TAMIYA (CONT’D): I know I have kept everything about the adoption under more personal files, and I do love those girls, but I can only go so far to help now.

SHIRO: Will anybody find out?

TAMIYA: Doubtful. I sometimes wonder why we keep files as long as we do.

SHIRO: I appreciate everything you’ve done.

Shiro hands back the document to Tamiya. They both head for Shell’s room.


Shell is still in a coma. Everyone is waiting to see if she will wake up. A chair is in the corner of the room.

MAYLA: I guess not this year, either…

Shiro comes over to the bed, takes Shell out of bed & over to the chair. He takes out the scissors from last night and cuts Shell’s hair.

The girls strip Shell’s bed and put on a new bed set. Ni fluffs the pillows.

The bed is made. Shell’s hair has been cut back to her neck.

Shiro brings Shell over to her bed & lays her down.

Kobai telepathically moves her hair into a bucket. Mi sets the hair on fire.

Calif & Xena pull the covers over Shell.

Everyone is disappointed. After ten years, Shell is still in a coma. Mayla is especially sadden by this.

SHIRO (to Tamiya): I guess you’ll never see her eyes.

TAMIYA: I can image what when she does.

Shiro grins at the thought.

SHIRO: Come on, she can still hear us, right? She’s probably dreaming about what we’re doing now. She might have the party in her dreams.

The somber mood lifts some, especially on Ni.



- A happy birthday with everyone having fun and enjoying some cake.

- Final shot is one big family photo with Shell.



The party is over, the storm is still rolling, and Tamiya is heading downstairs escorted by Shiro.

TAMIYA: Well, that was fun. Seemed like the girls had fun.

SHIRO: They always do. I’m just glad nothing has changed.

TAMIYA: I understand. They really want to see her wake up and play with them. Those girls have such an interesting bond. I wonder if it has to do with what they are.

SHIRO: Sometimes I wonder but then I remember I have two sisters.

Shiro & Tamiya reach the ground floor. Tamiya’s car is parked in a handicap lane near the staircase.

SHIRO (CONT’D): I guess this will be the last time you actually see us.

TAMIYA: I still have two months. You can come by anytime or I could babysit Xena.

SHIRO: I’d offer you a room but we haven’t got one left. (beat) Do you know what you are going to do when you lose your sight?

TAMIYA: My nephew has a house on the lake. He said I’m welcome to move in with him. It’s a beautiful place. The girls might like it. He has more than enough room for all of you, and it’s very secluded.

SHIRO: I might just take you up on that.

TAMIYA: I have some more work I need to finish before I retire, so I will go on ahead. Tell the girls I had fun.

SHIRO: I don’t think I need to.

Tamiya & Shiro wave goodbye. Tamiya gets in her car and drives off.

Shiro heads back up.


Shiro walks in. He sees something very familiar & surprising.

On the table lies the basket Mayla had when they first met. In it are six colored eggs placed in same position as that night. Along with the eggs, a card lies inside.

A flash to the first time Shiro met Mayla appears.

Shiro feels the sentiment as he remembers the sight from 10 years ago. He walks over and grabs the card from the basket. A handmade card is inside. The card has the basket with one more egg in it: a lime-green egg.

Inside the card is a note from the girls:

“Thank you for taking us in.

We may not know where we are from

Or even who we are,

But we could not have asked

For a better Dad than you.”

Shiro smiles at the card.

Shiro puts the card down… and notices something with the basket.

In the threads of the basket, a slip of paper sticks out. It looks aged and wet.


Xena & Calif have passed out because of the fun they had.

Ni is somehow stuck to the wall. Mayla & Kobai clean up the room. Mi is stuffed and has cake covering her mouth.

Kobai takes some trash out.


Shiro finds Kobai coming out of her room.

SHIRO: I see you girls had fun.

KOBAI: About as fun as it normally gets.

SHIRO: What were you looking for last night?

KOBAI: I had an idea what Mayla was doing, but she had the basket with her. I guess you found it.

Shiro can’t help but be happy by what the girls did that he is lost as to what to say.

Shiro takes the bag from Kobai.

SHIRO: You get back in there. Might as well claim a spot to sleep.

Shiro heads out of the flat. Kobai heads back into Shell’s room.


Shiro looks out into the rainy night. He holds onto an envelope that looks as wore as the paper sticking out of the basket. He looks at the envelope, unopened, with something written on it. Unfortunately, the writing is smudged.

Shiro wonders whether or not to open the envelope… but places it out of his mind for a while. He wants to remember for the day for what has happened.


The girls sleep all over the room. Xena & Calif are able to sleep on the bed with Shell.

Shell lays in bed. On her face, it almost looks like she is smiling…